Unacceptable Face of Immigration

While emigration and immigration is inevitable, it must first of all be controlled, and secondly, immigrants to any country must respect local laws and culture, whilst being allowed to preserve their own cultural traditions.

No country can allow uncontrolled immigration or emigration. This is why visas are necessary in many countries for immigration or emigration (or even for holiday visits, etc.). It is also why the USA builds a fence on its Southern border with Mexico, why UK retains passport and immigration controls, and why the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) built the border installations surrounding the enclave of West Berlin and also between the GDR and the FRG (West Germany). How these borders are controlled, of course, is another matter, and for the record mining the borders and shooting people trying to cross illegaly is totally unacceptable.

Once immigrants are in a country, they should be required to learn the local language and respect the laws and cultural traditions of the country. This may happen in some countries with mass immigration, like the United States of America, where becoming an American citizen is something immigrants to that country are proud of. So you have Afro-Americans, Italian Americans, Greek Americans, Native Americans and many other varieties, all of whom, with some exceptions, seem to be Americans first and foremost, respecting the Constitution and the cultural traditions of that country whilst preserving their own cultures inside their communities, and that is the key thing.

Where immigration gets out of line and creates real problems is when immigrants do not bother to learn the local language (and this applies to many British immigrants in countries like Spain), and just import their native culture into their new country of residence. When this affects the indigenous population of the country they have emigrated to, it becomes a real problem.

Taken to its extreme this is manifested in the attitude of some Islamic extremists who come to the UK and then demand it be turned into an Islamic state, with Sharia law, which includes stoning to death of women for adultery, and the death penalty for gays.

The wearing of the head-to-toe burkah is unacceptable in public places and should be banned. What is the use of CCTV if criminals and terrorists can hide their faces by wearing the burkah, with men pretending to be women? Women wearing the burkah could be concealing explosives especially in this age of suicide bombers. What Muslim women wear inside their own homes, community centers and Mosques, is of course, entirely up to them; in these places they may wear the burkah or whatever their community allows.

Similarly Britons in Muslim countries should not wear bikinis and skimpy bathing costumes on their beaches, should not drink alcohol in public in places where it is against the local laws or traditions, etc.

The importation of alien drug, gun, knife and gang culture into Britain from the Caribbean ethnic community is also completely unacceptable. While an argument can be made for the legalization of drugs; gun and knife gangs and the associated violence and murders cannot be tolerated. Ethnic communities which tolerate this type of unacceptable behavior must expect the UK police to come down heavily, and to stop and search members of that community, especially teenagers and young people, every time they go out.

Immigrants taking over whole areas and making the indigenous population a minority is also unacceptable. In my area there are public places where ethnic music blares out of loudspeakers and public address systems quite regularly, whilst if the indigenous population sought permission to do the same they would not be allowed to do so. This particular square where this happens is full of ethnic shops and two churches, and the local ethnic community completely take it over and the neighboring park. The local indigenous white population is in a minority. This can feel very intimidating when groups of young people hang around in groups. There have been several shootings and stabbings in the area, involving the ethnic minorities. Also a serious sexual assault and a mugging on my estate.

The overwhelming of the indigenous culture is evidenced by a nearby mosque and community center frequented by the local Islamic community, a butchers (Hal-al) and many take-aways, all of them also Hal-al. For the local indigenous population who do not wish to buy Hal-al meat products they have to go to the local supermarkets, pubs or cafes.

My father was Greek-Cypriot, and his community also did not make much attempt to integrate into British society. I have an aunt and uncle, now returned to their native Cyprus, who lived here for years and speak virtually no English. I have cousins who only speak English very badly, having lived here most of their lives. My father, who came here before the Second World War, lived in England for decades and only spoke broken English with a heavy accent. This is hardly surprising since all these relatives living in Britain speak only Greek amongst themselves, rarely mix with English people, read Greek language newspapers, go to Greek clubs, and now even watch Greek language TV stations available by satellite or cable.

I don’t care if you’re a Brit living abroad or a British born person with an ethnic background, or an immigrant to this country. You learn the local language, you respect the laws and traditions of the country you live in, and you do not try to impose your ethnic culture and traditions on your adopted home country; you keep them within your own community whilst integrating as much as possible with the indigenous community.

Not to do these things will inevitably create a backlash against all immigration and ethnic minorities, and build up support for extremist political parties like the BNP, English National Party, etc..

Of course immigrants are welcome to this country, though numbers must be controlled. Once here, they and their descendants must learn to speak and read our language and obey our laws and traditions. This includes our minimum wage and trade union rights. Too many East Europeans and others came over here working below the minimum wage, refusing to join trade unions and putting many of our own workers out of a job. We fought hard for decent wages and conditions, and foreigners and immigrants must not be allowed to undermine the things the trade unions have fought long and hard to obtain for the workers.

I’m all in favor of the European Union, and indeed for the single currency and a federal Europe. But this should be on a level playing field like the United States of America, where each State, although having its own legislature, comes under the U.S. Constitution, and where there is more or less a level playing field as regards prices, wages, etc. Of course those in cities will be paid more than those in rural areas because of the higher cost of living, but gross discrepancies such as exist between some parts of the European Union and others are unacceptable. One Union, one Constitution, one method and level of taxation and uniform labor and trade union laws with a uniform minimum wage throughout the Union – this is essential, and another reason I’m all for a federal United States of Europe with a strong, fully democratic federal Parliament elected by proportional representation.

