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25 Dec

I keep Christmas nowadays mainly for my mother’s sake. She’s 93 and rarely sees any of the family except me. This year my brother called in for about two hours a week or so ago, first time she’s seen him for over 15 months.  He was in London for a meeting (he lives in Yorkshire). […]

Oh for Heaven’s sake! This ‘pc’ crap has gone too far!

19 Dec

I refuse to watch every word I say, carefully vet every joke in case it offends some sensitive soul. The other evening I was in a restaurant with four friends, members of a Speakers’ Group who are supposed to be able to discuss all subjects intelligently and without animosity. We politely listen and clap even […]

Gay Fascism and Gay stereotyping

16 Dec

A friend yesterday drew my attention to an article in The Sun (a so-called ‘newspaper’ which I would never buy, and once tore up in disgust. It is sad that this rightwing jingoistic tabloid was re-born from the once leftwing Daily Herald.) The article had a photo of David Beckham posing naked in bed apart from […]

Same old Party Hacks

14 Dec

I recently contributed to a Forum of former Communists, many of whom write under pseudonyms such as ‘Kim Philby’, ‘Guy Burgess’, ‘Uncle Joe’ and even ‘Graham Norton’ (this latter was in a discussion about gay rights in the old Communist movement. It clearly wasn’t the real Graham Norton from the tone of the message.) It […]

A Week at Pontins, Pakefield, Lowestoft

08 Dec

Just returned from 7 nites at Pontins holiday camp at Pakefield, Lowestoft, Suffolk, my favorite camp as all food and electric is included in the price, and the entertainment is of a high standard. Also the camp is attractively laid out, unlike some others. This was actually two holidays rolled into one. My mother and […]

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