Changing Perspectives

Last year I joined a few sessions of a local self-help or therapy group. It soon became apparent it was not for me, or indeed anyone in my age group. Discussions about careers and ambitions featured heavily, as did such things as relationships and love interests. As I have retired from work, never had any real personal ambitions, and any relationships or love interests are in the past I left the group.

As I approach my 66th birthday I realize how my perspectives have changed as I grow older. No longer do I spend a lot of my spare time trying to change the world by joining political parties or going on demonstrations. Having seen a lot of my dreams for improving the world fail, or at least stall indefinitely, I now feel I can best contribute by sharing some of the things I’ve learnt over the past 7 decades (I’m actually living in my 8th decade as I was born in the mid 1940s).

There’s a Jerry Lee song which contains the line: ‘I never see much of the old gang anymore’. This is poignant as it reminds me of the ‘old gang’ who used to attend parties thrown by my partner and me, so many of them passed over to Spirit. My partner George along with Lenny, Noel, Brian, Freddie, Marion, Sheila, Roy, Charlie. Bob’s in a retirement home, Stanley we lost contact with. Only Tom remains in contact, his partner Norman also passed to Spirit. Frank, Lenny’s partner, remains in contact – but Norman and Frank were never party animals so didn’t come to our parties.

In the entertainment field so many of the people I like have passed to Spirit – too many to list here. This includes film stars, singers and drag artists. The current ones in all these fields rarely hold much interest for me. The few that survive make infrequent appearances sometimes, but are long past their heyday and often shadows of their former selves.

If all this sounds depressing, it shouldn’t because it is a natural occurrence. Those of us fortunate enough to reach our 60s and beyond find many of our friends, relatives and acquaintances gone on before us, if we’ve been lucky we have done a lot of the things we wanted to do, paid work is probably far behind us and we have taken on other interests and responsibilities. Mine includes looking after my 96 year old mother and spending quality time with her.

I’ve had some wonderful holidays, traveling all over the world with my life-partner, to many places since he died, including some lovely cruises with my mother. I now have little desire to globe trot, and many other things I used to get enthusiastic about now seem old hat and repetitious. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt as they say.

Some may call it morbid, but in my eighth decade on Earth I think quite a lot about what awaits me in the next world. As this blog verifies, I spend quite a bit of my spare time researching the after-life, and this is what I now find exciting and interesting above all else. My life-partner has kept in touch over the nearly 20 years since he passed to Spirit, and still gives me advice. I found, as soon as he passed over, that I acquired much of his attributes which I never had before – such as a quick wit and the ability to make friends easily. I’ve had more friends and social life since he died than I ever did before I met him, and during our time together on Earth we largely shared a social life with his friends and those we made together (usually he made the friendships for us both).

So what ambitions do I have? To hopefully outlive my mother so she has someone to look after her and keep her company in her last years on Earth. Then I’d like to have a few years just to enjoy myself – perhaps go on some more holidays, or just play my large record/CD/DVD collection, etc. It would be nice to have a younger friend or acquaintance to look after me as I get into my dotage, but perhaps that’s too much to ask. They are often tied up themselves with families, or live far away. One of the downsides of being gay without children is you often end up on your own, though having children is no guarantee they’ll keep in touch, let alone look after you as you get older.

Maybe that’s a goal worth fighting for. Gay people without kids and indeed all childless couples and singles should organize retirement homes or social groups which can provide friendship, holiday companions and care facilities for older people like ourselves. I think of Brian whose last years were spent in a largely heterosexual retirement home among people he had nothing in common with except his age and accelerating dementia. Among gay people of his own age this dementia could, perhaps, have been slowed down since they’d have had common interests and similar past experiences.

I never had any great personal ambitions in the career field, never wanted to own my home or a fancy car. I’m quite contented in a council flat using public transport with my Freedom Pass. My ambitions always centered around a better world, which I still hope for one day, maybe long after I’ve left this world: worlwide Socialism of some sort, world peace in some kind of confederation under the UN, the abolition of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, and the abolition of hunger, famine and exploitation.

