This is what many Spiritualists call the Third Level of Spirit, where most of us go on transiting from the Earth plane. Some might call it ‘heaven’, but it is not so different from the Earth plane without the disadvantages. All this is knowledge gathered from spirits on the Other Side, and from NDErs who have visited it briefly then returned.

There comes a stage in this life when most of one’s friends, relatives and associates have passed on before you. This is the case with me. Of close family only my brother remains on the Earth plane, and he is in North Yorkshire and I very rarely see him.

So many friends and relatives are on the Other Side, along with many former work colleagues, so I look forward to a reunion with them, but especially with my life-partner George, my mother Dorothy and my best friend at school Michael who passed over following a road accident on my 15th birthday. These three are my guides, I believe, along with a Native American woman, Little Star, who is my door-keeper. (Their pictures are above this article.) Her face and name came to me one night as I was lying in bed awake. I later found a painting of her, and it is the same face I saw, except her black hair was pulled back in the vision I saw. A lady at a Spiritualist center once told me she saw a woman with long black hair standing next to me, undoubtedly Little Star, my main guide and doorkeeper (doorkeepers protect us from Lower Astral spirits, and try to nudge us to complete our life’s mission, and protect us while doing this.)

Noel and Brian who I spent many times with at their chaotic flat in Hastings, filled with valuable paintings and antiques, I will be glad to see again, along with other friends and acquaintances like Lenny, Roy, Charlie, Sheila, Rita, Marion, Peggy, Jimpy, Tony W., Charles, Levy, David W., Mrs M., John C., Steve H., etc. Also all my aunts and uncles from both sides of the family, and my dad who was always very distant while on Earth (my parents separated when I was six). With my father and his siblings, parents, etc. there will no longer be the language barrier as telepathy is the means of communication over there. Also, of course, my maternal grandparents who transited back in 1971, and two cousins, Miriam and Jenny. As well as these there are my in-laws/outlaws (gays were not allowed to marry or have civil partnerships when George was on the Earth plane) Betty, Chick, John, Stephen, George Mullaney and Charles Dickson.

There must be more I haven’t even mentioned here. Bogus ‘aunts’ from my early childhood like Dora and Gretel, actually just friends with my mother and father. So when my time comes I will not be sad to go. I will be looking forward to the big runion.

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