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Wanda still rocks!

29 Jul

Last nite I met up with Kristof Fabry at the Luminaire, Kilburn to see Wanda Jackson, one of the first female rock’n’roll singers, possibly THE first. The Luminaire was an excellent venue I’d not visited before, but I’d definitely go there again if they had someone of interest on there. Apparently Wanda’s appearance there is […]

Who lost, or stole, our dreams?

24 Jul

‘It well recalls the triumphs past, it gives the hope of peace at last, The banner bright, the symbol plain, of human right and human gain’      (From ‘The Red Flag’, British Labor Party anthem) ‘Then comrades come rally, and the last fight let us face, The Internationale unites the human race!’      (From ‘The […]

1967 – 40 Years On

22 Jul

Channel 4, and Film On Four, are showing a series of programs and films this week to mark 40 years since the 1967 Sexual Offences Act was passed supposedly decriminalizing male homosexuality (lesbianism was never made illegal in UK because Queen  Victoria apparently could not believe women would do such things.) Last night they showed […]

Readings at Clapham Spiritualist Church

17 Jul

I had booked two 15 minute readings for myself and my friend Frank, mainly because I feel Frank needs to make more progress in moving on since his life-partner, Len, passed over suddenly in March 2006. The readings were with an elderly medium, who I believe was called Dorothy Chapman. Mine was fairly accurate. She identified […]

Pride Weekend, and why I wasn’t there

02 Jul

Usually when the London Gay Pride parade and festival takes place, around the first weekend in July, I’m at the Wildest Cats In Town rock’n’roll weekender near Lowestoft. This year I didn’t go to the weekender, but neither did I feel inclined to join in any of the Pride celebrations. Neither did most of my […]

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