I can’t do much about any of that except pass on my ideas and hope the younger generations can develop their own, learning from the experiences, mistakes and wisdom of the older generations. That is the real perspective I have now – continuing the Spiritual and social evolution of the planet.

The Truth About UfOs

That UFOs are not only real, but that there is ongoing contact with various types of extraterrestials and has been for decades is only the tip of the iceberg.

These are not just conjectures by loony UFO enthusiasts, but revelations by high-ranking  U.S. military and intelligence personnel (or those who are now retired) and from astronauts like Dr Ed Mitchell.

Before dismissing this you need to look at this 2 hour YouTube video of a Press Conference, largely unreported in the media, at which a few of these personnel give their testimonies and say they are prepared to swear on oath before U.S. Congress:

Long before this there were the revelations of USAF Major the late Donald E. Keyhoe in his books, quoting high-ranking USAF personnel and documents.

In the above YouTube video of the Press Conference organized by the Disclosure Project ( some very astounding revelations come out by people with a military  and intelligence background who cannot possibly be accused of perpertrating a gigantic hoax.

Among these startling revelations: UFOs have crashed and alien occupants captured alive and dead (there are many kinds of aliens, some looking very similar to ourselves. All are humanoid bipeds.). Back technology on the crashed UFO craft has enabled the military-industrial complex to produce anti-gravity craft utilizing a zero point energy field to attain speeds GREATER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT!

This zero point energy field, which powers the IFOs (they are now Identified Flying Objects), is a source of free, unlimited energy, and my view is it may be closely related to the source of the Universe, consciousness and life itself.

The military-industrial complex, according to this YouTube video of the Press Conference, has suppressed this knowledge because there are great profits to be made out of exploiting the remaining fossil fuels, and of course the arms race which sustains our otherwise unstable capitalist society.

Even Presidents of the United States, especially the more liberal ones, have been denied access to the information about UFOs and the back technology which has resulted from their capture. President Carter sought out the information and was refused by the then Director of the CIA – George Bush Snr who later became President. Bill Clinton, as President, was similarly denied access, what’s the betting President Obama will be any more successful? The reason: because these Presidents would not agree to keep the information about UFOs and back technology from the general public.

This all confirms that there is indeed a secret world-wide conspiracy based on powerful people in the financial world and military-industrial complex who are not only withholding information which could solve all our energy needs forever, prevent global warming and climate change, but end wars forever and admit us into the intergalactic community of civilizations which have put war behind them.

As I always suspected, and as revealed at the above Press Conference, there is no evidence that any of the aliens visiting the Earth are hostile, even though aliens have been shot dead and maybe even UFOs brought down by the military of the USA and possibly other countries.

The ex-air force and ex-intelligence personnel in the video testify that the UFOs fully are capable, and have done so on many occasions, to neutralize nuclear missiles, etc. and this may be what has prevented nuclear war by intention or accident. Clearly they are watching over our planet closely and have been doing so more frequently since we developed the atomic bomb in the 1940s.

Enmeshed in the conspiracy are companies like Lockheed who have developed back-engineered craft, etc.

There are over 500 military/intelligence witnesses prepared to testify on oath before U.S. Congress of the reality of UFOs and the back technology which could solve all the world’s energy problems, but which is being kept hidden by a powerful group within the financial world and military-industrial complex. Quite possibly an organization like the Illuminati or a higher echelon of Freemasonry is involved in this.

This news is dynamite, but the reason you probably haven’t heard about it (unless you found it on the Internet) is because the media is also controlled by this powerful international group. While snippets of info on UFOs, etc. are revealed occasionally in the media, it is always ridiculed in the end and treated as a joke. This is intentional to fool the public.

As I also suspected, Star Wars, President Reagan’s pet project continued by other administrations, had more to do with trying to shoot down UFOs than Earth-fired missiles. However the inter-galactic civilizations are determined we should not move our prehistoric and barbaric weaponry and wars into Outer Space. Ultimately, they will prevent us from doing so.

As someone in the Press Conference says, it is time we as a planet matured, grew up, put war and exploitation of natural and human sources behind us and joined the inter-galactic civilizations with unlimited access to free energy. This would, of course, mean the end of the power, riches and privileges of the financial and military-industrial interests and the powerful people and secret organizations behind them which are, in effect, controlling the world.

