Getting Older

We are all getting older of course, but I’m now in my mid-60s, and my surviving old friends from way back are now in their 70s. Even newer friends from the last 20 years of my life are mainly in their 60s or 70s.

I find that my interests have changed as I get older, and that many things simply don’t have the attraction they once did. I guess it’s a case of ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’. I’ve traveled most places I want to visit, in fact visited many places several times. I’m not very interested in material things – I certainly don’t want all the latest gadgets such as mobile phones which can take photos, act as game consoles, mini-computers, TV sets and Ipods. I can drive, but don’t want a car (I got rid of mine about 30 years ago), and even if I had the money wouldn’t want to own my flat or any other property, just too much hassle and worry.

I go to music gigs occasionally, but my rock’n’roll records at home never really get played. I do listen to Country music and some rock’n’roll Jerry Lee tracks when on a journey or sunbathing, and watch similar music DVDs or MP3s on my computer at home. I’m not a Christian, but lately I’ve discovered some great Jimmy Swaggart music on YouTube which I’ve downloaded on to DVD along with music by his cousins Mickey Gilley, Jerry Lee and Linda Gail (Jerry’s sister). Jimmy Swaggart is homophobic, anti-Communist, rightwing, a millionaire and some would say a hypocrite because of the sex scandal when he was caught with a prostitute. I still like his music – it is deeply relaxing and spiritual, and I love his voice and piano playing. Indeed the three male cousins and Jerry’s sister (plus her two daughters MaryAnn and Annie, and Jerry’s daughter Phoebe) all have amazing talents, which I have downloaded on to various DVDs as ‘The Lewis Family’.

I’ve been interested in the paranormal and Spiritualism/Survivalism for many decades, but even more so now. This is natural as we get older, and more and more of our relatives, friends and perhaps our partners pass over to the Other Side. If I don’t have more people over there than on this side of life, I soon will have. The list grows all the time, my partner who I shared 21 wonderful years with on Earth being the one I miss most, though he still keeps in touch. Only last week he told me, in writing, that I was doing the right thing regarding some old friends of ours when I asked him what his views were.

I keep abreast of afterlife matters as there is now so much research in various fields which is turning up more and more evidence, and I’m very interested in how all this ties in with the latest quantum physics theories.

I listened tonight to a DVD of the Lewis Family I’d compiled, and the last song was Jimmy Swaggart singing a beautiful version of ‘Leaving On My Mind’. It is about not being interested in the things of this world, because of getting ready to leave for the next. I don’t find this depressing at all, it is very natural. That doesn’t mean we’re going to commit suicide, or that we’re expecting to die tomorrow. I still have people who need me here, and may have a lot more years ahead of me, maybe as much as 20, 30, 40 or even more, who knows?

However long I have to live, I just can’t get up the enthusiasm I once had for many things here. The gay scene, the rockin’ scene, even Jerry Lee Lewis (my favorite singer who’s now in his 70s) though I’ll still buy his records. He’s still recording great albums, the last one got a gold record and hit 4 Billboard charts, his biggest selling album ever, and a new one is out soon. I’d go and see him if he was doing a show in or near London. But I wouldn’t follow him round the country as I once did, because he is getting older and doesn’t perform the kind of shows he used to, each one being different. Now they are much more predictable, though there are still a few surprises.

Then there are all my dreams and hopes for a better world, which have been dashed. I’ve worked for peace and Socialism much of my life in the peace movement, the Labour Party and the Communist Party. Yet we still have wars, we still have nuclear weapons, and Socialism is further away than ever. All people seem interested in nowadays is easy money/credit, buying houses, cars and the latest gadgets. It all seems so shallow. Council housing has almost disappeared, and council housing estates like the one I live on are becoming ethnic ghettoes.

Society is becoming more and more divided. In fact where I live, in Battersea, it is almost like apartheid South Africa or the Deep South in the USA in the days of segregation. Today I took my mother for a walk in her wheelchair, and on my way from my street to hers (5 minutes’ walk) I saw only ethnic people, we then walked thru a square where we are nearly always the only white people there, and sat in a little park, again the only white people there. All the State schools round here are over 90% ethnic. We are a minority in our own community, in our own country. Yet about half a mile away, across that little park and a main road, is millionaires’ row – the expensive luxury flats all along the River Thames. We walked along the riverside walk and had drinks in an upmarket bar, and barely saw any ethnic people.

