Law of Cause and Effect

People all over the world have different beliefs. Many different religions and different sects within each major religion. Also those who are atheists or agnostics.

The religious beliefs are largely based on faith and ancient texts, many of which are anonymous and have been heavily edited, altered, translated, etc. over the centuries. One religion has borrowed myths from another older religion in order to win converts. Yet each religion may have a basis of truth in it if you strip away the myths and dogma.

There are many people who no longer have faith in religion or in ancient and often very outdated texts handed down over the centuries. These people include atheists, agnostics, rationalist, humanists – and Spiritualists/Survivalists. It is true that many Spiritualists have fallen into the trap of adopting many of the rituals and trappings of Christianity in order to try to win converts, just as early Christianity adopted many of the myths of pagan religions for the same reason.

However atheists, agnostics and Spiritualists/Survivalists do not base their beliefs on faith or on ancient texts handed down over the centuries. They all base their beliefs on studying the evidence, but come up with different conclusions or are undecided because they are not all studying the same evidence.

Those who approach the subject of the meaning of life with an open mind will not be selective about which evidence they accept and which they choose to ignore. Unfortunately atheists and closed-minded skeptics are very selective, which is why they are unwilling to examine the overwhelming evidence of the afterlife and of the non-material cause of the whole multi-verse, confirmed by Quantum Physics. Like an ostrich they bury their heads in the sand, refusing to accept all the evidence which contradicts their comfortable beliefs that life on Earth is an accidental occurrence, and that death is the end.

The evidence is not difficult to find. Just Google on the Internet and you will find it. Increasingly scientists, medical doctors and many others are presenting the evidence via the Internet on YouTube and in written format for survival. I am not going to repeat it here – do the research or continue burying your heads in the sand as you will. I will just mention some of the main areas of evidence here: NDEs (near death experiences) especially when they include accurate descriptions of occurrences in and around a person unconscious and flatlining (including visual descriptions from people blind from birth), OOBEs (out of the body experiences when not near death), physical and mental mediumship, ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication) where messages/pictures, etc. are received from the deceased via telephones, computers, radios, TV, tape recorders, etc., Quantum Physics experiments which prove that no matter can exist without a conscious observer, spontaneous materializations, etc.

What I’m concerned about here is warning people that to ignore this evidence is very dangerous. We are all going to die sooner or later and it as well to know what awaits us – oblivion or something else, and what that something else might be.

Ancient religions talk about Heaven and Hell, but this is a gross simplification. There are various states and many different environments which the dead experience. Included in this is indeed oblivion. Atheists who are convinced there is no afterlife may just experience oblivion for eons. They go into an unconscious state, as do many of those Christians who are convinced they will sleep in their graves until the Last Judgment, when they will be physically resurrected, judged and then consigned to Heaven or Hell.

Other atheists and agnostics retain their consciousness in their astral or spirit bodies after death, but cling to their belief that there is no afterlife, therefore refuse to accept they are dead. They can interact with other Earthbound spirits in the same state, but not with the living. This state of utter confusion can also exist for eons until they realize they have, in fact, survived death and they move on to one of the Spiritual environments. Some people who are strongly addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, etc. will also remain Earthbound and try to satisfy their addiction by attaching themselves to the living, i.e. possession,  be it temporary or more permanent.

All this is based in information received in the last 150 years or so via mediums and via those who’ve had NDEs, etc. and from channeled messages from higher spirits. There are areas of disagreement, because when you die you do not become instantly knowledgable about everything. The more developed you become in Spirit the higher level you reach, with more knowledge, but these higher levels find it more difficult to communicate directly with those on Earth. Reincarnation is one area where there is much disagreement, and it seems to be much more complex than the simple idea that we live many lives. It seems the individuals we are on Earth is but the tip of the iceberg of our Greater Selves, which have many different aspects. Experiences are therefore shared, but the individual which lived on Earth remains in the Spirit world and does not reincarnate. Other aspects of their Greater Self or Greater Soul may do so, and we also all belong to Soul Groups who also share experiences and learn lessons collectively.

The key thing the evidence from thousands of Spirit messages, NDEs, etc. has taught us is that the law of cause and effect rules, also known as karma. What you reap you will sow, or at least, you will build up karmic debt or karmic credit. Nobody ‘gets away’ with anything.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Catholic who goes to Confession and has received the Last Rites from a priest,  a born-again Christian who has accepted Jesus as their Savior, a Christian who takes Communion or Mass regularly, a Moslem, a devout Jew, an atheist, an agnostic or whatever. No priest or savior can prevent or divert karmic justice or the law of cause and effect.

