The Future of Europe

With the Euro in such difficulties now seems a good time to look at the whole European Union project, which of course started off as a community for coal and steel and later developed into the Common Market and then the European Union.

The Eurozone is experiencing huge problems because there is no central control. Each member state has its own financial policies or lack of them. Imagine the chaos in the USA if each individual state was allowed to run up huge debt and the rest had to bail them out to save the dollar.

There are really only two options for Europe. One is to disband the whole European Union project, get rid of the Euro and go back to individual nation states with their own separate currencies. In my view this would be disastrous, and seriously risk another war in Europe which could escalate into a Third World War. The other two World Wars started on our troubled continent. When the Soviet Union and the Yugoslav federation broke up, disastrous wars, terrorist attacks and genocide took place – Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Chechnya, South Georgia, etc. These great Socialist unions should never have broken up.

The other option is for the European Union to move towards a federal union, a united republic (monarchies have to go) or United States of Europe. A capital needs to be established in a Federal Zone (similar to the District of Columbia or Australian Capital Territory), the Euro introduced into all member states, and a new Constitution drawn up similar to the one which established the USA, but incorporating European values.

This would at one sweep make the European Union fully democratic, and give member states considerable powers and autonomy. Each state in the USA has its own legislature or state parliament, and the same would be true in Europe. Each member state would have considerable control over its own affairs, and be free to leave the Union at any time.

Devolution would be automatic in a truly federal union, allowing much diversity but insuring central control of matters like finance. This would also insure a level playing field, as a minimum wage would need to be established across the Union. This would stop floods of immigrants from one part of Europe to another. Freedom of movement in the Union would be a much more even affair. With such disparity in prices/wages, etc. at the moment the poorer countries suffer as their labor power emigrates to the richer countries. East Germany solved the problem by building a Wall and barrier between it and the richer West Germany, Europe should solve the problem by tearing down barriers and uniting as a single federation where the standard of living is made much more even by, for example, introducing a uniform minimum wage across the Union, and central control of taxation, banking, finances, etc.

As to the existing monarchies in Europe, I feel these are anachronisms and if not swept away entirely they should be kept only as token tourist attractions in mini-kingdoms along the lines of the Principality of Monaco. The British one (or rather English one, as I envisage Wales and Scotland becoming separate member states of the European Union, and Ireland joining as a single, united member state) could be centered on Windsor/Slough area, where the Windsor clan of royals could parade around for the tourists, within easy reach of the English state capital, London. These mini-kingdoms and principalities could be associate members of the Union, something like Puerto Rico is to the USA.

As a Socialist many would question why I would support a capitalist United States of Europe. First of all, it may not remain capitalist. Italy, France, Greece, Cyprus and all the Central and Eastern nations of Europe had very strong Communist and Socialist parties at one time, so it is entirely possible that a fully democratic European Union would one day vote in a Socialist federal government.

The other possibility, of course, is that a number of member states which voted in Socialist state legislatures or parliaments could opt to collectively leave the United States of Europe and form their own European Socialist Union.

The big mistake previous federations have made is not to allow individual member states to seccede from the Union. This policy caused the acrimonious break-up of the USSR and the Yugoslav federation, and in USA caused the terrible war between the States of the 19th Century (the American Civil War). The Southern Dixie states should, of course, have been free to break away from the Union and form the Confederate States of America. Abraham Lincoln had no right to try to stop them or legislate against practices such as slavery which the North encompassed for many years. It was up to the CSA to decide on this issue, and anyone who believes had they been allowed to separate from the Union that they would still be enforcing slavery or even segretation is not learning from history. Even South Africa, for years under a white apartheid regime, eventually had to abandon this policy.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of policies in individual states or groups of states, autonomy must always be guaranteed. This is the secret to a successful, free union of states. The right to seccede from the Union must always be guaranteed.

Ultimately, to secure world peace and guarantees against dictatorships and genocide, etc., the nations of the world must come together in a world-wide confederation with a world security force replacing national armies. The United Nations General Assembly could be the embryo of such a world parliament if the undemocratic Security Council with its permanent member states and their vetoes were abolished.

So first Europe, then the world, in a federation/confederation with considerable autonomy for all member states is, in my view, the only way forward to insure world security and peace.

Ultimately, there must be a world-wide Socialist federation or confederation of states to insure a fair distrubution of the fruits of the workers’ labor, free from exploitation. This means there must be a fully democratic, multi-party system in place in all member states world-wide to insure no corrupt bureaucracy can maintain a monopoly of power anywhere.