It saddens me to see areas of my home city, and other cities, becoming ghettoes. It is not multiculturalism, it is ghettoes, let’s be honest about it. And with the ghettoes comes crime, which is increasing and making people feel unsafe. Gang warfare is rife on the streets of our cities, and police on foot nowhere to be seen. These ghettoes, and the crime which come with them, create racism. In a truly Socialist society ghettoes wouldn’t exist – you wouldn’t have white millionaires living separately from deprived ethnics and a few whites on council estates.  In a truly Socialist society everyone would be given a council home on reaching adulthood, and there’d be no millionaires. Black and white, all races, would be genuinely mixed in the population, and ghettoes would not be permitted to arise.

In the Civil Rights Movement in the Deep South during the 1960s they bussed schoolchildren to various schools so there was a mixture of black and white. Action needs to be taken now, not just with schools, but with whole areas, and certainly with council housing, so there is a genuine multicultural environment everywhere, not predominantly white and predominantly black areas. That is a recipe for crime, violence and racist strife.

Is it any wonder I’m tired of this world, and disillusioned? Nobody is striving for Socialism – it’s a dirty word. And the police can’t even keep law and order on our streets. Now alien cultures are taking over whole neighborhoods, creating these ghettoes. I am amazed whenever I leave London for towns outside or on the coast. I wonder what’s strange, and then suddenly realize – most of the people are white! I seldom see groups of white teenagers in London, certainly not in my area. Only when you get outside London do you realize white youths now dress as scally boys, and punks, Goths, Teddy boys, and all the other former white teenage tribes have disappeared.

So robbed of any hopes, in the near future, of building a Socialist utopia, and seeing whole areas of the London I knew being turned into little Jamaica or little India/Pakistan/China or whatever, at least I cling on to the hope that Barack Obama will kick-start the road to nuclear disarmament, the dream which I spent so much of my youth pursuing. At the very least I’d like to see nuclear weapons abolished before I die.

But what really excites me now is what I will discover once I have passed over to the Other Side. I know my partner and many other friends and relatives will be waiting for me. I hope I don’t have to come back here again, and that I can move on permanently to better things, better environments. Where people are not materialistic, but have learnt that we are all connected and must progress to higher and higher levels of spiritual development and unity.

What I hope for here is that internationalism wins over what we used to call petty bourgeois nationalism, so I’m all for a federal United States of Europe, which I hope the EU will become one day, and ultimately a world confederation with the UN General Assembly commanding an international police/peacekeeping force. I also hope for a revival of Socialism with pluralism in both the economic and political arenas, which to my mind means a Yugoslav-style Socialist economy and a multi-party democracy under a Socialist constitution. This seems a long way off, but it has to come about because capitalism depends on endless wars to survive.

People can accuse me of settling for ‘pie in the sky’ but that’s not really the case. We can’t have ‘pie’ here or on the Other Side until we’ve earnt it, and we have to build a fairer, peaceful world here, or at least try to, before we can hope to create one on the Other Side. Because all environments, here and in the next world, are created by us and by our actions here and now.

I’ve learnt many lessons during this lifetime, and now realize that the Soviet one-party model was not the way to achieve Socialism. It is now up to others to work out how to create a better, fairer world in the 21st Century. I have given my views extensively on this and my other website, and people are free to discuss and adopt any ideas which may be useful. I just hope I’ve done and learnt enough to be able to move on to more advanced worlds, as this one seems far too shallow and materialistic, and steeped in violence, for me to ever to want to come back here.

As Jimmy sung, I’ve got ‘Leaving On My Mind’, and leaving and not coming back. But not quite yet awhile I guess, though each of us should always live each day as though it is out last, because one day it will be, and nobody can foresee when that will be.

Perhaps I’m getting all misty eyed and sentimental, thinking about these things, because this week, 18 years ago, my partner was lying ill in this flat dying. The actual anniversary of his passing is next Tuesday, the 29th (Jerry Lee’s birthday). Also my aunt died recently, a friend who was only 51 also died earlier this year, and another friend has just gone into care, aged 75. There comes a time when so many friends and loved ones are on the Other Side, there really is nothing at all to keep us here. But as long as my mother is alive, bless her, this is not the case with me yet.

I just hope I will be permitted the time to continue to look after her for the rest of her life. She’s determined to make 100 (she’s 95 now), and a lady in her block is 106 next month and still going strong. If I live that long, that would be an incredible 42 years away, well over 41 years anyway as I’m 64 now. Quite honestly, I dread to think what the world will be like then. That thought is far more scary than passing over to the Other Side.