As to immigrants from outside the EU, be they Americans, Australasians or from Africa or Asia, they must integrate into European and British society and respect our laws and cultural traditions, whilst being allowed to keep their own cultural traditions within their own communities.



Life can be very strange with a kind of synocracy around certain dates and places, and also people.

I find I keep returning to certain places, for instance, also certain people, and certain dates are significant.

Take Hastings, a charming town which I really love. It has been my home-from-home for the past 40 years, but sadly the two friends who shared their home with me and my life-partner, inviting us for weekends, Christmas and New Year many times, have now passed on, their flat lying empty till the landord finds a new tenant. The antiques and wonderful paintings by an uncle dispersed around the world in auctions. All I have are memories, a few photos and a 7 page inventory of these valuable antiques and paintings which amount to 48 auction lots (some lots containing more than one item.)

However I still have links with Hastings as 4 separate households I know, including a cousin and her daughter, live in Hastings/St Leonards, only one of whom was connected to the couple who died.

Wood Green is another place I keep returning to. This is the area where I spent most of my childhood and went to school. This was in the 10 years 1951-1961 . In the 1970s I found myself returning there weekly for various rock’n’roll clubs. Now I go there every week to meet up with a friend of mine who lives in the area.

The London Borough of Camden is another place I keep returning to. This was the area (West Hampstead) I lived in until I was 6 and where I first went to school, 1945-1951. Then in 1968 I found myself quite by accident living there again (Camden Town) due to moving in with my first live-in partner who had a place on Camden High Road. I stayed in the area until 1973, but found I still had to keep returning. My mother continued to live in the borough till 1989, and my father till he returned to his native Cyprus in the late 1970s or early 1980s. I also visited Camden regularly for Hampstead Heath, a place I love and where I go swimming in the Summer (Hampstead Mixed Pond). I still go there every Summer. It just happens that a pub and a music venue, as well as some of the best natural water swimming ponds in London, are all in the borough of Camden, a place which has far more significance for me that Battersea, where I’ve now lived more than half my life.

As to people, a guy named David keeps cropping up in my life. As a teenager he lived not far from me in Welwyn Garden City where I lived for 7 years in the 1960s. He used to encourage me to go on Committee of 100 sit-down demonstrations. He has popped up in my life on various occasions since, running into him in the most unlikely places, including on a train with my partner on our way to Australia (via the airport of course). More recently he turned up regularly manning a bookstall at music gigs run by friends and acquaintances.

Dates are also significant. September 29th being the birthday of my favorite singer, also of a cousin, and a friend of myself and my mother in the past, also the day my life-partner passed on. March 20th is yet another significant date: my birthday, the day my grandmother died, and the day my best friend at school died. A pet cat also had an operation on that day, and died soon after. Is it any wonder I rather dread dates like these two in case anyone else close to me passes away?

Of course there are places, people and dates which are significant in my life by choice or for rational reasons. Places I like to visit, people I keep in touch with, dates I remember because they are somehow significant. But the above cases listed occurred by pure chance – or did they? Is there some kind of synocracy which dictates certain places, people and dates will keep cropping up unexpectedly?



The Times They Are A-Changing

I’ve quoted the title from an old Bob Dylan song to describe the situation for gay men (and to some extent women) in Britain and, indeed, in many other countries. It is a fact that gays have become respectable and, although prejudice and homophobia still exist and can be rampant in some quarters, generally there is acceptance that life-partners can be of the same or opposite sex.

I can only speak authoritively of Britain, and here all this has come about in the last decade. Civil partnerships are now commonplace, and some activists are now pushing for full equality by making civil partnerships available to heterosexual couples, and marriage availabe to gay couples, so that both options are available for everyone.

It is perhaps ironic that as marriage becomes less popular with heterosexuals, many choosing to just co-habit for years, civil partnerships for gay men and women are now very popular. That isn’t surprising as we were denied the opportunity to register our relationships up until the early part of this century, just a few years ago in fact.

Although I have no strong feelings myself as regards civil partnerships being seen as unequal to marriage, it would be a good thing to make both options available to everyone. People just co-habiting without registering their relationship have very few rights if one partner becomes seriously ill or dies. To insure one partner can visit the other if they end up in intensive care, that they can get full information from the hospital rather than platitudes like ‘comfortable’ and ‘as well as can be expected’ then they must register their relationship. Also for the right to arrange or even attend a funeral, and for inheritance claims if one partner dies intestate. I imagine civil partnerships may be more attractive to heterosexuals who do not wish to opt for marriage, or wish to postpone it.

However the main effect of the introduction of civil partnerships is for homosexuals, and especially for gay men. In Britain lesbianism has never been illegal (apparently because Queen Victoria refused to believe it existed!) At any rate all the legislation against homosexuality only applied to men.