Soon after we die, or quite early in an  NDE, we are  subject to the Life Review. This is a complete re-living of one’s entire life outside of space and time. Every action, every thought is re-lived, some compare it to watching a movie of one’s life. But not only do we re-live our feelings, we also experience the feelings of others. Whether we actually feel physical pain or not, we certainly experience the joy or trauma of our actions on those we have interacted with. Imagine how that must feel – for those who dropped napalm bombs on innocent civilians and children. Who dropped incendiary or explosive bombs on civilians, or the atomic bombs on two Japanese cities. On those who killed others in war or in peace time, or those who inflicted mental or physical torture on others.

After this Life Review, during which there is no judgment from anyone but ourselves, we then gravitate to the level of Spirit which is appropriate. We gravitate towards Spirits of a similar development or lack of it to ourselves. Therefore those who have done many dark deeds, committed murders or other cruelties will find themselves in the lower astral planes with others just as cruel as themselves. This is no doubt where the idea of Hell came from in many religions, but it is not a permanent state. Spirits can and do progress to the higher, more pleasant Spiritual planes, but first they have to seek help and be willing to learn their lesson and develop spiritually.

No spirit is doomed to remain Earthbound or in the lower astral planes for eternity.  Most people who have lived a reasonably good life will go straight to the Third Level of Spirit, an Earthlike environment where many live happily for eons. However if they wish to progress Spiritually, they eventually have to leave this environment where you can just listen to music, play golf or do many of the things you did on Earth, even live in a recreation of some house you lived in or create one you wished you could live in. When you’ve had enough of all this you are ready to move on, and this is sometimes known as the ‘second death’, and progress to still higher levels. At the highest levels they dispense with any physical environments and with any sort of spirit body, and become pure Spirit. All material dimensions, all physical environments are, in fact, virtual realities created by Mind. So eventually we dispense with the need for these virtual realities and return to Source, the energy or Mind from which everything came.

This may sound like religious hocus-pocus, but many scientists and Quantum Physicists are coming to similar conclusions: that some sort of energy or Consciousness is behind all material environments, that the key to everything and the origin or everything is Consciousness.

Nobody knows what Consciousness is or where it originates, but clearly it is not in the physical brain. Quantum Physics dictates that Consciousness must have preceded all matter, including the brain. NDEs and OOBEs confirm that we can think, see, move about and do so much more clearly when separated from our bodies, or indeed when our bodies are brain dead or unconscious. There is no doubt whatsoever that our Conscious self is separate from the brain. The latter is merely a mechanism for controlling the physical body, akin to a radio receiver or the radio mechanism on a remote controlled model boat or airplane. If the brain is damaged, then the signal will be distorted, but the sender (the Greater or Higher Self) remains fully functional and clear thinking. On passiing over and joining the Higher Self, people who suffered dementia or severe mental disabilities become fully functional in that area, and similarly with those with physical disabilities.

Please don’t take my word for any of this. Study the evidence on the Internet. Radical scientists have developed new theories to replace the outdated old ones, and the new theories fully explain the world and the afterlife, without the need to invoke God or religion. One such theory, published in Russia but refused by scientific journals in Britain, is the Big Breed Theory of Ron Pearson (see link at top right of this blog page.)

The trouble with all this afterlife evidence and theories like that of Ron Pearson is that, if accepted, they would invalidate most of modern science. All the textbooks would have to be re-written. All new ideas, all new scientific theories have to await their time before being accepted. At the moment scientists have to go out on a limb to publish these new ideas on the Internet or in books. Within orthodox science circles and in the orthodox scientific journals they are censored, what Dr Dean Radin of the Institute for Noetic Sciences called the ‘woo-woo taboos’, subjects such as all things parnormal which are not allowed to be studied. Anyone who does so, or gives credence to theories such as those of Ron Pearson, are in danger of losing their research grants, or just being refused publication in scientific journals.

This is why the Internet is so important and such a valuable tool for desseminating information unavailable through other media.

Do your homework, or remain in blissful ignorance until the rude awakening when you yourself pass over to the Other Side. Hopefully it will be a pleasant experience and not one which traps you for eons in an environment which is not as pleasant as it might be, but why take that chance? You wouldn’t go on a trek across Africa without maps and guide books to prepare you for your journey. The information is there, study it and be prepared.

Nearly everyone who has had an NDE has found it a life-changing experience. For those of us who’ve never had an NDE we have to gain the knowledge in other ways. Don’t take things for granted, don’t blindly hope for sweet oblivion and think you can get away with anything in this life. Study the evidence, and then make up your minds.

I’m not asking that you become a Spiritualist/Survivalist, just that you open your minds and study the evidence rather than burying your heads in the sand and refusing to even think about the inevitable.


Not in the Public Interest.

Recently on my Facebook page  I shared a picture of a soldier with the caption: ‘War, what’s it good for?’ and the names of several companies involved in arms manufacture. I added some comments of my own about wars propping up the capitalist system, and a friend pointed out there had always been wars and that they pre-date capitalism.