Contingency plans for Martial Law

Rumors are spreading round the Internet, especially via certain websites, that preparations are well advanced in the USA, and probably other countries since the World Health Organization is involved, for dealing with a Swine Flu pandemic. There are reports of internment camps being set up all over the States, and plans for those who refuse to take the anti-Swine Flu vaccine to be interned. Those who take the vaccine will apparently be issued with microchip bracelets so their movements can be traced. Some of these reports say the anti-Swine Flu vaccine is deadly, and that there is a sinister plot to cull the world population over a period of time, the effects of the vaccine not being immediate as that would be too obvious.

Let’s put these reports in perspective. First, as to the anti-Swine Flu vaccine. It is up to individuals whether they wish to take it or not. It has not gone thru the thorough testing most vaccines have to go thru, because Swine Flu is an epidemic and the vaccine had to be developed quickly. Therefore there are risks involved, as with all vaccines. What people have to weigh up are the risks of taking a vaccine which has not been thoroughly tested over a long period of time, with the risks of catching Swine Flu.

To call Swine Flu a deadly pandemic is a gross exaggeration. These flu epidemics occur quite regularly, each one different from the previous one. In the 1950s we had Asian Flu, and over the years we’ve had many others such as Hong Kong Flu, Bird Flu, SARS and now Swine Flu. The latest variation is no worse than the ordinary influenza which is around all the time, and deaths from Swine Flu are really no worse than deaths from the regular flu each year.

For this reason, and because the vaccine is not fully tested, I will opt for the regular flu inoculation this Winter, but won’t take the Swine Flu one. I do NOT expect I and my mother (aged 95) to be immediately carted off to an internment camp (it would anyway be cheaper and easier to just forcibly inoculate refuseniks). Internment is even more unlikely to happen in the States, where gun ownership is prevalent and where the Constitution protects an individual’s rights.

If I did take the anti-Swine Flu vaccine, I would NOT regard it as a delayed death sentence. I do not believe it is part of a plot to cull the population. For a start it is not targeted against certain over-populated areas of the world, or certain ethnic or minority groups. HIV would be far more likely to be part of such a plot, though I’m not saying it is, because it affects certain ethnic and minority groups more than others. Also any plot to administer a vaccine designed to slowly kill millions would need the cooperation of millions of doctors and nurses, and would in my view not be possible under normal circumstances.

However, were Martial Law to be declared in any country or group of countries, the situation would change dramatically. All countries make contingency plans for emergency situations such as war, an uncontrolled outbreak of terrorism, out-of-control pandemics of contagious diseases which threaten the lives of millions, etc. Back in 1963 ‘Spies for Peace’ in the UK, an offshoot of the direct action Committee of 100 anti-nuclear weapons group, discovered and exposed the existence of a network of secret underground bunkers, called ‘Regional Seats of Government’ or ‘RSGs’ from which a Martial Law regime or fascist dictatorship would be administered leading up to, during and after a nuclear exchange or threat of one. I have no doubt that secret internment camps too had been earmarked for dissidents and non-British nationals, and that similar secret arrangements exist today in UK, USA and most other countries for Martial Law government and internment camps in the event of such emergency situations.

I do not believe the Swine Flu epidemic amounts to such an emergency situation, nor is it likely to. Governments are fully aware that imposing Martial Law is a very last resort, and that it could well lead to civil war especially in countries like the USA where so many individuals have access to guns. They would not give up their freedom easily. Could even the army and police forces be trusted, when, used to defending individual freedoms under the U.S. Constitution, orders to sweep away these freedoms might well result in army/police guns and weapons being turned against those seeking to impose Martial Law?

So, in the immortal words of Corporal Jones in the BBC sit-com ‘Dad’s Army’ I’d say: ‘Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic!’ Swine Flu or its vaccine is most unlikely to kill millions of people, and Martial Law with internment camps for dissidents, etc. is also a most unlikely prospect in the near future.