Karl Marx and others saw a further stage of world-wide Communism; a completely self-governing society where the State and all its paraphernalia (armies, police, money) had withered away and where there was an abundance of goods and services – ‘from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs.’ This seems to me hopelessly utopian, and if it ever came about on planet Earth we would need to be far more spiritually advanced than we are at present.

However a worldwide Socialist federation or confederation is perfectly feasible, but after the collapse of Socialist experiments in the 20th Century due to corruption, bureaucracy, dictatorship and plain inefficiency, this will take some time to come about. Eventually, however, the crumbling capitalist system which deliberately causes wars to prop it up, has to be replaced by a fairer system.

Meanwhile, uniting in a federal Europe is the best way we can preserve peace and relative prosperity on our Continent. Yes, we speak different languages, and these must be preserved. Even in the USA Spanish, French and many native American languages survive. The Soviet Union had many different languages among its Soviet Socialist republics. There is no reason why a United States of Europe should not exist with member states retaining their various languages and cultures, though probably French, German, Spanish and English would be the main languages used for Europe-wide official documents etc.

Unite or plunge Europe into further conflicts, this seems to me to be the stark choice we and future generations face.


Birthday Honors List

My brother has just been awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) because he’s retiring from a well-paid job as HM Principal Inspector for the Health and Safety Executive, a position which took him all over the world and many visits to Continental Europe.

While our mother will no doubt be proud, these awards are routinely handed out to people in these sort of jobs when they retire.  I’m afraid it doesn’t impress me, quite apart from the fact that it would be completely unacceptable to a republican like myself who does not recognize the Queen as a legitimate Head of State, would not bow and scrape before royalty, and who knows that the British Empire is nothing to be proud of, and thankfully was disbanded decades ago.

I’m not against honors provided they are not associated with royalty, the monarchy the ’empire’ and provided don’t come with a title like ‘Sir’, ‘Dame’, ‘Lord’, ‘Lady’, etc.  and also provided they go to deserving people. Routinely handing them out to people retiring from high-powered positions, usually well paid, makes a complete mockery of the whole thing.

I’ve no idea what my brother actually does in his job, but I do know what little contact he has with our mother and myself. She is 97 and I am her main carer. I have asked my brother to keep in touch more regularly as, should something happen to me, he would be the next of kin. She would also like to hear from him much more often than she does.

I know he lives miles away in one of the Yorkshire counties and is often abroad, but even if he couldn’t visit more often or spend the occasional Christmas with her (which she’d love) he could at least phone her once a month or so.

If you’re reading this, Philip, please take note. Mum would love to hear from you much more often. As I said in a recent email to you (no reply received) as next-of-kin you would be responsible for her should something happen to me, so I hope you’d take your responsibilities seriously.

As to the honors system, it largely rewards those faithful to the Establishment, many in well-paid positions, and completely ignores those ordinary people who help others voluntarily and those of us who have given lifelong service to the peace movement, to promoting a fairer society (such as Socialism, replacing the Monarchy with a republic, etc.)

My brother may be highly deserving of this award for his work with the Health and Safety Executive, I don’t know as we see him and hear from him so rarely we don’t really know what his job involves.

Personally, in the very unlikely event I’d have been honored in this way, I’d have refused because the honor is named after a obsolete imperialist empire and is handed out by a royalty I don’t recognize. However if anyone wishes to establish an Order of Karl Marx, an Order of Bertrand Russell, an Order of the Republic or something similar I would he happy to accept for my lifelong services to Socialism, the peace movement, republicanism and for a fairer society and to people generally.

This is not merely ‘sour grapes’ – I have never been impressed by these sort of honors handed out by the sovereign, especially when they are in the name of a thankfully long defunct empire and routinely given to people the Establishment favors when they retire from well-paid positions.


The All-Round Picture

What is happening in the world? Where are we at in civilization’s progress? What forces are at work behind the scenes?

These are the questions a lot of people are asking, people from different countries with different outlooks, beliefs and ways of life.

There are Socialists and Communists, dismayed at the failure of 20th Century attempts to build a better, fairer society, or at least their part failure and eventual collapse.

There are Spiritualists and New Age people hoping 2012 will bring about a New Era as Spiritual forces from the Light start a project of Enlightenment which will dispatch the Dark forces. Some see this in terms of ending the so-called New World Order, a New Age term for unbridled capitalism or even fascism controlled by secret organizations like the upper echelons of  Freemasonry and associated orders like the legendary Illuminati. Conspiracies theories abound, also involving the various secret services (CIA, Mossad, MI5, MI6, etc.), The Mafia and the various secret societies believed to be pulling strings and controlling governments behind the scenes.