This is of course true, and if you study Marxist Historical Materialism you will know this is how successive ruling classes in various pre-capitalist societies extended their influence and gained control over natural and human resources. The same is true today in the capitalist era, but there is an added perspective: profit.

OK, maybe there were profits to be made from manufacturing bows and arrows, swords and the early pistols, but nowadays arms manufacture and trading is a huge business making vast profits. Arms sales not only aid dictatorial regimes and encourage wars, they create employment and guarantee huge profits because they are financed by the tax-payer.

Arms manufacture includes the very expensive paraphernalia involved in totally unusable nuclear weapons. The Trident replacement program in Britain alone is expected to cost around 100 billion pounds for a weapons system which is totally illegal as it is an indiscriminate weapon of mass destruction which would make the Holocaust pale into almost insignificance, and it is military useless. Nuclear weapons have not stopped wars, and will certainly not deter suicidal terrorist groups like Al Quaida. They do, however, make vast, guaranteed profits for many private companies and multi-nationals, all funded by the tax-payers.

Capitalism is an unstable system since there is always a drive for maximum profits and the lowest production costs. Added to which you have unearned income in the form of interest, loans, living on credit, etc. All this means cycles where you have an excess of paper money chasing too few goods and services. This results in inflation, based on the capitalist law of ‘supply and demand’.

Alternatively, by exploiting the labor power of the workers and paying starvation wages in the developing world, at the same time moving manufacturing from the developed countries, mass unemployment is created in these developed countries. This means demand for products falls as workers who are unemployed or on very low wages have very limited incomes. So profits fall, production is cut back creating even more unemployment, and the vicious cycle continues.

It is therefore necessary to create an artificial demand for products and the money to pay for it. The arms industry is how this is achieved. By creating wars or fear of wars, a demand is created by governments, and the money to pay for these arms stolen from the tax-payers who have little option but to pay up. Just as Socialism guarantees all public services, pensions, etc. can be paid for, so military spending also guarantees profits for the arms companies. This artificial regulator props up the unstable capitalist system, and also reduces the surplus population when wars break out or are engineered. A by-product, of course, is the capture of more natural and human resources to exploit, as in Afghanistan and Iraq.

If anyone doubts the above is the case, consider the Depression of the 1930s and how the full employment of the Second World War with an enormous increase in arms manufacture got the world out of the slump and created the boom periods after the War.

Arms manufacture by private companies and multi-nationals for profit is therefore not in the public interest. If arms were only manufactured on a strictly necessary basis and not for profit, then the whole situation would change.

Another area where it is not in the public interest for profits to be made is the pharmaceuticals industry. Some people suspect that cures for cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc. may already have been found, but it is not in the interests of the private companies in the industry to announce this. Much greater profits are to be made by charging exorbitant prices for drugs which patients have to be kept on for life. There is therefore little or no incentive to find a cure for conditions like cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Since in many cases these expensive drugs are paid for either by governments via some sort of National Health Service, or by medical insurance companies, the profits are once again guaranteed.

All pharmaceutical companies should be taken over by governments and drugs produced at cost on a not-for-profit basis. Then there would be an incentive to find cures for various medical conditions, and not to keep patients on drugs for life.

Research for new drugs could be done in government funded laboratories and in the universities. Incidentally, I never give to medical charities as, apart from being a drop in the ocean, why should I assist pharmaceutical companies to make even greater profits when they are already doing research and it is not in their interest to find cures anyway? Also why should I let the government off the hook who should be funding this research via the National Health Service? By saving the government money they will only spend it on arms and things like replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system. I therefore look upon every penny given to cancer, AIDS, and similar charities as a money given indirectly to the government to spend on replacing Trident.

It is definitely NOT in the public interest for any profits to be made from either arms manufacture or the production of drugs and medicines.

As to wars and the fact they have taken place throughout history, they will only stop when people either refuse to fight them, or when we have genuine worldwide Socialism. The kind of distorted Socialism we had in the 20th Century did not stop wars as, first of all, it was not worldwide, and secondly it was not true Socialism since ruling bureaucratic cliques had rival interests in maintaining control. Therefore you had skirmishes breaking out between the USSR and the People’s Republic of China, the invasion of Kampuchea/Cambodia by Vietnam to overthrow the murderously corrupt Pol Pot regime, and of course the invasions of the GDR (East Germany) in 1953, the People’s Republic of Hungary (1956) and the CSSR (Czechoslovakia) in 1968 so that the Soviet ruling bureaucratic clique could maintain overall control.

Certain products should only be produced on a scale which is absolutely necessary and should not be a source of profit. Arms and pharmaceuticals are two such products which should be taken out of the area of the multi-nationals and private companies trying to make profits, as it is a conflict of interests. Creating wars and keeping people on drugs for life rather than finding cures are in the interests of maximum profits in these two industries, and none of this is in the public interest.