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Marriage – what’s in a name?

03 Aug

Quite a lot, it seems. Traditional marriage is between one adult man and one adult woman, ostensibly for life, and in most cases with the desire to beget and raise a family. In addition to traditional marriage there are many other types of relationships, including polygamy, communes, two women or two men in an exclusive relationship, […]

Jeremy Corbyn – new Labour Leader?

24 Jul

The capitalist press, many on the Right in the Labour Party and many other people are saying the Party will  become unelectable if Corbyn becomes leader. I think they are making a big mistake. The SNP just swept the board north of the border on a leftwing agenda, Greece has just elected a leftwing government. […]

Left Unity being hijacked by militant feminists

02 Jul

I have today resigned from the Left Unity Party, launched by film director Ken Loach in late 2013. It is clearly going nowhere fast, and has not united the Left. At the last General Election the Green Party was the most successful party of the Left in England, and the SNP in Scotland. Left Unity […]

Mum’s last days

12 Jun

Whichever way you look at it, my mother, who reached her 100th birthday last September, is now living her last days (possibly years) on Earth. Until March this year she was in sheltered housing, a misnomer if ever there was one as there is virtually no support whatsoever. There is a warden or Scheme Manager, […]

Prostitution and Left Unity

07 Jun

I am probably going to resign from the Left Unity Party, launched in 2013 by Ken Loach and others as a leftwing alternative to Labor. The Party is clearly not going anywhere, and the Green Party has surged ahead with over 1 million votes in the last General Election (but only one MP due to […]

UKIP LGBT Group banned from Pride

06 Jun

This decision is ludicrous. First of all it is totally impractical. Anyone can join any march/parade. What they mean is, presumably, marching under a UKIP LGBT banner. They could easily circumvent that by marching under an anti-EU banner, or a variation of the party’s initials such as UKPI LGBT group. Where will this decision lead […]

Colin Fry

24 Apr

  One of the world’s greatest mediums, Colin Fry, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. This came as a huge shock to me, and very rarely for someone I don’t know personally, I broke down crying when I read the news. Just because one is a Spiritualist who knows there is an afterlife doesn’t mean […]

Untraditional families

17 Mar

This has caused a lot of controversy recently because of the remarks by two gay fashion designers saying they are not personally in favor of gay adoption, but also making offensive remarks about IVF. My own view, to clarify it, is that all families which for any reason do not include a parent of both […]

A Minority Within A Minority

29 Jan

This is the story of my life; always part of a minority within a minority. Sometimes because I’m something of a rebel, though it could be said I’m just an independent thinker who refuses to let others think for me. Sometimes because I’m just different; an individual who won’t follow the current herd. In my […]

Christmas Truce, 1914

29 Dec   The unofficial Christmas Truce of 1914 when British and German soldiers disobeyed orders and came out of the trenches to exchange gifts and play football with each other, has now been commemorated officially with a memorial inaugurated by Prince William. Sainsbury’s official Christmas TV advert for the 100th anniversary of this event was a […]

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