This meant up until the Sexual Offences Act of 1967 all gay sex and co-habiting between males was totally illegal and punishable by fines and imprisonment. This made gay men wide-open to  blackmail. They had to lead furtive, secret lives involving quick, anonymous sex, often in public conveniences or cruising grounds, as few gay clubs existed and those that did were illegal and therefore very much underground. Even if you lived in a big city you wouldn’t know they existed unless you were told about them by another gay man, and you couldn’t gain entry either unless introduced by a member and vouched for.

It is hardly surprising, therefore, that among gay men a culture of promiscuous, anonymous sex arose. Society forced it on them by refusing to even allow gay men to co-habit or set up a lifetime relationship. Of course some did in secret, and the richer you were the easier it was.

Try getting a council or private landlord to lease a home to two gay men and it was impossible. I wasn’t active on the gay scene before 1967 because I didn’t even know it existed (no gay press in those days), but my life-partner and his friends were and said if a landlord found out you were gay you were evicted. That is why many of them ended up sleeping rough and turning to male prostitution to survive (without a fixed abode you couldn’t apply for income support benefits.)

If you were rich you could afford to buy your own home and no questions asked if you were discreet. However before 1967 home ownership was the preserve of the upper classes, relatively few working-class people owned their own homes.

Even after the 1967 Act was passed, gay men were still in a very vulnerable position. Those already in a stable relationship were now legal provided both were over 21 (the age of consent for gay men under the Act) and neither were in the Armed Forces. Also they had to have a self-contained home with nobody else present on the premises. If they invited a relative or friend to stay overnight in a separate bedroom, they were breaking the law. So when my mother invited my life-partner to come and live in our council flat several years after the 1967 Act was passed, we were breaking the law and she was justifiably afraid of losing her council tenancy if anybody found out, quite apart from the fact that council tenants aren’t allowed to take in ‘lodgers’ without prior council approval.

For those not already in a stable relationship, the 1967 Act had limited effect. It did make gay bars and clubs legal, and led to the establishment of a gay press and gay guides so isolated gays could find these places. However according to the law at that time any attempt to meet and proposition another man for sex was ‘importuning for an immoral purpose’ and many were arrested for this ‘offense’. Pretty policemen were used to entrap men and make easy arrests. Gay men were framed even when they hadn’t even done anything. Police would arrest them in, say, a public convenience and invent stories.

This happened to my life-partner on more than one occasion. Even gay men have to use public conveniences for purposes other than sex, and once when my partner was arrested just for being in one he protested that he hadn’t been doing anything. In the safety of a police car, the policeman accompanying him said: ‘No we know you weren’t, but you might have done if we hadn’t come in.’ That was their attitude, and the courts would tend to believe a policeman over the word of the defendant. On another occasion my partner and our friend Brian were both arrested just for being in a public convenience, accused of a sexual offense (all gay sex was, remember, still totally illegal outside of a private home or hotel room with nobody else on the premises.) Brian and George were lifetime platonic friends, known in the gay community at the time as ‘sisters’. They weren’t into what was then known as ‘tootsie trade’. Even if they had been they needn’t go to a public convenience as they had plenty of opportunities elsewhere. The fact was if you were a gay man even after the 1967 Sexual Offences Act you entered a public convenience at constant risk of arrest if you were visbily gay or had gay mannerisms, and the same applied if knowingly or unknowingly you wandered into a gay cruising ground.

All this started to change in Brtain in the 1990s when the police started tolerating gay clubs where sex took place on the premises. Before that, even after the 1967 Act, they closed down such places and made arrests. However by the 1990s they seemed to realize that confining such ‘public gay sex’ to gay clubs tended to keep it away from the public conveniences and cruising grounds, and also gave men safe space. A lot of queer-bashings and gay murders took place in the other places, and it was also a public nuisance, even though many cruising grounds were only gay in the early hours. At this time, however, queer-bashings and gay murders were stilll happening.

Finally, in the early 21st Century, the law in Britain was changed to permit gay clubs where sex was allowed to take place on the premises, but also civil partnerships for gay men and women were introduced. Also Internet dating became more popular for both gays and straights.

As a result of all these changes, especially the fact that gay men can now have civil partnerships and even adopt children, the old culture of promiscuous anonymous sex is slowly dying out. Now you see gay couples, male and female ones, on TV quiz shows openly announcing their relationship and nobody bats an eyelid.

Meanwhile gay clubs where sex took place on the premises are either becoming deserted or are closing down altogether. More and more couples are meeting and linking up via the Internet and dating agencies, which once would not accept gays looking for same-sex partners.

The times are indeed changing. Of course promiscuous anonymous sex does still go on among heterosexuals as well as gays, ‘dogging’ being straight sex in public places for instance. On the gay scene, however, it is becoming a thing of the past. Cinemas where gay sex took place have long passed into history, and in public conveniences the practice of ‘cottaging’ has declined along with the number of public conveniences and the introduction of uni-sex super-loos. You would be hard pressed nowadays to find even graffiti in a public convenience, let alone gay cruising or ‘glory holes’ in cubicles. At least not in the big cities where gay clubs exist.

