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Email to comrades in CPGB and other Socialist parties

30 Jun

Comrades, I can definitely see the need for a new Marxist party, or some sort of new Socialist party which could unite leftwingers in the Labor Party and members of various other left and Marxist parties. But as far as I can see nobody has gotten together and done a serious critical analysis of what […]

Joe Meek evening at NFT/Dali at Tate Modern

18 Jun

Last Thursday, June 14th, I met up with my friend Chris and we visited the new Dali exhibition at the Tate Modern. Be warned, you need several hours to view this properly, as it not only has many of his paintings, drawings, etc. but also full length films, which we didn’t have time to see. […]

Busy, busy, busy…..

11 Jun

I had my second Retirement Party (at work) on Friday. I went in specially as my last working day was over a week earlier. There was a good turnout for me, loads of food (vegetarian outside the Conference Room, and a meat barbecue in the patio), and the Executive Deputy Secretary General of Amnesty International, […]

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