Having said that, we must all be on our guard and keep abreast of government preparations for emergency situations. Also, as conspiracy theorists are well aware, there are undoubtedly many secret societies, crime syndicates and of course various government intelligence services who continually plot and carry out assassinations, coups and other things, which are then covered up very effectively. We can all speculate on what these might be. I’d personally include the deaths of JFK, his brother Robert, possibly Marilyn Monroe, Lee Harvey Oswald, Salvadore Allende and Princess Diana among these conspiracies. 9/11 is another real possibility, though I’m not 100% convinced. I’d also say that the events in Cyprus in 1974 involving Greece, Turkey and the UK were clearly part of a NATO conspiracy, that the division of the island was foreseen in advance, and that Turkey has been made the scapegoat. There are many other secret plots and conspiracies by various groups/government agencies, but I don’t believe personally there is a coordinated, homogeneous conspiracy for world domination by a group such as the notorious supposed Illuminati, or an alien race of reptilians.

You are free, of course, to make up your own mind. But I’d say the biggest threat to world peace and the biggest bar to progress towards a fairer, more democratic society is the capitalist system and in particular the huge and very profitable arms industry which has saved the system so many times from collapse.

Many conspiracy theorists see international organizations such as the EU, the UN and its various agencies, etc. as part of this Illuminati plot for world domination. Therefore they are against federations, confederations, and even looser groupings of countries, and are against any moves towards world government or a stronger United Nations.

I feel the exact opposite. I’m strongly in favor of more federal super-states, with a great amount of autonomy for individual member states, and hope ultimately that the UN General Assembly can take on the role of a democratic world government, with adequate safeguards. All power centers must be split, so no one group can easily take over. There must always be a way to vote in an opposition in all countries.

While international groups such as the World Bank, IMF, etc. promote the capitalist free enterprise system, I don’t believe they are also part of an Illuminati plot for world domination. Such international finance groups do, however, support and prop up international capitalism.

With the demise of the Soviet Union and many of its allied Socialist countries (itself a conspiracy since the collapse of Socialism was undoubtedly helped by forcing upon the USSR a hideously expensive arms and Space race), capitalism now has an unchallenged reign over the world economy, even dominating nominally Communist countries like China and Vietnam. This is what I see as the main threat to democracy, peace and human progress, rather than some sinister covert secret society or race of interplanetary/interdimensional aliens.

‘I’ve had my fill of the men of war who want to kill’

This is a line, or two lines actually, from an old peace song we used to sing on the Aldermaston Marches. The Family of Man by Fred Dallas and John Hasted. The full verse goes:

‘From the North Pole ice to the snow at the other, there isn’t a man I wouldn’t call brother, but I haven’t much time, I’ve had my fill of the men of war who want to kill.’

In those days political correctness and therefore non-sexist language was unknown; the song if written today would have to be re-titled and many of the words changed. However it is still largely MEN who want to go to war and kill rather than women.

I’ve certainly had my fill of them, and treating them as heroes. It makes me sick everytime I see on TV or read in the papers about crowds of people waving flags and welcoming home ‘our boys’. Meanwhile London and other cities are full of statues to ‘men of war who want to kill’. People like the obnoxious mass-murderer ‘Bomber’ Harris who planned the wholesale genocide of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children in the Third Reich with his bombing campaign, in connivance with Winston Churchill who also has statues erected to him. These two men, and those who carried out their orders,  and who made the bombs in the munitions factories (including many women who should have known better) are in my book no better, in fact a great deal worse, than the IRA and Al-Quaida bombers. Worse because of the number of innocent civilians they killed, and the terrible way they died. Burnt alive by incendiary bombs and firestorms which ravaged cities like Hamburg and Dresden after Allied air raids, many others being suffocated by lack of oxygen caused by these fires.

There are a few statues to peace-makers in London, such as Mahatma Gandhi in Tavistock Square and Fenner Brockway in Red Lion Square, but these are far outnumbered by the statues to warmongers such as Lord Nelson on his column in Trafalgar Square, and all the military men in various wars whose statues are everywhere.

I’m also fed up of hearing how soldiers give their lives so we can enjoy peace and freedom. Most wars are fought, in fact all wars are fought, because one country is trying to invade and dominate others in order to widen their empire or exploit the natural resources. The altruistic reasons given to gain popular support are largely untrue – for instance we were never threatened by Iraq, nor did we go in to overthrow a brutal dictatorship. If we did, why are we supporting brutal dictatorships in many other countries such as Saudi Arabia with whom we have many commercial links, and indeed why did we arm and support Saddam Hussein himself when he was at war with neighboring Iran? Bin Laden was also armed and supported by the US and the West when he was helping the Mohajadeen to oust the Soviets from Afghanistan.