I personally can’t really get used to the idea of meeting a prospective partner on the Internet or via a dating agency, that’s if I were even looking for a new partner, which I’m not. I’ve lived on my own for nearly 20 years now and am too set in my ways.  So it is extremely unlikely that I will ever have a civil partnership, though I now wear the ring my partner gave me over 40 years ago on my wedding finger to show I was ‘married’ to him for 21 years till he died.

I can’t speak for married heterosexuals as I have limited knowledge of these relationships, but I can say that of all the gay couples I know who have co-habited for many years, it was mainly for companionship. Gay sex between these couples, my own relationship included, became less frequent and tended to die out altogether. In fact I only know one gay couple who have been together for several decades who still have an active sex life together. All the others stayed together to care, look after each other in sickness and in health, go on holidays, to the cinema, theater, etc.. together, and above all for companionship.

None of my gay friends from the old days had civil partnerships. Either one partner died before this became possible, or they were too set in their ways to even consider such a thing. However the option is now there for all those gay men and women who wish to utilize it and put their relationships on a legal footing. Not doing so has caused many problems in the past for some of my friends, especially if they never bothered to make out a Will.

All couples should register their relationship or at least make out properly drawn up Wills. Without either of these, co-habiting partners have no legal rights of inheritance, and run the risk of being thrown out of the family home.


Older and Wiser?

I now have to face the fact that I’m pushing 70. Many of my friends are either around the same age or have already passed on, including of course my life-partner who passed to Spirit at the relatively early age of 48.

I feel I am a lot wiser at this age and that I have learnt a lot from experience, including from my mistakes, of which there are quite a few. This, I believe, is the main reason we are here. To learn and progress.

Of course some people would say I am not wiser at all; that as I get older I get more and more weird and have exchanged a scientific formula for the continued evolution of human society (atheistic Marxism-Leninism) for ‘pie in the sky when you die’. Adopting along the way along with Survivalism (non-religious Spiritualism) all sorts of weird and wonderful conspiracy theories and beliefs, including UFOs, extraterrestial contact and alien abductions (I believe there have been abductions to carry out genetic and other experiments, but that the various UFO visitors are essentially non-hostile. Some could be time machines from our own future.)

I let others judge and make their own conclusions, and as Rhett Butler said in ‘Gone With The Wind’ whatever their opinions of me ‘Frankly, I couldn’t give a damn!’

Each person must find their own way and their own belief or non-belief systems, but we can learn from experience, from our mistakes and from each other.

I don’t accept things unless there is convincing evidence supporting them. For instance, my journey from traditional atheism to being convinced of the afterlife (though I still don’t believe in God, or Satan for that matter) did not come about overnight when I lost my partner. It is not, I would say, down to wishful thinking or clinging to nice fairy tales like a belief in Santa Claus or, indeed, in real fairies (not the camp variety!) at the bottom of my, er… allotment (don’t have a garden.)

Long before my life-partner passed to Spirit I came across a book called ‘Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain’ by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder. In that book (and remember I was at that time a hard-line, atheistic member of the British Communist Party with no belief in an afterlife) I learnt how atheistic science in the Soviet Union and the Socialist countries had discovered, among other things, that all living creatures and plants had a second body, an ‘energy body’ if you like. Soviet scientists dubbed this energy body ‘bioplasma’ and photographed it with a system of electronic field photography named after its Soviet inventor in the 1930s, Semyon Kirlian. In some experiments it seemed the bioplasma body could survive damage to the physical body, and illnesses, etc. showed up in the bioplasma long before they manifested in the physical.

This opened my mind to the possibility that the Spiritualists and religious people were right, and all living things had a Spirit, astral body, soul or whatever. Of course there are many debunkers of Kirlian photography who claim it shows nothing paranormal at all, since inanimate objects like coins also show an ‘aura’ under electronic field photography, and this ‘aura’ also disappears in a vaccuum. However I am sure Soviet scientists investigated all this, and indeed photographs of the ‘aura’ of coins were depicted in the book or in a magazine article I read about the same time on Kirlian photography, and the ‘aura’ produced by inanimate objects was different to that produced by living organisms. In any case according to Survivalist/Spiritualist evidence, everything, including apparently inanimate objects, are permeated by the life-force which creates all matter. Or rather the ILLUSION of matter, for solid matter doesn’t even exist.

Whether Kirlian photography really photographed the ‘astral body’ of living things or not is perhaps immaterial in my case as it opened my otherwise closed mind to the possibility precisely because it came from ‘behind the Iron Curtain’ which were officially societies based on no-nonsense atheism.

