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Last Day of my Working Life

31 May

Today was the last day of my working life. It didn’t come as a great shock as I made my decision over a year ago, and it was a phased retirement. Starting 6 months ago I’d been gradually reducing my working week till I was only in one or two days a week. I can’t […]

Retirement Party

28 May

(Click on picture to enlarge) It was a great nite at the Freemasons’ Arms, Covent Garden on Saturday (May 26th) for my Retirement and Brian Jessup’s birthday party. The room was packed with rock’n’roll and music fans, including the infamous Woodies, plus my relations, friends and people from my work. There was a very good […]

Seven Ages of Rock

20 May

This is the title of a series of programs BBC TV is screening. The first one last night concentrated on Jimi Hendrix. Whilst it had some interesting clips, not least of Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and Little Richard, it is absolutely ludicrous to describe Hendrix as being in the first Age of Rock. By my reckoning he is way, […]

Colin Fry & Tony Stockwell at Fairfield Halls, Croydon

18 May

I was way up at the back of the balcony for this, and despite the microphones and my hearing aid turned up to full volume, I had difficulty hearing the proceedings. However it was most interesting to see how Colin and Tony work before a ‘live’ audience. With TV you are never sure what has […]

Blair’s Legacy

14 May

  The Labor Party has had some dreadful rightwing leaders, but Tony Blair is by far the worst. He never seemed to belong to the Party – an out and out Thatcherite Tory who somehow infiltrated the labor movement. Socialism is totally alien to the man. Most people say his legacy as Prime Minister will […]

Visiting my distant past

09 May

Yesterday I took my mum to Bounds Green, where we lived 50 years ago. I actually knocked on the door of an old schoolfriend in Whittington Road, and met his mother, who still lives there. She put me in touch with Peter, my schoolfriend who is now a lorry driver living in Walthamstow. I’m inviting […]

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