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Mandela Statue and Ian Walters (and Linda Gail Lewis!)

29 Aug

A Nelson Mandela statue is being unveiled today in Parliament Square. It was done by a friend of mine, sculptor Ian Walters. In his studio near here in Battersea High Street Ian has done sculptures of various leftwing figures, including a head of Mandela which stands outside the Festival Hall, a statue of Fenner Brockway […]

Bank Holiday Weekend

28 Aug

This was my first Bank Holiday since retiring, so the first one which didn’t really mean much. But, exceptionally for a Bank Holiday, we had good weather after a week or so of bad weather. We took advantage of it, and and I took my mother to St James’s Park on Saturday, down by the River near where […]

More Psychic happenings

21 Aug

I rang a friend, Tom, this evening, and he told me that an old man he’d been looking after for years, who was suffering from terminal cancer, finally died in hospital yesterday afternoon. Reg had been in  hospital for months, and his flat had been vacated ever since he went into hospital. He has no living […]

Reincarnation – The Boy Who Lived Before

19 Aug

A TV program on Five Life tonite investigated the case of a little boy, Cameron, from Glasgow who ever since he learnt to talk had persistent memories of a previous life on the Scottish island of Barra. At the end of the program, after a visit to the island and tracing a surviving family member […]

Our wonderful police!

14 Aug

An ironic title. You never see a policeman on the beat nowadays. They are either holed up in police stations, doing ‘paperwork’ so they tell us (in the computer age? Seems highly unlikely to me.) Or they are flying around in police cars/police vans so fast they can’t see what’s happening on the streets. (I speak […]

Email to a fellow Survivalist

03 Aug

Note: The following correspondence relates to those who seek evidence for life after death. These are divided into two main groups: Spiritualists, who take a religious approach, and Survivalists who are scientists, atheists, agnostics, etc. who take a completely rational approach but are convinced by the growing evidence of survival. Tony Email from a fellow Survivalist: […]

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