Since then I have discovered much more conclusive evidence that all living things survive death, not least Near Death and Out of the Body experiences, Remote Viewing and After Death Contacts by various methods. All these also have their debunkers, but all these debunkers are very selective about what evidence they are willing to examine. Just take NDEs (Near Death Experiences) for example. Debunkers say they are merely hallucinations produced by the dying brain through lack of oxygen, or because of drugs being administered to the dying patient. If this were the case how can the patient while unconscious and flatlining accurately report seeing and hearing events, people and objects in and around their vicinity while clinically ‘dead’? This has been proved time and time again. It’s all very well reporting seeing tunnels and bright lights, then meeting granny in the afterlife, but this can’t be proved. If, however, you see a blue tennis shoe on a ledge of the hospital and it is later retrieved (Seattle, USA), or see and hear what nurses and doctors are doing in the operating theater, describing what instruments they used, or what relatives and friends in adjoining rooms were saying, wearing and doing, then it must be real. If people blind from birth see for the first time and accurately describe things and colors after having an NDE, then something very strange is going on. OOBEs (out-of-the-body experiences) and Remote Viewing confirm this. The CIA and other intelligence services have used Remote Viewers to spy on facilities in other countries, in the case of the CIA places thousands of miles away in the old Soviet Union. The information obtained by Remote Viewers has later been verified by actual photographs of the places they somehow visited without leaving the room/laboratory.

I won’t go into more evidence here for mind, consciousness and the ability to see, hear, smell, etc. being separate, or able to separate, from the physical body, but it is quite overwhelming if you research into it. Moreover it is backed up by Quantum Physics theory which says matter to exist has to have a conscious observer, and the latest scientific theories in the quantum area point to Consciousness being at the heart of everything.

We already knew, since Einstein at least, that solid matter was an illusion created by a system of vibrations holding sub-atomic particles together. This correlates with Survivalist/Spiritualist concepts of different planes of existence vibrating at different rates, or with Quantum theory about other dimensions interpenetrating our own but on different wavelengths. Much as a radio or TV tuned to one station cannot pick up other stations until you re-tune it.

As to UFOs and extraterrestial contact, I realized this was a reality after reading the books of Major Donald E. Keyhoe of the USAF. Indeed Admiral Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter, first Director of the CIA and quoted in Keyhoe’s books, was quoted in the New York Times way back in 1959 as saying: ‘These UFOs are interplanetary devices systematically observing the earth.’ Indeed this conclusion was reached back in the 1940s, and according to Keyhoe the Admiral at that time ordered the conclusion kept secret for fear of causing panic. Much more recently NASA astronaut and scientist, Dr Ed Mitchell (who walked on the Moon) has confirmed the reality of UFOs and ongoing contact with the aliens operating them, and that a real UFO crashed in Roswell in the United States in the 1940s and was recovered. Dr Mitchell has said this on a UK radio station, among other places.

As to the various conspiracy theories about the deaths of JFK, his brother Robert, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King, Diana Spencer (former Princess of Wales), about 9/11 and many other events, people must look at the evidence and decide for themselves, at least until whistle-blowers come out in the open or even more evidence becomes available. For many of these conspiracy theories much evidence is already there if only you research it, and the Internet is a wonderful uncensored tool for doing this.

So I would say I am most definitely older and wiser as I base my opinions on studying the evidence, not on wishful thinking. Indeed it is perhaps those who do not believe in an afterlife who are the wishful thinkers. It would be very easy to accept that we only live for a relatively short period then return to oblivion, with no consequences, nor karma to face. Do what we like, hurt who we like, just make money and enjoy ourselves at other people’s expense possibly, and no comebacks. Indeed kill as many people as we like in order to gain our materialistic objectives, and again, no comebacks or karma to face in an afterlife.

That’s more-or-less how I regarded things back when I was a traditional atheist, though being a humanist and Communist I was not interested in personal gain at the expense of others. However I did believe the end justified the means, hence my acceptance of Stalinist methods in a mistaken attempt to create Communism. I even called for the rehabilitation of Stalin thinking his positive achievements outweighed the negative ones. I no longer feel this, in fact the very opposite. Stalin did more to destroy Socialism (not just Communism) than anybody else on the planet, apart from possibly Pol Pot in Cambodia/Kampuchea.

I’m not sure what I’d call myself now, agnostic perhaps is the best term. I know there’s an afterlife because of the overwhelming personal and other evidence for it, but I’ve seen no evidence of a personal God. What I have discovered is evidence for some kind of Conscious Energy behind everything, a Mind separate from matter, which indeed creates and organizes the illusion of matter in this Universe and other dimensions. Scientists who think outside the box, like Ronad Pearson, have formulated theories which encompass the so-called paranormal. His theories have been published in Russian scientific journals, among other places. He doesn’t talk of ‘God’ but of the ‘intelligent ether’ or ‘i-ther’ as a matrix permeating everything. Moreover his theories seem to be mathematically correct, and need none of the adjustments and inventions of things such as ‘dark energy’ which Einstein orthodox science needs to constantly come up with to try to explain the accelarating expansion of the Universe. Albert Einsten himself, before he died, admitted he felt he had probably got a lot of things wrong, but orthodox science is reluctant to admit they are in a cul-de-sac – too much research money and other funding depends on them accepting the outdated orthodox scientific theories and staying clear of ‘woo-woo’ concepts. These are concepts orthodox scientists are told never to speak about or investigate, though an increasing number do so privately.

However there’s nothing unsual about this. Most big scientific turn-arounds have started off as heresy or maverick theories, and their original discoverers mocked and derided at the time. Galileo who said the Earth was not the center of the Universe with the stars and planets revolving around it was one of these.