We were told that we entered the Second World War because first Czechoslovakia and then Poland were invaded by Nazi Germany, which  begs the question why after the war they were handed over lock, stock and barrel to Stalin and remained under the Soviet sphere of influence, virtual occupation, for 45 years? This was with the agreement of the Western allies Britain and USA, agreed at conferences in Yalta and Potsdam.

As to young men altruistically going off to war and risking their lives to protect our freedom, this is at the very least being very economical with the truth. We used to have conscription (some countries still do) so only conscientious objectors/pacifists usually refused military service, often at great personal cost, facing imprisonment or execution. Now unemployment causes many young men to join the armed forces in desperation, while undoubtedly others join because, tiring of war games on their consoles and computers and war films, they want to experience the real thing. Their andrenalin is boosted by the thought of going to war, and being able to kill (and rape) with impunity. That is the brutal truth of the matter in many cases. Yes they risk their own lives, but we very rarely hear how they also kill others, including conscript soldiers from other lands and also innocent civilians.

Yet this country, and USA, proclaims to be Christian or at least influenced by our supposed Christian background. It is a sobering thought that the founder of Christianity lived in an occupied country, yet far from encouraging resistance to the occupation he advised his fellow-countrymen and women to ‘render unto Cesar what belongs to Cesar’ meaning the taxes, etc imposed by the occupying power of Rome, and told Peter to put his sword back in his scabbard when he cut off the Roman centurian’s ear saying: ‘those who live by the sword shall die by the sword’.

War is exciting to many aggressive men. They enjoy killing, that is the fact of the matter. They love guns, bombs and other weaponry. They love blood and gore, and causing death and destruction. They find it exciting. How can a genuinely altruistic man stay in the army after undergoing the brutal training of hand-to-hand combat and bayonet training, in which he is taught to ‘hate, hate, hate’ and ‘kill, kill, kill’, even twisting the bayonet in the stomach of an enemy soldier to cause maximum pain and injury? Any humane man would be sickened by such orders and refuse to carry them out, even on a dummy. Only sadists could complete this training, or those whose humanity is so numbed by military training they become unthinking automatons.

I want to see more statues and celebrations of peacemakers, and of people who use non-violent methods or at least advocate and use minimum violence to defeat oppression, torture and genocide. People who advocate either complete non-violence, like Christ, the Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi, or the minimum targeted violence of genuine policing operations.

For example: If a criminal gang is holed up in a house in a suburban street, do the police just carpet bomb the whole street and areas around it, killing hundreds of innocent civilians? No, they surround and target the house being occupied by the gang, and a siege takes place which may end with a direct police attack and killing of gang members. These are the sort of policing methods I could support if done internationally by a UN-sponsored peace-keeping or police force.

All-out war with indiscriminate killing of conscripted soldiers and civilians I can never support, nor will I praise as ‘heroes’ those who plan and carry it out.

I’m sorry for all civilians and military men on all sides who die in wars, and think all should be remembered in an annual remembrance service, rather than just glorify our own military men every November. For this reason I’ll never wear the red poppy, but often wear the alternative white one.

War is not the answer. It not only brings out the worst in human nature and creates a total breakdown of civilized behavior on all sides, but it rarely solves anything. The Second World War probably sealed the fate of those who died in the concentration camps. The ‘Final Solution’ was only implemented when Germany was in the middle of a war, being bombed by the Allies, and with its soldiers fighting and dying on two fronts. In war such atrocities are much easier to carry out – Germans were too occupied with their own survival and that of their sons in the army to pay too much attention to people rounded up and taken away to the camps. 

What actual objectives were achieved by the War? Six million Jews and others died in the camps while Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc. remained under virtual dictatorship/occupation for decades. Hitler and the Nazi regime were overthrown but at what cost? Millions of civilians, soldiers and concentration camp victims dead. Contrast this with clinical operations, such as the overthrow of the democratically elected Salvadore Allende of Chile. That operation didn’t involve a war, just a carefully planned coup with covert American support. Wars are only fought to boost the arms industries, make fat profits and preserve the unstable capitalist system which needs wars to survive. The ‘cannon fodder’ - men who like to fight – make war possible, that’s about the truth of it. If and when men refuse to fight, wars will cease.