In other words, it is not alien conquest we have to fear, but the worldwide corruption and control by a powerful international group of conspirators who are trying to hold back inevitable human progress to safeguard their own selfish interests.

If they can not be defeated, maybe it is time for the aliens to take over the world and put things in order for us, aided by the world of Spirit. Indeed there are many indications that the latter, possibly in alliance with alien civilizations, is embarking on a 21st Century project to do just that – raise the vibrations of the Earth and take us to a much more developed level of existence in which corruption, wars, exploitation, pollution and global warming/climate change will be history.

NOTE: Without wishing to discredit any of the witnesses to the Disclosure Project or their Press Conference, some of the above claims just seem too fantastic for words. We must therefore not discount the very real possibility that disinformation has been planted, especially with the hear-say evidence.

Why would they do this? For one reason only: the UFOs are real and they feel the best way to hoodwink the public is to make outlandish claims, such as, for example, that we have developed faster than light machines from back-technology. However the main points must remain valid – UFOs are undoubtedly regularly visiting Earth, we are virtually powerless against them, they can neutralize nuclear missiles, Star Wars has a lot to do with attempts to shoot them down, the UFOs are not hostile, and if we could back-engineer and harness their superior technology we’d have a reusuable, cheap or free energy source which would harm a lot of powerful self-interest groups.

The Nature of Reality

This was the subject of the latest BBC Horizon program, and while not as patronizing as some of the earlier episodes, indeed it contained some very interesting concepts, it seemed to me all the orthodox scientists and physicists featured were skirting around the obvious conclusion.

Among other things the program conveyed the idea that the Universe could be a giant hologram, that mathematics was behind everything, and the now well-known quantum concept that matter only exists in that state when there is a conscious observer. This led to the flippant remark does the Moon cease to exist when nobody’s looking at it. The answer being, of course, that someone is always looking at it, but this too avoids the obvious conclusion to all these observations and discoveries.

Orthodox scientists refuse to even consider certain concepts, refuse to think outside the limits of their box. So anything which suggests that consciousness exists separate from the living brain is discarded. This includes all the overwhelming evidence of near-death, out-of-the-body, remote viewing experiences and after death communications , indeed all sorts of so-called ‘paranormal’ evidence.

But even from what they themselves are studying and have discovered is it not obvious to orthodox scientists where this leads them? Evidently not.

Let’s look at it again: the particles that make up matter can be in more than one place at once, there are probably many universes all occupying the same space, nothing is really solid, the particles that make up matter turn into waves of probability when there is no conscious observer (i.e. matter can’t exist without a conscious observer), mathematics seem to be the basis of everything, our Universe and everything in it could be a gigantic hologram, Black Holes not only appear to swallow everything that falls into them, but eventually disappear themselves, the ‘lost’ information possibly stored as a holographic database in the event horizon. Another possibility being, of course, that Black Holes are gateways to another Universe/dimension and thats where the matter, energy, information, etc. all disappear to.

All this points to the concept of reality as we know it being a gigantic illusion, virtual reality or indeed a hologram, and since there can be no matter without a conscious observer, that the conscious observer existed before matter and created this virtual reality. This observer must be non-material, possibly some kind of energy, and energy can never be created or destroyed (a well-known scientific fact). It follows from this that Mind or Consciousness always existed and can never be destroyed, therefore it survives the death of the living brain, and indeed preceded it. Maths as the basis for the Universe suggests the concept of  ‘God’ or the Creative Energy as a mathematician. Certainly the Universe and physical laws are not a creation of pure chance.

Together with the evidence and theories coming from unorthodox sources such as the Noetic Scientists, those investigating the afterlife and all things paranormal and so on, the conclusion I reach is that the material universe and all other dimensions which exist around us and seem real to those living in them are all elaborate illusions, holograms or virtual realities created  by Thought, Mind, Conscious Energy, the Intelligent Ether, God or whatever term you like to use.

