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Keeping An Open Mind: A Healthy Skepticism

30 Nov

One more post before I go off on holiday. I believe in the after-life, having had direct evidence not just via Spiritualist mediums, but by messages coming direct to me of a deeply personal nature, which have convinced me that they could have only come from one source – people I knew who have died. […]

To all my loyal readers:

29 Nov

I’m off on holiday for 8 days, leaving tomorrow, so won’t be blogging till the weekend after next. It’s a 4 nite over-50s break at a holiday camp in Suffolk with my mother, but I’ve also managed to squeeze in Ritchie Gee’s Wildest Cats In Town Xmas Party on Saturday/Sunday at the same holiday camp. […]

The Times They Are a-Changing

26 Nov

Cottage Grill restaurant (click on picture to enlarge) This blog was inspired by a dream I had last night about the High Road, Wood Green, which was the nearest shopping center when I was growing up in the 1950s. The dream got me thinking about how London has changed almost beyond recognition over the last […]

Still in my life/Evidence of Survival

24 Nov

My life-partner, George Miller, passed to the Other Side over 16 years ago now. Since then all our gay friends, except one couple, have been split up by one of the partners passing to the next dimension. For this is what happens when we ‘die’, our eternal conscious entity or ‘spirit’ leaves this universe and […]

History of Soviet and Western Hegenomy

22 Nov

Last night BBC4 showed a program on the Hungarian uprising of 1956. This was just the most violent of several attempts to loosen the grip of Moscow in various Socialist countries. The first Socialist regime to be established after the Soviet Union in 1917, was in fact in Hungary two years later, but it did not last […]

UFOs: The Secret Evidence

18 Nov

  This progam, shown on More 4 each side of midnight and lasting over two hours, is a repeat of a program which I originally saw last year. It is very cleverly put together to give the impression that most UFO sightings can be explained away as top secret aircraft being tested by the United States, […]

Choose Your Charity Very Carefully/Housing crisis

16 Nov

Tonight, and once every year, BBC TV has their ‘Children In Need’ fundraising night. Every time I see or hear Terry Wogan or Pudsey the one-eyed bear on the TV raising funds for this charity, I cringe. People seem to go soft in the head when the word ‘children’ is mentioned. One year I rang the donation […]

What is Democracy?

15 Nov

‘Government of the people, for the people, by the people’ is the classic definition. But even this can mean very different things. The Western interpretation is a multiple choice of political candidates, most of them members of various political parties, standing for election. The candidates with the most votes get elected, the political party with […]

Compulsory Community Service?

13 Nov

With gangs of teenagers roaming our city streets, many involved in drugs, knife and gun crime, is it not time we considered some sort of compulsory Community Service (not military service) for all teenagers of both sexes? Or at least for those in gangs, found in possession of knives, guns and other weapons or involved […]

Remembrance Sunday

11 Nov

  Let’s remember today everybody from all countries who has died, suffered and continue to die and suffer in wars. All the soldiers, civilians (including women and children) and, yes, the animals. This includes the German, Austrian, Japanese and other victims of Allied bombing (including the two A-Bombs) in World War II. Let us remember […]

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