Yes, we must try and protect freedom, but not by killing with impunity. It is better to live in an occupied country than kill thousands of innocent people. Occupations don’t last forever, all empires eventually run out of steam. Befriending the occupiers is a much more productive tactic, welcome them as guests to your country, get to know them as individuals, and their families. Fraternize with the occupiers; they are just human beings like the rest of us, mothers’ sons, with families of their own who love them. It is war itself which brutalizes people. So only be prepared to use minimum, necessary violence to prevent actual atrocities about to take place. However, these are much less likely to occur if occupying forces do not feel threatened by violent terrorist or resistance movements, but are greeted instead with flowers and handshakes.

We are all part of humanity. As Sir Bertrand Russell said, remember your humanity and forget the rest. Like Christ and other pacifists, I’d rather live in an occupied country than fight and kill. In any case, most of Britain’s historical wars were fought to subjugate other lands and build the British Empire. The First World War was a typical example of the openly imperialist wars, once led by rival kings and queens, many of whom were related like our own royal family and the German one of the Kaiser. Young men fought and died in their millions for these obscene empires, believing they were fighting the ‘war to end all wars’.

The only answer to war is a world police force under the auspices the UN General Assembly, to which all countries would contribute personnel. This world police or peacekeeping force would need to have a permanent lightly armed presence in all countries.

Nationalism needs to be downgraded and replaced by internationalism. Preserving national cultures and differences, but united in a world-wide confederation which guarantees autonomy for member states, but creates a peaceful environment for humanity. Just as England was once a land of warring rival mini-kingdoms but is now united, so Europe is going in the same direction, and hopefully the world itself will seek a federal/confederal system of government and policing/peacekeeping to defend freedom without creating total anarchy and breakdown of civilization in the process.

None so blind, none so deaf

I have played recordings of the spirit of Diana, former Princess of Wales, speaking thru her voice channel Andrew Russell-Davis to several people, others have seen her written messages. None of them even entertain the idea it is really Diana speaking thru Andrew, making superficial/shallow comments such as the voice is not exactly the same as hers in life (an octave or so lower, sounds like a man, etc.) or that her grammar/spelling is bad. So what, is my reaction? Can’t they feel the energy of Diana? Have they for one minute considered the various possible alternative ‘explanations’ for this phenomena? Quite obviously not. Of course NONE of these people have listened to even one of Diana’s podcasts all the way thru, and if you are not prepared to listen and study the evidence, then you will remain blind and deaf, probably because that is precisely what you want to be. They don’t accept it is Diana because they don’t want to entertain such an idea.

The same principle is used by so-called ‘parapsychologists’ like Dr Susan Blackmore, who are really closed-minded skeptics to all things paranormal. All these people have already made up their minds that certain things are impossible, so they will not examine the evidence objectively. Instead they clutch at straws and invent convoluted theories which don’t even fit the facts to try and explain away these phenomena.

Take the Diana Speaks phenomenum for instance. Now whether the spoken messages sound exactly like Diana in life is unimportant. Anyone who has watched the satirical puppet show ‘Spitting Image’ or seen and heard impressionists know that, for a short sketch at least, anyone’s voice can be imitated. Whether this can be kept up for long periods (I have spoken with Diana via Andrew for hours on the phone without her voice wavering) is another question. Experts say it cannot be done. At any rate, hearing a voice sounding exactly like Diana in real life would NOT it itself prove it was her spirit. Other factors have to be taken into consideration – the duration of the oral messages, whether the voice wavers, the accuracy of the messages, the phrasing, speech mannerisms, and the character coming thru are just some of the things which need to be analyzed.

As to the bad grammar and spelling mistakes, this in fact probably is evidence that it is the spirit of Diana to those who knew her in life. Who’s to say that Lady Diana Spencer, later Princess of Wales, was an expert in this area? In fact the written messages, as much as the spoken ones, are important evidence identifying the writer/speaker as the spirit of Diana. The phrasing, etc. should be familiar to those who knew her in life.

For the rest of us, we have to balance the probabilities and consider the alternative explanations.

First, is this just a hoax or fraud? Well this phenomenum has now been going on for 12 years. Andrew Russell-Davis has been receiving messages from the spirit of Diana all these years, and first they were put on the Internet in written form, later spoken messages were added, via the podcasts. It is almost beyond belief that someone would perpetrate a hoax for no financial gain, inviting derision and advice to ‘go and see a psychiatrist’, virtually putting his private life on hold, for so long. What would be the point? Just to achieve some sort of fame and bathe in some of the limelight that surrounded Diana? If so it is taking so long for this worldwide fame to come about, surely a hoaxer would have given up long ago?