The ultimate nature of reality, therefore, is Mind, Spirit or Conscious Energy which exists outside of Time and Space and is therefore eternal, and we are all part of it. How long it will take orthodox scientists to realize this and admit it is, of course, the big question, but it has to happen eventually. It is the elephant in the laboratory that all orthodox scientists choose to ignore.

Changing the World

Many individuals and groups have tried to change the world for the better in may ways. In the last two centuries Socialists and Communists tried very hard, and at one time about a third of the world’s population lived under Socialist administrations expecting to develop eventually into self-governing Communism.

We all know that this never happened, and while a great deal of success was achieved in providing the basics for humanity (education, health and public services, full employment, security in old age, comradeship between different nationalities) these successes were only temporary and disappeared when Socialism collapsed.

We also know that the system became corrupted by a ruling clique who awarded themselves special privileges and wealth, and in some instances Socialism became so distorted it created Hell on Earth. The Stalin period in the Soviet Union, while it made the USSR into a great world power, brought the purges and gulags which killed millions of innocent people. The Pol Pot regime in Kampuchea (Cambodia) also turned into a murderous dictatorship, and millions suffered under Mao Tse-Tung’s Cultural Revolution in China.

Even the Nazis took the name and some ideas from Socialism (Nazism standing for National Socialism) with all the horrors that produced.

However it is not just political movements, ruling bureaucrats and dictators who have distorted visionary ideas to improve the world; religious and philosophical leaders have done just as much damage, albeit unintentionally.

Take Jesus Christ, for instance. A pacifist living some 2,000 years ago who, according to the written accounts, lived a near perfect life and taught others to do the same. The religion which sprang from his teachings has caused untold horrors: the Inquisition in which many were tortured to death, the Crusades and many other wars fought in the name of Christianity. Very ironic when the founder of the religion lived in an occupied country and taught people to just accept it rendering taxes to Cesar, even telling Peter to put away his sword when the Romans were about to arrest and crucify Christ.

Other religions have also become distorted, witness the suicide bombings of fanatical Muslims, or the mass suicides of various Christian-based sects.

The many pogroms against the Jews (including the Nazi holocaust) have their origins in Christianity, and the fact that many Christians still blame the Jewish race for the crucifixion of Christ.

We’ve had many leaders and philosophers who have taught, shown and written how to live and improve the world. The Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Hari Krishna, Mahatma Gandhi,  Sir Bertrand Russell, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels – even Lenin and Trotsky had the best intentions I’m sure, and maybe even Stalin thought he was creating a Communist utopia with his harsh methods.

The fact is that changing the world, and human nature, for the better is never going to be an easy task. Whatever creed is preached, whatever political system is devised, there will always be those who will distort it and use it for their own selfish ends. It is even possible, maybe even probable, that wordwide secret organizations such as the mythical Illuminati, a higher top-secret echelon of Freemasonry, the criminal Mafiosi,  and various national intelligence agencies are responsible for many plots, assassinations and other events and for much of the corruption in the world, including the distortions of Socialism which continue in the Far East in places like China, Vietnam, Laos, Burma (Myanmar) and North Korea.

Many have tried to give a message to help humanity progress, and some believe that a new attempt is being made or about to be made, orchestrated by Spirit. New Age believers and many other Spiritual people expect a major change for the better in the world this century as part of a coordinated plan or scheme; a change of energies or lifting the world to a higher Spiritual vibration. We have the teachings of Spirit guides like Silver Birch which have been with us for decades, the communications from the Other Side via Direct Voice mediums and voice channels like the late Leslie Flint, David Thompson and Andrew Russell-Davis (aka Christian).

Unless, however, there is indeed a coordinated Spiritual plan to raise the vibrations of the Earthplane it seems to me doubtful that any Spirit or Spirits being channeled can have much impact globally. They will have their followers of course, and hopefully their message will not be distorted as has happened so often in the past.

We can only hope that humanity gradually progresses as we each develop spiritually. It is not a steady process, it is more like as Lenin wrote: ‘two steps forward, one step back’. The important thing is to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them, whether it is in the political field where we must install safeguards against corruption and dictatorships, or in the religious and Spiritual field where we must study the original message or inspiration and not allow it to become distorted.