There are many who believe alien civilizations, or the Inter-Galactic community, are observing us closely in UFOs, etc. and may be intervening to hasten our progress. Others talk of more sinister intentions, but some of these theories are so way out as to be pure science fiction. However we know for certain UFOs are watching us and and there has been contact with governments because people like Ex-NASA scientist and astronaut who walked on The Moon, Dr Ed Mitchell, have revealed this publicly. The late USAF Major Donald E. Keyhoe also provided much documentary evidence that the US air force knew alien civilizations were observing us as far back as the 1940s, and indeed in 1956 Admiral Hillenkoetter, former CIA Director, admitted as much in a New York newspaper. Dr Allen J. Hynek, director of the USAF’s Project Bluebook investigation into UFOs, was originally a skeptic but also became convinced by the overwhelming evidence, and cooperated with (and appeared in)  the film ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ based on real alien abductions such as that of Betty and Barnie Hill back in 1960.

So what is really going on? As the world lurks from crisis to crisis it appears as if world capitalism is teetering towards total collapse. The most worrying thing is that in the past when this has loomed on the horizon, such as in the Great Depression of the 1930s, they have created a World War to boost the arms industry and provide full employment, getting rid of the ‘surplus population’ at the same time. The forces in control are absolutely ruthless, their only motive is financial profit for themselves at any cost. In the process, even without a World War, the Earth and the environment are being destroyed by pollution in the form of fumes from cars and factories, and radioactive nuclear waste, while the world’s scarce natural resources are fast being depleted. Climate change and global warming is causing huge ‘natural disasters’ which are, in fact, far from natural because our environment is being put out of balance by greedy human forces.

It was a tragedy when various experiments to build a new society ultimately collapsed in the 20th Century. In Britain we had the post-War Labour government’s Welfare State, the setting up of the universal, free National Health Service and the taking into public ownership of many industries and services. All this was later picked apart by successive Labour and Tory governments, most notably the Tory government of Margaret Thatcher, followed by John Major and then Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’ government which continued these policies, scrapping Labour’s commitment to public ownership and Socialism.

The Soviet Union and the European Socialist countries collapsed in the period 1989-1991, and undoubtedly the corruption inside these countries was largely to blame. One can’t help wondering if secret societies like Freemasonry and allied orders were at work behind the scenes insuring that the ruling Marxist-Leninist Parties were infiltrated by careerists and opportunists to minimize the effect of Socialism, preserve the privileges of the new ruling bureaucratic class, and halt progress towards true Communism. While much was achieved in building a better society the system was badly flawed by corruption and lack of freedom. Economically, probably the most successful, and the model for the future, was former Yugoslavia’s system based on worker/consumer cooperatives and individual public enterprises competing in a friendly Socialist market place, i.e. genuine Market Socialism. Not the re-introduction of capitalism as has occurred in the People’s Republic of China, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, etc. Meanwhile the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has adopted a Stalinist monarchial system, with rumors of gross violations of human rights. In such a closed society it is difficult to distinguish fact from propaganda.

As to alien civilizations, they have probably been observing us for thousands of years, but seemed to take a much keener interest after we developed the atomic bomb in the 1940s. This is when the modern UFO era began, and they seem concerned that we don’t take nuclear weapons out into Space and affect other planets, and they are watching to see if we destroy our planet before it is ready to join any inter-glactic community. Certainly a planet with warring nations and weapons of mass destruction, which recently had two World Wars and has continued to have wars, is in no fit state to join such an advanced inter-galactic community.

Spiritual forces are said to be about to embark on a program of Enlightenment to hasten our Spiritual awareness, expose corruption, prove the afterlife and thereby speed our Spiritual and secular development.

The 20th Century experiments with various forms of Socialism proved that any political system can be distorted and used to keep in power a ruling class with wealth and privileges over the rest of society. Playing on the apathy and political immaturity of the masses, it proved very easy for careerists and opportunists to infiltrate the organs of State power, hence the corruption and the ultimate backlash when Socialism was overthrown. That the masses then threw out the Socialist baby with the dirty bathwater of corruption has meant they lost all the achievements of this flawed Socialism such as full employment, good public services, good education and health services, security in old age, and a sense of community and building a new society. In exchange they got, by and large, the same corrupt political leaders and bureaucrats under a new name, and an influx of multi-national firms out to exploit cheap labor. Unemployment came to these countries for the first time, along with insecurity in old age, and all the defects of capitalism. Many have found out that the grass was not so green the other side of the Berlin Wall, and there is Ostalgie or nostalgia for even the flawed societies like that in the old DDR (East Germany). ‘Goodbye Lenin’, a German film about the collapse of the DDR, reflects this nostalgia for the first Socialist State on German soil.

