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Postscript on Michael Pallin’s ‘New Europe’ series

30 Oct

Now the whole series has finished, ending up in the former GDR (East Germany), I can’t help feeling what a wasted opportunity this project turned out to be. It seemed to mainly consist of Pallin visiting wacky people, or those who were taking the opportunity of the ‘free market’ to rip off those daft enough, […]


28 Oct

Perhaps someone from the younger generation, by which I mean anyone under about 50, can explain to me why mobile phones and all their gadgets are so popular with these age groups? Why on Earth would I want to be talking on the phone when walking down the street, on public transport, etc.? What would […]

United States of Europe

23 Oct

  I makes no bones about it, I’m a staunch European Federalist. Not least because all the good laws that have kicked Britain into the 21st Century have come about due to pressure from Brussels. I only hope now Brussels orders UK to run public transport 365 days a year, and subsidize it to the […]

The Victor Meldrew Complex

21 Oct

‘I don’t believe it!’ as Victor would say, about almost everything. But we have to believe it because it’s true. As anyone over 50 certainly knows, the whole world has gone to pot. Nearly everything was done much better in the old days. They just haven’t got a clue nowadays, not a bloody clue! I […]

Strange Things Happening Every Day

20 Oct

That’s a song title, a religious song actually. But I wrote and posted a blog here some days ago praising the British Cooperative movement, and saying that the Cooperative Party would be ideal as the nucleus of a new leftwing political party, were it not so entrenched inside New Labour. The blog, which also displayed […]

Weekend TV continued: Dylan night

15 Oct

  I sat thru the marathon BBC 4 Bob Dylan night – nearly 5 hours. It was really mainly about the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island, except for a documentary about a BBC play in which Bob sung 4 songs. This was recorded in late 1962/early 1963, but was wiped by the Beeb in […]

Weekend TV: New Europe, Emmylou and Dylan

13 Oct

There was a repeat of last Sunday’s episode of ‘Michael Pallin’s New Europe’ on BBC 2 tonight (Saturday) in which he visits Hungary and the Ukraine, including Yalta. I find it hard to believe Pallin is a naive as he likes to make out. Talking about one of the conferences between the three principal Allies […]

Totalitarian Architecture

08 Oct

(Click on the thumbnail pictures to see them full size.) Watching Michael Pallin’s ‘New Europe’ series when he reached the Romanian capital, Bucharest, I was taken aback by the sumptuous beauty of Ceaucescu’s extravagent Palace of the People. Unfortunately the building of this huge palace and its surrounding streets, etc. involved the demolition of many […]

Voyage of Discovery

05 Oct

 (Link to Victor Zammit’s website main page We are living in exciting times in the worlds of science and the so-called ‘paranormal’. More and more scientists, and people of a non-religious background, are studying the evidence and coming to some startling conclusions. I have been reading and hearing a lot about this lately via the […]

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