I do see gradual progress in the world, though it is currently in a state of great uncertainty. Socialism has all but collapsed (except in parts of Latin America perhaps) and capitalism, never a stable system at the best of times, is in deep trouble requiring constant wars, threats and a very expensive and murderous arms industry to keep going. 

The division between the prosperous Northern Hemisphere (plus places like Australasia, South Africa and Japan) and the poor, highly exploited Southern hemisphere produces famines, extreme poverty, wars, terrorism and civil unrest.

The obscene over-indulgence of societies like those in North America particularly where there is an abundance of cheap food, petrol and other commodoties is very harmful, and this applies to a lesser extent to Europe, Australia, etc. too. In all these countries there is too much reliance on material possessions, and in particular motor vehicles which pollute the atmosphere, help to cause disastrous global warming and climate change, and use up valuable resources. The search for new oil reserves alone has caused many wars. Iraq and Afghanistan may be examples of this, as is the virtual American colonization of Saudi Arabia by the oil companies in collusion with the ruling royal family and sheiks.

Indeed it is the presence of American oil companies in Saudi Arabia, location of the holy city of Mecca, along with the Western colony of Israel stolen from Arab Palestinian land which has caused much of the Islamic terrorism, though one can’t help wondering, after the demise of the Soviet bloc, whether Osama Bin-Laden, Saddam Hussein, Al-Quaida, and so on are all very useful ‘bogeymen’ possibly helped and encouraged by certain secret societies and intelligence agencies to bolster the Western capitalist arms industry.

There is certainly much corruption, exploitation and inequality in the world today, and all attempts to eliminate these have so far failed. The best hope we have is perhaps in concepts such as the European Union and the United Nations, both of which try to bring nation states together, with varying degrees of success.

Let’s hope the New Age optimists are right and there is some coordinated scheme to speed our Spiritual development before we destroy the world with global warming, pollution or, Heaven forbid, a nuclear exchange.

War and Peace

Since the earliest times there have been skirmishes and wars, at least since tribal society emerged.

However, if we look at history, we can see the very slow progress human beings have made, with many setbacks along the way.

Take the UK for instance. Once an island group inhabited by warring tribes, later it became a group of warring kingdoms. Later still one kingdom united England, and later the other countries of the UK.

Later still, in fairly recent times, independence or devolution was granted to the Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales (Northern Ireland always having its own Assembly, though often this was dissolved in the Troubles and direct rule from Westminster took over). However although these countries of the British Isles now have independent or devolved administrations administering their own internal affairs, the UK, Irish Republic and many other countries are now in the European Union, which many see as a fledgling United States of Europe.

On the other hand we still have warring tribes, mainly in our big cities and composed of teenagers armed with guns and knives. The point is, however, we now have a police force to deal with these gangs, though it seems to some of us that a lot more effort could be put into this. Gang membership should be a criminal offense, and gang members perhaps sent to boot camps where they would be taught to live like civilized human beings and respect the rights of others.

Looking at the world as a whole we can see that the gradual trend is towards international cooperation. We have, as well as the European Union, the United States of America, and until fairly recently we had the Soviet Union and the Yugoslav federation. We also have the United Nations which could eventually evolve into some form of confederal World Government.

One thing holding back progress is capitalism and corruption in the ruling elites of Socialist and former Socialist countries. Under capitalism, which is an extremely unstable economic system, constant wars are necessary to boost the arms industry, profits and combat unemployment. The arms industry represents a capitalist substitute for Socialism, by which I mean it is a method of State-sponsored support for boosting the economy and employment (via the taxpayers.)

Unable to contemplate taking industries and services into some form of public ownership and control, which would remove the instabilities of capitalism, instead the private arms companies make huge profits subsidized by the world’s taxpayers. In order to maintain the profitable arms industry constant threats and wars have to be engineered. These wars not only decrease the surplus population, but provide new resources (human and natural) for the international capitalists to exploit.

