Rock’n’Roll Heaven?

What Roots Music fans like us want to know is, assuming there is an afterlife (you either believe, don’t believe, or like me you study the evidence and find it has been proven many times) do we get to hear our favorite singers and musicians playing our kind of music? I have read and heard many reports of the afterlife, but have to confess I have never heard of anyone reporting going to an Elvis Presley, Bill Haley or Gene Vincent concert, nor to a performance by any of the great Country stars like Hank Williams Sr. What I do read and hear about over and over again are the great Halls of Music where the works of the great classical composers can be heard and seen, in wonderful colors we can’t imagine on Earth. For instance, John Brown, the companion and medium to Queen Victoria (he connected her with Albert after he transited), speaking via the Direct Voice medium Leslie Flint told how a classical musical work about the evolution of humans might show this in full color as well as the audio experience. Brown and many others, famous and not famous, can be heard in the Leslie Flint archives easily Googled on the Internet.
Of course there could be concerts by the artists we love, but there are so many levels of Spirit and so many different environments, because basically we create them with our own thoughts. We are attracted to those people who are on the same level, the same vibration as ourselves. So maybe there is indeed a Rock’n’Roll heaven, though I haven’t personally heard about it. I did hear about someone crossing over expecting Elvis Presley to greet her, and she had to report back that he didn’t, nor had she seen him. The thing is both here on Earth and once we cross over our main purpose is to evolve. So while some people are content on crossing over to live in houses much like the ones they lived in on Earth, or wished they could live in, such as a cottage in the country with a little garden, eventually they tire of such things and want to aspire to greater things. This does not mean big mansions – John Brown says he was surprised on crossing over to be allocated a ‘wee cottage’ when he had been used to living in huge palaces. He had to be brought down to size and learn to appreciate the simple things. But pottering around in a cottage garden for Eternity would soon become boring, the whole purpose is to learn, to experience new things, and to evolve.
However the very good news for all of us rock’n’roll fans is that Spirits are able to visit any event and any time in human history. So we could make trips back to the 1950s and see all the shows by all the great performers – the Alan Freed spectaculars for instance, with Jerry Lee in his red drape suit. We could find out once and for all whether Jerry Lee did set fire to his piano to stop Chuck Berry following him on stage.
The more adventurous might go back into ancient human history to see the pyramids being built and how it was achieved, or to find out exactly what Jesus did say and what happened to him – did he die on the Cross (or on a tree as the Jehovah’s Witnesses say)? Did he marry Mary Magdalene and go to France as other stories suggest? Did he go to India and teach? We could find the solution to all these mysteries. In fact I have read a channeled book by Jesus in which he says a lot of myths have grown up about him. I won’t offend Christians by exposing them here, except to say at the wedding feast he claims he never turned the water into wine, but simply sent one of his disciples to the local wine store to buy some more when it was running out!
The descriptions I’ve read and heard about of the place where most of us end up on transition are of an environment where it is permanently light, but with no sun. There are magnificent Halls of Learning, of Music, etc. but also little cottages, and towns of some description. Also countryside, and animals (who also survive death). These descriptions come from those who have died communicating thru mediums, and many who have had Near Death Experiences have come to the borders of this place which, incidentally, is not ‘up there’ but co-existing in our own space. It is another dimension operating on a different vibrational frequency. Ask a Quantum Physicist to explain – it is perfectly possible for many alternative dimensions to exist in the same space operating on different wavelengths or vibrations.
All complete nonsense or fact? Do the research and decide for yourselves. I’ve no objection to anyone dismissing the afterlife and mediumship as false if they’ve really investigated it thoroughly. This means studying more than one source and several reputed mediums, for there are of course bad ones and frauds, as in any profession.
But as my recent article in Tales From The Woods stated many scientists, some very skeptical at first, have studied mediumship and the afterlife, and continue to do so, and have come to the conclusion it is a scientific fact. They are then ostracized by the conservative orthodox scientific community, because to admit this evidence is valid would consign all the scientific textbooks of the past 100 years or so to the scrapheap. However Quantum Physics is pretty much doing just that anyway when sub-atomic particles can be in more than one place simultaneously, and communicate with each other instantly, and revert to wave function when not being consciously observed.
I rather hope there is a Rock’n’Roll Heaven, but perhaps it is just a place to visit occasionally like a Weekender. Imagine having to perform the same sort of songs over and over for Eternity! Even the performers would want to move on sometimes, but I like to think there would at least be opportunities to see our favorite artists perform new material we never heard or saw them do on Earth.
However George, my life-partner, now partner-in-Spirit, says if there is a rock’n’roll heaven it’s hidden from him. He loved classical music, and it greeted him as he crossed over he told me. But he also loved much popular music, but he said he hasn’t heard or seen any of this performed as it is drowned out by the louder sound of the wonderful heavenly classical music. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, or wait and not see (or hear!)

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