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Music this past week/My Retirement Party

29 Apr

Had two rare record playing sessions today. I have long decided I need to spend less time on this computer, and set aside some time to play some of my records, CDs and music DVDs more often. This morning I played some Slim Whitman and vintage Little Richard from LPs, and singles by Jesse James (South’s […]

Retirement Party plans/Pensions

19 Apr

Invitations are now being sent out to my friends, family and work colleagues, via email and regular post. I’ll send reminders by email about 2 weeks before the event on May 26th. Will also put the color illustrated flyers up around work: they couldn’t be emailed as they are in Microsoft Office 2007 format which […]

Still unrecognized – gay ‘widowhood’

13 Apr

I think of us as the four ‘widowers’. We were living with our gay partners for many years, caring for them till they died. Yet we are totally unrecognized in law, and by society as a whole. Every time I fill in a form and have to put my marital status, I am flummoxed. What […]

Easter weekend and what it means to me

09 Apr

Very good weather for this time of year, so mum and I took advantage of it. Good Friday sat by the River in Battersea for a while. On Easter Sunday we did this again, then I took her along one of our favorite trips along the River into Battersea Park. One of my mother’s favorite […]

Recent events in Cyprus

03 Apr

   The ‘Cyprus problem’, like the ‘Irish troubles’, has been going on for as long as I can remember in some form or other. But in recent years there has been very slow progress in Cyprus, and some setbacks. The Annan plan for reunification of the island was rejected by the Greek-Cypriots, but at least […]

Jammin’ at The Highway

01 Apr

Friday nite we had another great jam at The Caxton Arms, The Highway, East London. It was worth the effort to get to this isolated spot in the strange nether reaches between Wapping, Shadwell and The City. The great Woodie House Band consisting of the talented teenagers Jaron and Rolen on keyboards and drums (Jaron also […]

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