As to my politics, some would say I’ve come full circle. Resigning from the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1976, I’ve now rejoined a small group called the Provisional Central Committee for the Communist Party of Great Britain.  However it differs from the old Party in many ways. It is much less dogmatic, and the main reason I joined was because it is the ONLY leftwing organization in the UK that does not reject the European Union, but on the contrary, sees the need ultimately for an EU-wide Communist Party when the EU becomes a United States of Europe. I am strongly in favor of a federal Europe and a single currency, being an internationalist, though of course I would much prefer a Socialist European federal republic (that too may come in time, probably as a break-away group from the EU itself initially.)

I remain a Socialist and a Marxist and have learnt from the experience and mistakes of the Socialist countries of the 20th Century. The two main lessons I have learnt in this respect is to do with pluralism and rejection of a monolithic political and economic system. A Socialist Constitution could protect the Dictatorship of the Proleteriat (though I prefer another term as minorities also have rights usually denied by any form of ‘dictatorship’.) A one-Party state or a one-Party dominated coalition makes infiltration and corruption almost inevitable, so a multi-party state with free elections is essential, albeit under the Socialist Constitution, which could only be revoked in a referendum. I also prefer trying alternatives to the Soviet-style State monopoly model for public ownership, which was also adopted in countries like Britain in the 1940s. This is inefficient and bureaucratic for most industries, though may be suitable for a few like the railways and banking. Free elections with rival political parties would allow various Socialist models to be experimented with. I personally favor the former Yugoslav model of worker/consumer cooperatives and smaller publicly owned enterprises all competing in a friendly, healthy Socialist market place.

So lessons learnt in all spheres, and I hope to continue learning and evolving in this world and the next ones. Spiritual development and evolution is the key to everything, that, above all, is what I have learnt in over 66 years on this planet.



Conspiracy theories

As I said in my last blog, for 10 years I have dismissed conspiracy theories about 9/11 as being too way-out, but am now not nearly so sure. Too many anomalies to be explained, but again I urge people to watch the relevant videos, in particular the ‘In Plane Site’ one and ones about WTC Building 7.

In general I accept many of the events of the past half a century or so just do not quite add up. I don’t believe, and never have, that JFK was killed by a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. I have strong doubts about his brother’s assassination by a lone gunman, and about Marilyn Monroe’s overdose. All three were closely connected to each other, and there were strong connexions with The Mob. Jack Ruby’s killing of Oswald looked to me like a typical Mob silencing operation, and possibly the police escorting Oswald let it happen.

I have created my own conspiracy theory about the events in Cyprus in July 1974, and am absolutely convinced the coup against Makarios, ostensibly organized by the Colonels Junta then in power in Athens, and the subsequent occupation of the North of the island by Turkey to protect its ethnic population was all part of a pre-planned NATO plot between USA, UK, Greece and Turkey to rid the island of Makarios, thought to be too pro-Soviet. The fear was he would allow Soviet ships access to Cypriot ports and thus the Mediterranean, or even give them a permanent base on the island. The plan mis-fired when Makarios escaped the bombing of his palace and appeared at the UN General Assembly in New York to appeal for help because ‘Greece has invaded Cyprus’, a statement now conveniently forgotten by all but sympathizers with the Turkish case (like myself, a great friend of the Turkish people and the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus). My father was Greek-Cypriot and suddenly announced after the coup that ‘Makarios was a Communist’ and removed a picture of the archbishop from his mantelpiece. He was in Cyprus at the time of the fascist Nicos Sampson coup designed to annex Cyprus to Greece.

There can be no other explanation as to why Britain, as guarantor of Cypriot independence with thousands of troops permanently stationed on two British Sovereign Bases (in effect British occupation zones), sat back and did nothing when first Greece (by way of the Sampson coup) and then Turkey invaded the island. Turkey appealed to Britain to act when Greece organized the coup, and only sent its own troops when Britain refused to carry out its obligations to preserve Cypriot independence.

All this was obviously foreseen by the 4 NATO powers involved (USA, UK, Greece and Turkey) except that Makarios would escape alive. Of course Greece knew Turkey would intervene to create a safe haven in the North for Turkish Cypriots, which is why mainland Greek troops were never sent to the island in sufficient numbers to stop Turkey. Turkey, on the other hand, knew it could not claim anything far south of the Green Line, not least because of the two huge British Sovereign Bases and the thousands of troops stationed there. They did, however, seize the tourist area of Gamu Gazi (Famagusta) as a bargaining chip in any final settlement, and this was probably not part of the original NATO conspiracy.

Makarios, incidentally, very conveniently died from ‘natural causes’ just three years after the coup, so can now be safely proclaimed a Greek-Cypriot icon again.

The assassination of Diana, former Princess of Wales, in Paris in August 1997 is as plain as a pikestaff to anybody who bothers to investigate the facts. The murder took place soon after she made a statement saying the new Blair Labour government would be more sympathetic to her anti-landmines campaign than the previous Major Tory government. I have doubts this was the case, but nevertheless it prompted a Tory MP to say in the House that the mother of a future King of England could not be ALLOWED to make such blatantly political statements. A week or so later she was dead, undoubtedly mainly because of her involvement in the anti-landmines campaign.

