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George Miller (27.5.43-29.9.91)

29 Sep

  (Click on picture to enlarge – George is on right of picture, as in my politics, I’m on the Left!) The above photo is one of the last taken of us both, a few months before he died. It was one of the publicity shots taken by Channel 4’s ‘Out’ program. We were briefly […]

False Economies

28 Sep

I get regular medication from St Thomas’ Hospital, which I visit twice every three months, once for tests and a few weeks later to see the doctor. I used to collect my medication from the Pharmacy on my visit to the hospital doctor. Now they have a contractor send them to me by ‘special delivery’ […]

TV: ‘Michael Pallin’s New Europe’

23 Sep

  This BBC series started last week, first episode repeated Saturday night. I’d have called it ‘Michael Pallin’s Sad Europe’ since I don’t see what many, if any, of the former Socialist countries have gained by trying to revert to capitalism, some of them after terrible, senseless and barabaric wars. Pallin started off in former […]

Sailing the Seas of Memories

19 Sep

On the Mediterranean cruise I have just completed we visted 7 ports, 6 of which I had previously visited or traveled thru with my life-partner George, who died 16 years ago on the 29th of this month. Our 37th anniversary of meeting was on the 10th of this month. So the cruise brought bitter-sweet memories, […]

Knights of Rock’n’Roll

07 Sep

This was the title of a show on the cruise ship ‘Arcadia’ tonite, performed by the ship’s company. As Jim Royale would say: ‘Rock’n’Roll my arse!’ Rock’n’Roll is Little Richard, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, early Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent, etc., etc.  OK, this was a tribute to ‘British rock’n’roll’, in […]


01 Sep

That word means different things to different people. To the rock’n’roll crowd it means driving around in big American 1950’s cars, to the gay community it means ‘looking for trade’ (sex). When you reach your dotage, like myself (62) and my mother (93 next week) it is more likely to mean going on a sedate […]

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