What we should have learnt from the past is that you cannot impose a better society by dictatorial measures, and if you try to do this it will become very difficult for corruption in high places to be defeated short of revolution. Mao and Trotsky recognized this fact with their theories of Cultural and Permanent Revolution, but the former proved to be a nightmare as thuggish Red Guard mobs went on the rampage with huge human rights violations. Trotsky’s theories haven’t been put into practice on a wide scale, but would probably prove just as disastrous. As was Stalinism in all its forms.

The key to human society’s progress is surely Evolution not Revolution. As Tony Benn, the progressive Labour politician, has pointed out. If you allow politicians to represent you and form governments, then you must have a way of voting them out of office. Marxist theory about the masses ruling themselves directly by means of the one-Party Dictatorship of the Proletariat makes it all too easy for opportunists and careerists to gain control, and very difficult to wrest control back from them.

Alien civilizations and Spiritual forces have been unwilling to intervene directly in our affairs, because human free will must be allowed to find its own way. This is the only way we can really progress. We have been sent great Spiritual leaders to set an example how to live, people like the Buddha, Hare Krishna, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi and many others. Even atheists, agnostics and free thinkers like Bertrand Russell, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels encouraged us to embark on a better way of living. If Marx’s words were later distorted and used to produce horrors like Stalin’s reign of terror, or that of Pol Pot in Kampuchea/Cambodia, then Jesus Christ’s words were also distorted to produce horrific wars, genocides and torture such as the Crusades and the Inquisition.

However if we remember the maxims of these great teachers and put them into practice, then we are on the right path. Bertrand Russell said ‘remember your humanity and forget the rest’. Marx’s formula for Communism is: ‘from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs’. Jesus told us to ‘love your enemy’.

Spirit and alien civilizations can’t and won’t intervene to change our world directly, but they can show by example. In the late 20th and early 21st Century there have been many revelations about the afterlife, for example. Increasingly the old orthodox religiious ideas of Heaven and Hell, along with atheism, are losing influence as more and more people become aware of the real nature of the afterlife.

The Internet has played a great part in by-passing the censorship of the orthodox scientific community, of organized religion, etc. New progressive science is emerging, such as the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and new scientific theories which encompass the afterlife and the paranormal, such as the Big Breed theory of Ron Pearson (see links on top right of this page for his Big Breed theory, and also links for DianaSpeaks as the late Diana Spencer is part of this new Spiritual Enlightenment, being a wayshower in life and now is continuing to expose corruption and conspiracies thru her voice channel ‘Christian’/Andrew Russell-Davies).

In the coming months and years we are told to expect many new wonders which will show all humanity the true nature of the afterlife, that it is a proven fact, and that if we don’t live decent lives caring for others here and now, then the universal law of cause and effect means we will have to face the karmic consequences of our actions. On the other hand, living better lives with consideration and empathy for others, building a better society in the process, will result in good karma and our Spiritual progress.

As we put war, imperialism and capitalism behind us and build what must be some kind of Socialist or even ultimately a truly self-governing, Stateless communist society without artificial regulators like police, money, armed forces, etc. (though that may always be too utopian for us here on Earth), then alien civilizations may well invite us to join their inter-galactic community and will let us into their great technological secrets, such as the power behind their UFOs and unlimited sources of energy. But we can only make this progress towards a better society once we have achieved Spiritual awareness and progress. When we realize whatever we inflict on others will rebound on ourselves, because ultimately we are all One, then we will become much more considerate of others. This is how Spirit will teach us, not by force, but simply by showing us that when we hurt others we hurt ourselves, when we exploit others we will ultimately feel the consequences.

Without the all-round picture we cannot achieve progress. Orthodox religion with its distorted message could not change human nature, nor could atheistic creeds like Marxism which also became distorted. We must have a true picture of the world and the afterlife as revealed by mediumship, channeling, Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC), and  the new science including Quantum Physics.

We will then learn that all matter is a creation of Mind or Thought Energy, and that nothing can exist without Mind. Consciousness is behind everything, whatever name you like to give it – Pearson’s i-ther/intelligent ether, the Great Spirit, God, Allah, the unified conscious energy field, etc. All matter, all material worlds and universes are really virtual realities created by Mind or Consciousness. We are all connected and are all essentially pure energy or Spirit, all part of this intelligent ether or universal consciousness which is the creator of all matter. And the purpose of this creation, of our own Universe and the Spiritual planes closest to our Universe which are composed of different orders of matter is to learn lessons and to progress Spiritually till we need no more physical forms or matter universes, and exist as pure energy or Spirit.