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Jerry Lee marries for 7th time

31 Mar

Wedding kiss, Jerry Lee and Judith, the 7th Mrs Lewis He’s still very unlikely to match his sister Linda Gail who has married 8 times (but only to 7 husbands as she married one twice.) He’s now married the ex-sister-in-law of Myra, the second cousin who was only 13 when he married her back in […]

Jerry Lee Lewis’ new album

01 Sep

Still alive, performing and recording, though his live shows are a very pale imitation of those from years ago. He now performs from a set-list which only varies slightly from show to show, and his stage act has all but disappeared. Sometimes he makes a half-hearted attempt at the end to stand and kick the piano stool […]

Different Cultures

30 Jul

Oh how I love those rock’n’roll Dixie belles as immortalized in songs like Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Long Tall Sally, Good Golly Miss Molly and not forgetting the provocatively (in Britain) named Short Fat Fanny. Also the chivalry in the States at the time, with boys carrying the girls’ books to school (couldn’t they afford satchels?) […]

Jerry Lee Lewis

18 Jul

His latest CD He’s been called many things, some nice, some not so nice. ‘The Killer’ is the most usual pseudonym, which apparently came about when he was still at school – he called people Killer (and still does), and they called him Killer, so the name stuck. The Press like to hint that he […]

Wildest Cats In Town Weekender

06 Jul

As expected this was a great Weekender, with the bonus of some nice sunshine. Only thing was the hot weather made it very uncomfortable wearing Teddy-boy suits, and some had three-piece outfits with waistcoats. Despite fans and air-conditioning, the main ballroom got rather hot. I chickened out and stuck to jeans and t-shirts, not wearing […]

Rockin’ Our Lives Away

28 Feb

A group of 1950s-style rock’n’roll and Roots Music fans meet up in central London once a month for a drink and a meal out, and for the occasional outing and gig. Some of us have been on trips to the USA together, visiting venues and places of interest associated with the music we love, most […]

Getting Older

27 Sep

We are all getting older of course, but I’m now in my mid-60s, and my surviving old friends from way back are now in their 70s. Even newer friends from the last 20 years of my life are mainly in their 60s or 70s. I find that my interests have changed as I get older, […]

‘Mean Old Man’ – new Jerry Lee Lewis single!

27 Aug

  Turning 74 the end of next month, Jerry Lee Lewis has just released a new single ‘Mean Old Man’, written by Kris Kristofferson who’s provided Jerry with #1 hits in the past. The single is available for download from ITunes and Amazon USA. It can also be heard on YouTube: This is taken […]

On Another Planet

11 Aug

Not a blog about aliens, but about Jerry Lee Lewis, and how other popular music has passed me by as though I were living on Mars. Many people identify the past decades by the pop hits of the day, or the styles of music/fashions. So we have the rock’n’roll era, the Merseybeat era of the middle Sixties, the […]

Dave Woodland’s 50th Birthday Party

05 Apr

Tales From The Woods presented Dave Woodland’s 50th birthday bash at the Inn on the Green, Ladbroke Grove last nite (April 4th), and it was a great occasion with a good atmosphere, and some splendid, first-class entertainment. So good was it that people from the public bar were allowed to swarm in during the final […]

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