Behind all these conspiracies and assassinations is indeed a dark cabal, but I do not see it, as some do, as some secret occult society of Devil worshipers. I don’t think the Illuminati or a higher echelon of Freemasons are making sacrifices to Satan in occult rituals. What I do believe is that the ‘dark cabal’ is nothing more or less than the military-industrial complex of capitalism preserving the unstable system and trying to grab rare resources and maximize profits at all costs. This includes grabbing dwindling oil and mineral supplies abroad, and also creating wars, terrorist threats, a booming and profitable arms industry (paid for by the taxpayer of course) and in the Cold War the equally profitable nuclear arms race, which continues at a reduced rate though nobody is sure why. Trident replacement by Britain alone will make huge profits at the taxpayers’ expense for this powerful ‘dark cabal’ of capitalism.

The question is to what extent is this powerful group of capitalists secretly pulling the strings behind the scenes and making a mockery of democracy? To what extent are elected leaders mere puppets of this group, which seems to me more like an international version of The Mafia than an occult cult of devil worshipers? The only thing these people worship is money! The Queen, an unelected Head of State, and her royal family are also puppets not just of the British Establishment, but of this international cabal. Indeed The Queen is reported to have muttered to Paul Burrell about ‘dark forces’ over which she obviously has no control.

This very powerful international cabal of capitalists, representing the financial institutions, arms industry and big multi-nationals, will stop at nothing to maintain their position of power using not just the World Bank, IMF and similar organizations, but also the assassinations and conspiracies which promote wars and bolster the arms industry, which is all that keeps the extremely unstable capitalist system going.

I also feel this powerful international cabal may well have infiltrated the higher echelons of the former Soviet Union and its allies, preserving a privileged elite in these ostensibly Socialist countries, and ultimately deciding the pretence of bulding a fairer society was not worth the effort so they pulled the plug and now the Mafia-style corruption and ruthless drive for personal wealth is visible for all to see in the Russian Federation and many of the other former Socialist and Soviet republics.

However, and this is the optimistic part of the story, there are signs that the days of this dark cabal are coming to an end. I don’t believe in God, Satan or the Devil, but I do know there are higher and lower developed Spirits and that they try to exert their influence on us, though human free will always have the last say.

As I have often argued in my Spiritual blogs, I believe we are all essentially Mind or Conscious Energy (some would prefer the term Spirit which I also use) and that we are all evolving at our own pace, some much faster than others. Also we are all connected at some level to each other and also to Source, which I and other rationalists see as a form of Mind or Energy, rather than a man in the sky with a long white beard. Scientist Ron Pearson calls it the ‘intelligent ether’ or ‘i-ther’ permeating everything. It is the conscious energy which has always existed outside of Time and Space and always will, and all living things are part of it and are constantly evolving.

It is inevitable that this evolution continues, even with temporary setbacks, and so the days of the dark cabal manipulating events on Earth are limited. Signs from Spirit are that we are in a time of great change, when Spiritual knowledge will enlighten us, as it has already enlighted millions.

Orthodox religions based on ancient texts and myths will lose their hold over humanity, as will old-fashioned and outdated materialism and atheism which deny the continued existence of consciousness beyond physical death. Quantum physics and much so-called paranormal evidence (NDEs, OOBEs, ITC, clairvoyance, physical mediumship, etc.) prove that this material world is an illusion created by Mind, and that therefore Mind or Consciousness (Spirit) is the prime force which creates and organizes the illusion of matter in this dimension and in others.

In practical terms how the higher forces influence humans on this planet in the next decades to move to a more evolved form of existence remains to be seen, but I would personally expect whistle-blowers to come out of the woodwork and expose the conspiracies and corruption. Once this process starts, the whole walls of secrecy will come tumbling down, much as the fall of the Berlin Wall brought about the collapse of the imperfect Socialist countries (which I feel could have and should have been reformed to make them more truly Socialist).

Many revelations are expected in the next years and decades, not just about things here on Earth, but far beyond. About the reality of UFOs and extraterrestial contact, for instance, already exposed by Dr Ed Mitchell, former U.S. astronaut and NASA scientist. About various political assassinations and conspiracies. And about the reality of the afterlife, with proof coming from many different sources.

The age of enlightenment is coming, is indeed upon us. The old order will be swept away and is indeed crumbling at this very moment. The financial crises sweeping the world is but one of the first manifestations of this.

As Bette Davis said in ‘All About Eve’: ‘Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy night!’





Commercial airliner or remote controlled, windowless military aircraft with something attached underneath fuselage?

The tenth anniversary of what has become known universally as 9/11 (even though this format is actually November 9th in UK and much of the world rather than September 11th) has just passed, and I have finally had to admit that it was, after all, probably a conspiracy by powerful forces in the U.S. with the motive of starting wars in the Middle East for oil and to boost the profitable arms industry. Wars and the arms industry are, after all, the things which keep the unstable capitalist system going. Without constant wars and arms manufacture the whole system would collapse.

I am not going to argue the case for conspiracy here, nor go overboard with way-out theories about the Illuminati, a New World Order or aliens from outer space disguised as humans who turn into lizards at certain times. I leave this to others who shall be nameless.