If it were a hoax or deliberate fraud, how come the messages (hours and hours of the spoken ones alone) are all so accurate? A hoaxer or fraudster would surely have slipped up by now and made some mistake about Diana’s life. They certainly wouldn’t write or say things which could be immediately picked up by those who knew Diana and exposed as untrue, such as the last phone call and heated exchange between Diana and William over her behavior with Dodi on the yacht off Sardinia which Diana’s spirit says occurred when she was in Paris shortly before her death.

Then there is the fact that the messages from Diana are cross-referenced. It is not just Andrew Russell-Davis saying he is channeling the spirit of Diana, other psychics have had this confirmed. Rose Campbell, for instance, an American channeler was told in advance by the higher aspect of Diana that her lower, Earthbound aspect would be coming thru a male medium. Rose and Andrew later got in contact, and it is Rose who has conducted hours of post-humous interviews with the Earthbound Diana, thru Andrew. Other people with psychic abilities have also been told that Andrew is channeling the spirit of Diana.

If it were a hoax or fraud, those who know spirit communications are real would expect the real Diana’s spirit to have come thru a medium somewhere and exposed the deception. Likewise, William and Harry, or someone else close to Diana in life, would have surely had the Diana Speaks website closed down, and Andrew prosecuted for impersonating Diana. Instead Andrew received a letter from William’s private secretary warmly thanking him for a communication passed to William.

The second possibility to be considered is whether a spirit is impersonating Diana, and fooling Andrew, Rose and many others into believing it is Diana, Princess of Wales coming thru. Again, if this were the case the real spirit of Diana would have come thru and exposed this spirit hoaxer, but on the contrary confirmation has come thru Spirit that this IS the real spirit of Diana coming thru Andrew. Spirit impersonators are really no better than living ones, and can be easily exposed or caught out. Moreover, those closest to Diana in life, such as her two sons, would surely have had the website closed down and Andrew prosecuted if they thought he, or a spirit communicating thru him, was just pretending to be the spirit of their mother.  Would you remain silent if someone was impersonating your mother on the Internet and other media? Would the real spirit of Diana remain silent if a mischievous or malevolent spirit was coming thru channelers and pretending to be her? No way!

If, then, these messages are not a hoax perpetrated by Andrew in collusion with Rose and others (two people, originally strangers to each other, thousands of miles apart who would have to both be lying), and if it is not a spirit impersonating Diana, then we need to examine what is actually said in the messages, pages of written ones and hours of oral ones.

Not only can you feel the energy and spirit of Diana, especially in the spoken messages which are, remember, being relayed thru male vocal cords hence the lower voice than Diana had in life. But you can hear the emotion in her voice especially when speaking of her boys. And she is as controversial as ever, in fact even more so.

One would expect an impersonator, whether living or in the spirit world, to be uncontroversial, to say her death was a tragic accident, and that she looked forward to the day her son became King, because this would be far more likely to be accepted and widely publicized, with invitations to appear on TV and radio. Instead the messages coming thru Andrew are saying the Paris crash was no accident, and that Diana doesn’t want William to be King and lead the kind of restrictive lifestyle that role involves. In fact the messages predict the Monarchy will probably come to an end soon after the present Queen dies.

It is inconceivable that those in high places, certainly the two princes William and Harry, are unaware of the DianaSpeaks site and of Andrew’s channeling of Diana. Indeed there is the written communication between Andrew and William’s private secretary to prove he does know this. There is also much evidence that the two princes and other royals such as Princess Beatrice do access the DianaSpeaks site. It has been reported the latter refers to it as ‘Auntie Diana’s site’, and the two princes have seemed to follow advice given by their mother via the messages. The concert for Diana they arranged, for instance, included Take That singing ‘Back For Good’ (surely a clear message there that they believe Diana is back!) Then there’s the break-up of Harry and Chelsy. Diana, thru Andrew, made clear she hoped the two would get back together again, and lo and behold Harry has taken his mother’s advice and done just that. These are only two examples, but their refusal to condemn or prosecute Andrew, get the website closed down or even say the messages are not Diana speaks volumes in itself.