Despite all this, the trend still is to larger federations and unions of countries cooperating in many areas. We reached a crucial stage of human development in the mid 20th Century with the Second World War and the invention of nuclear weapons. This was the start of the make or break time for this planet. Either we learnt to live in peace, or we would destroy ourselves and the planet in a nuclear holocaust. As it was, the Second World War saw a barbaric breakdown of civilized behavior with the bombing of civilians, etc. on a scale not seen before. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just the last examples of this in that terrible conflict; before them Coventry, Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, etc. experienced similar raids with conventional bombs.

Now looking to the future and interplanetary communications and travel, will this type of conflict be carried out there? I am firmly convinced that any inhabited planets whose civilizations have survived to the level where they travel to other inhabited planets must have learnt to put war behind them.

There is evidence to suggest that since the detonation of the first atomic bombs in the 1940s, extraterrestials have been closely observing the Earth as never before. NASA astronaut and scientist Dr Ed Mitchell has admitted on radio that there is ongoing contact between Earth governments and extraterrestials piloting UFOs, and other military and government personnel have also revealed evidence about this.

Governments are reluctant to admit that our skies are constantly invaded by alien craft and that we are fairly powerless to do anything about it. There are even reports that UFOs have knocked out nuclear missiles in their silos. Certainly they knock out car engines and similar equipment, and have reportedly caused blackouts over huge areas.

I hope that if extraterrestials are indeed observing us that they can help us in some way to put war behind us, establish some kind of democratic world government and join any interplanetary federation. The alternative, I fear, is that we destroy the world either in a nuclear exchange or simply by pollution and using up its valuable resources in the uncontrolled greed of international capitalism.

The hope is that Spirit and perhaps extraterrestials are working behind the scenes to insure that the human race and the planet survive. In order for this to happen, however, it will be necessary for nation states to come together in federal or confederal unions under the auspices of the United Nations General Assembly and with a permanent UN security force patrolling all states on the planet.

It will, in my view, also be necessary to abandon the capitalist system and adopt some form of Socialism, possibly based on the former Yugoslav Market Socialism which combined the competitive element of capitalism (competing cooperatives and publicly owned companies) with the stability and planning of Socialism.

I am beginning to come round to the idea, however, that a powerful group of industrialists and influential people work behind the scenes in semi-secret organizations to manipulate all political systems and maintain their position of privilege and wealth. Secret societies such as the Illuminati or a higher echelon of Freemasons may not be entirely myths. While not everything can be put down to an international conspiracy of the Illuminati, one does wonder how much secret cooperation and manipulation goes on behind the scenes, and indeed whether the corruption which occurred in the former Socialist countries (and continues in those which survive) is just due to individual careerists and opportunists infiltrating the ruling parties/organizations, or if there was/is an international conspiracy behind this process.

It does make sense to believe that wherever and whenever their profits, power, wealth and privileges are threatened, an international group of the privileged and powerful will secretly conspire to thwart any attempts to overthrow this international class of parasites.

The Mafia, Illuminati, Freemasons, etc. may well be responsible for many assassinations and other events. It does seems ‘convenient’ to say the least that as soon as the Soviet bloc is eliminated as the big bogeyman, Bin Laden and Al Quaida pop their heads up on the international scene and along with Saddam Hussein give excuses for more wars to boost the arms industry. It also seems suspicious, to say the least, that Bin Laden, his relatives and Saddam Hussein in the past had very close connexions and received support from the U.S. and other Western governments.

Let us all hope that powerful forces are on our side to defeat these international conspirators before they destroy our planet with their greed, pollution, exploitation of natural resources and wars.

Moving On

The subject of ‘moving on’ came to me when considering the plight of two friends who have recently had to face up to places and things from their past. Unpleasant memories and associations were brought to the fore, and it seems they had to confront these head-on in order to move on.

Others have to ‘move on’ in other ways. It may be a relationship which has broken up or gone sour, a bereavement, or simply a change in career or environment.

For myself, I’ve had to constantly move on and adjust to new situations, and it is not always easy. My life partner passing to Spirit was one of these situations, but that was nearly 20 years ago and I have now got used to the idea of him being in Spirit and communicating to me regularly from there. Now some would say this isn’t ‘moving on’ at all but clinging to the past, but I assure you the communication is real and ongoing, but not a daily occurrence by any means.