All I ask is that you watch some of the videos on these Internet sites about 9/11 and make your own minds up. I watched several of them, in particular ‘In Plane Site’ and also one about WTC Building 7 collapsing apparently from a controlled demolition set up weeks beforehand, and although a skeptic about conspiracy beforehand (though I believed the US government used 9/11 to justify the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and tighten up security and surveillance at home) I had to admit that the evidence shown in ‘In Plane Site’ and other video clips on these sites is hard to explain away.

What happened to the 4 commercial airliners, their passengers and crew on 9/11 if they didn’t end up where we were told I have little idea, but suspect they are all now dead. Whether faked hijackings took place on these airliners I don’t know, but suspect something of this kind may have happened. However it seems whatever hit the Pentagon and the twin towers of the WTC it was NOT commercial airliners.

You have to make up your own minds after watching ‘In Plane Site’. Witness reports, video footage, the relatively minor damage to the Pentagon, etc. all point to remotely controlled military aircraft/missiles hitting these buildings and NOT commercial airliners.

Whoever planned this atrocity had a cruel sense of irony. 9/11 is of course the American emergency equivalent of the British 999 – in USA you dial 911.

The two links to 9/11 videos are:




One of the most controversial subjects even amongst those of us who are convinced by the evidence that there is an afterlife. Even guides and other communicators from the world of Spirit seem to disagree about reincarnation. Many Eastern religions take it for granted, and leaders such as the Dalai Lama are only given their titles after extensive research to ‘prove’ they are reincarnations of the previous holders of these offices.

It seems the answers from the Spirit world on this subject depend on the level they come from. Spirits don’t gain instant knowledge about everything on crossing over, and the question of reincarnation seems to be a very complex one.

According to some high-level Spirit sources like Silver Birch there are many aspects of each of us in the Spirit world, and it is only one aspect which incarnates. This means we only incarnate once as the person we are now, but other aspects of our greater selves in Spirit could well have incarnated in the past and may well do so in the future. An analogy would be a body of water such as a pond. Each time you dip in a cup and take out some water it will be a different mix but all taken from the same pool. No two cups of water, however, will be exactly the same mix.

This, however, is only part of the story. While we might well have access under certain conditions (hypnotic regression, spontaneous recall, etc.) to memories of some of these lives of different aspects of ourselves, we could also have access under similar conditions to memories of various lives of others in our Soul Group. It seems we are all members of Soul Groups, and share memories, experiences and lessons learnt thru various lifetimes of members of our own Soul Group.

Then there is the question of stillborn babies and children who pass to Spirit, and indeed people who die suddenly thru suicide, accident, etc. While this sudden passing could be part of a pre-ordained lifeplan, human free will could intervene and interrupt the planned life. In these cases it is perhaps possible that the same individual will be reborn into another life, even displaying birthmarks acquired from injuries in the previous life or which they were born with in the previous life.

It seems the whole question of reincarnation is not one which can be answered simply, and if certain individuals are reincarnated it doesn’t seem to happen to everyone, though under certain conditions we may have access to life memories of different aspects of ourselves and others in our Soul Group.

I myself was hypnotically regressed to three lives many years ago. I have not been able to check these out. Only one was in the UK (Scotland), and I have recently learnt that Internet records are incomplete. Many parish records have still to be transcribed. Also I don’t have anything like a precise birth date, have just worked out from the age at death of this Scottish life that he’d have been born around the 1790s. How accurate birth records were at that time and how many have been transcribed to Internet records I have no idea.. I only know the year of death, 1877, not the actual date, and indeed am not even sure of the place of either birth or death. The first and surnames are fairly common, yet I had difficulty finding even one record in birth, death, marriage and census records for Scotland of a person living at any time with this name – Adrian Howard. I find this very hard to believe, that nobody of that name has ever existed in Scotland.

I must admit I find the idea of reincarnation a rather unattractive one. While I appreciate life on Earth (and indeed other inhabited planets) can teach us valuable lessons and enable Spiritual development which may be harder to achieve on the various Spiritual planes of existence, the idea of going thru a seemingly endless succession of births, lives and deaths is certainly not one I’d look forward to. However I’d be much happier with the idea that different aspects of my greater Spiritual self and Soul Group might well have different life experiences in the future, and that I would gain experience, memories and knowledge from these helping my own development.

The key point in all this is that ultimately we are all connected, that is all life forms, on the Spiritual level. Not only to other Spiritual beings but to Source itself, be it given the name of God, Allah,  Jehovah, Krishna consciousness, the ‘i-ther’ or ‘intelligent ether’, the unified conscious energy field, or whatever. So who knows what ‘memories’ we may have access to under the right conditions. Some great pan-Universal Mind may well store all these memories and they could possibly be accessed in the right circumstances.

Are we doomed to having to keep coming back to live endless lives on this planet? I hope not, and very much doubt it. Spirit sources say it is also left to us to decide when and if we feel we need a life on Earth and, if so, what lessons we need to be taught during it. If we can share lessons learnt with other aspects of ourselves and others in our Soul Group, then hopefully we would not need to keep coming back here. Once could well be enough for most of us. I for one would like to move on to better things and better environments once my life on Earth is finished.