New DianaSpeaks messages – January 2017

“Hello Everyone

As people are now aware my personal FB Group no longer exists and Andrew has cancelled his own. We still not aware of why mine was dismantled suddenly without warning and what violation is supposed to have been committed but it is of no relevance and latterly certainly Andrew was working all hours on articles but they were not gaining anything like the amount of attention to them that might have been expected.

I only have this to remind people of what I said about America’s choice of President and that being “America will get the President it deserves” and meaning the one to teach it the lessons most necessary and often the greatest lessons made by making mistakes. Politicians are corrupt and divisive, discriminatory and discerning and this is not news but with the U.S President something being made globally so transparent!

What do I see happening, well treading in too many minefields too heavily is bound to detonate one sooner or later and make of that what you will but certainly powerful grenades are being thrown at various targets indiscriminately which is extremely disturbing and bound to invite as they have done retaliation and rebellion and I wonder how long it will be before the danger of a revolution is not something needing very serious consideration as after all it would not be the first time happening in the nation!

So anyway concluding I am still very aware of things happening and much like Paris suddenly disappearing but still around in keeping with proving my promise; she won’t go quietly!”

With love from, Diana xx

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  1. “Hello Everyone

    As some people might be aware my boys have made it known that they are to see a statue in commemoration of me is erected at Kensington Palace and in the pubilc area for people to visit. The official statement reads ..

    ‘ It has been 20 years since our mother’s death and the time is right to recognise her positive impact in the UK and around the world with a permanent statue. Our mother touched so many lives. We hope the statue will help all those who visit Kensington Palace to reflect on her life and legacy.’

    The newspaper article saying that privately something my boys have campaigned for doing; for a number of years and now something Her Majesty has agreed to. As it is a statue that will be standing there for generations to come as seen by the one there currently of Queen Victoria. I have to say I question her being enamoured with the idea but my boys are both determined men and already have shown in numerous ways they are determined that my memory will not be forgotten by anyone!

    Catherine prominently wearing the engagement ring being a significant example of this but also the fact that she and my boys involve themselves in charities and causes which have been known about but largely neglected like the issue of mental health and particularly for children and the need for this to be something seriously addressed which it consequently is being now of course.

    KP was a focus of attention in 1997 when it was flooded with flowers and all manner of cards and tributes to me and this year will be again as the boys want to see the statue unveiled in time for the anniversary of August 31st. I am enormously touched by this decision of theirs and they are going to be choosing the sculptor carefully and likewise personally involved in its design, which needless to say they were not in the fountain, the moat in a park which I think is ghastly personally but also see that it provides enjoyment for people during the summer months so a useful purpose served by it.

    Andrew has today written to my boys P.A. and informed her of his writing to William in 2000 about our unique connection and forwarded my personal sites url to her as it is self – explanatory as to what the connection is and his purpose in writing was to make her aware how happy he is that a statue is to be built in my former London home and where of course my boys lived with me and now live again and so something that they will see daily themselves; Her Majesty escaping doing so rarely if ever venturing there with no reason to!

    I joked with Tony how marvellous it would be for Andrew to be invited for the unveiling and for me then to say what I thought of it and out of the blue ‘Diana Speaks’ and nobody except my boys and Catherine and Meghan aware it was something planned to happen, it would be perfect timing!

    Andrew knowing he channeled me on September 7th 1997 but I with him on August 31st 1997 as explained on my website. I find it rather curious that I needed to vanish from FB the day after Catherine’s birthday this year and this now happening as it would have been something I’d have spoken about naturally but everything happening for a reason. The FB Group clearly serving the purpose it was meant to and reached the people it was meant to touch. Then rather like Paris I suddenly and without any warning disappeared which is ironic in itself happening in the same year of the 20th anniversary.

    Anyone inclined to by all means share this on your FB page or group if it is not out of place and off topic there but otherwise Tony will I am sure see it remains on this page on his blog. Clearly though I voice channel through Andrew for a very significant reason and one that waits still to be exactly determined but developments lead to me to believe that the reason for it will be something made all too globally apparent sooner rather than later!”

    With love from, Diana xx

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