Then there are my politics. As a former Communist who actually finally broke away from the Party 13 years before the fall of Socialism in the Soviet Union and Eastern/Central Europe, I still have great difficulty moving on from the dream of a Communist utopia. The old images of the Socialist era still attract and inspire me, and I just can’t feel this is entirely wrong. In my view the Socialist countries, imperfect as they were, achieved a great deal.

Socialist Democracy didn’t work like it was supposed to, a privileged bureaucratic clique imposed a dictatorship and there was inefficiency and corruption, but still they were striving to create a better society and had many successes. Elimination of illiteracy, good health and public services, equality for women, abolition of unemployment, security in old age, and above all a feeling of community and comradeship which transcended nationalities.

Maybe the various Soviet republics did harbor hostilities towards each other, and the same with the republics of the Yugoslav federation. Maybe the Poles and Hungarians despised the Russians, and the Czechs despised the Russians and the Slovaks, but Socialism held them all together in a relatively peaceful union all striving towards a better world. It was, in my view, tragic when all this collapsed in 1989-91 and wars and ethnic cleansing broke out in many of the former Socialist countries.

So ‘moving on’ is not just about forgetting the past, but about learning from past mistakes, salvaging what was good about the past and adapting it for the future. I remain a leftwing Socialist and am convinced that capitalism is doomed; that some form of Socialism or Communism is the only way the world can function without famines, unemployment, poverty, constant economic crises and wars. But the 20th Century experiments showed the world any system can become corrupted, and so in future there must be a foolproof way of getting rid of a corrupt regime.

I also now realize that a better world doesn’t just depend on finding the right political system; it also requires Spiritual development in individuals, then the political system will work. Both need to be in place to be really successful.

A prime example of a political system married to retarded Spiritual development being Nazism, which stands for National Socialism. The horrors which the Nazis brought about were caused by marrying Socialism with extreme Nationalism, racism and imperialism, causing a terrible world war and the Holocaust.

As for what the West called ‘Communism’ and we Communists called ‘Socialism’, clearly people weren’t Spiritually developed enough to make Socialist Democracy work or a privileged elite would not have taken over and corrupted the system. Nor would the crimes of the Stalinist era have happened.

So a political system is only as good as the people operating it, and one which is too rigid can actually do much more harm than good whatever the original intention. While there are people who are greedy, power hungry or lazy there must be enough flexibility in the system to easily replace a corrupt or inefficient regime.

This will not be the case where everybody is Spiritually developed, such as a commune of idealists or any collection of people with similar aspirations and a high level of Spiritual development.

This brings me to ‘moving on’ in the sense of passing into Spirit or dying, as we all must some day. Survivalists and Spiritualists know that we are eternal beings, and that after our life here on Earth we graduate to that Spiritual plane which is most suitable to our Spiritual development.

For most of us this is surely akin to a Socialist or Communist utopia; an abundance of goods and services, of leisure and no need for money or profits. Any work we do will be because we want to do it to aid our Spiritual development or to help others. But there are no political parties or affiliations, everybody just works for the common good because they are of the same level of Spiritual development. This is the evidence which comes across from the Other Side.

On the Other Side we eternally are ‘moving on’ or progressing as we develop Spiritually, which is apparently an infinite process.

The whole purpose of life here on Earth, on the other inhabited planets and on the Spiritual planes beyond is to learn and progress. Mind or Spirit is the only true reality; everything else – all matter, all environments and spiritual planes which appear real to those living in them are virtual realities created by Mind or Spirit.

The universe and all the other universes and Spiritual planes are a vast illusion created by Thought. Quantum physcists are now beginning to understand this startling fact. Until there is a conscious observer all that exists are waves of probability. These become sub-atomic particles to form matter when there is a conscious observer, and matter we know is far from solid, but composed mainly of empty space. What holds all these sub-atomic particles together to form the illusion of solid matter is basically Thought or Spirit Energy.

The ultimate ‘moving on’ would be when we all evolve into the state of pure Spirit and merge with the Oneness which some call ‘God’. It seems, however, that because everything is infinite everything is continually moving on and developing. There is no beginning and no end, just constantly moving on. We’d better get used to it.