The Diana Speaks phenomenum is unique, there is no doubt about that. Further evidence that this is the real Diana, as she always claimed to be the ‘way-shower’. The first celebrity to publicly shake hands with AIDS and leprosy sufferers, the first royal wife (in modern times at least) to be unprepared to remain silent about her husband’s mistress, actually coming on TV and talking openly about there being ‘three people in this marriage’, and the first mother of a future king to get involved in political (albeit humanitarian) issues such as her anti-landmines campaign, a brave venture which probably sealed her fate. Only a week before she died in the crash an MP with powerful connexions said this could ‘not be allowed’ from the mother of a future king. Added to the fact that she was next planning a campaign for Palestinian refugees, and was very close to Dodi, a Muslim and son of an arch-enemy of the royal family, Mohamed al-Fayed, and you begin to see why the Establishment in more than one country wanted her silenced. Certainly UK, USA and Israel all would have preferred her out of the way. The trouble is, as she said in that Panorama interview, ‘she will NOT go quietly’. Even death cannot silence this formidable lady, who has been given a mission and intends to see it thru to the end.

Diana could not be silenced in life, and she will not be silenced in death. She has chosen a unique way to communicate, by remaining Earthbound and sharing a physical body with Andrew Russell-Davis. In that respect she is still very much alive; she has chosen, for the moment at least, not to move on to the Spirit realms.

Many spirits remain Earthbound for various reasons. Atheists and agnostics who are confused and cannot admit they are ‘dead’, spirits who have strong ties with the Earth plane for various reasons and who become ghosts haunting places where they once lived or where some trauma occurred, and there are also cases of spirit possession evidenced by living people with split personalities or even multiple personalities. Many of these, unfortunately, end up in psychiatric institutions, but undoubtedly at least some of them really are channelers or are intermittently possessed by discarnate spirits.

The difference with the Diana phenomenum is that hers is an altruistic mission; the channeling/sharing of a physical body thru/with Andrew Russell-Davis by mutual agreement, and the whole project is guided by high Spirits, indeed one identified by Andrew as being Source itself. This is a mission, not just to reveal to her sons that their mother still lives despite being assassinated in a crash made to look like an ‘accident’, but to prove to the world that there is an after-life, and to try to get the world to change course.

Neither organized religion nor materialistic atheism/agnosticism/humanism is appropriate in this day and age. We cannot just live for the ‘here and now’ without serious consequences, nor can we live just as we like and be saved by religious practices like death-bed conversions, confessions, being ‘born again’ or simply believing certain dogmas. And we certainly can’t insure eternal after-life happiness by killing people who don’t share our particular set of beliefs, as many organized religions have suggested over the centuries.

The Diana Speaks phenomenum may be unique, but it is not an isolated thing. Evidence is streaming in constantly from all over the globe to confirm the existence of an after-life, and describing the nature of it in detail. In the first decade of the 21st century we already know more about the after-life than we ever did in past centuries. Evidence is coming thru via ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication) and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) on computers, recording equipment, TV, etc.. There is the evidence of NDEs (Near Death Experiences) and OBE’s (Out of the Body Experiences) generally. Modern medical practices have resulted in more and more people being revived after being clinically dead, and so NDE’s have become much more common. Then there are death-bed visions in which the dying, and sometimes those around the death-bed, see spirits and even get glimpses of the Spirit planes. Clear cases of reincarnation, especially in places like India where such ideas are not suppressed at a very young age, with young children identifying their former spouses and families, etc. And millions of evidential messages from clairsensitive mediums, plus rare but evidential phenomena produced by a handful of physical mediums like David Thompson in Australia and Stewart Alexander in the UK. The only reason more people are not aware of all this overwhelming evidence for the after-life is, as the title of this blog suggests, ‘there is none so blind as those who refuse to see, and none so deaf as those who refuse to hear’. If you refuse to study the evidence with an open mind, then you will remain ignorant. Some people still insist the world is flat!

If you are willing to study the Diana evidence with an open mind, go to and listen to one or two of the podcasts right thru. I recommend the interviews with Rose Campbell, in which the Earthbound spirit of Diana answers many questions, and gives many details of her life on Earth. The voice may not be exactly as she spoke on Earth, she’s coming thru male vocal cords remember, but listen to the phrasing, the emotions, feel the energy of Diana.

This is not some new religion; I have no intention of ‘worshiping’ Diana or taking everything she says/believes as ‘gospel’. Indeed there are things she says I don’t agree with – spirits, especially Earthbound ones who believe they have been the victim of a conspiracy, are not infallible. Neither are their channelers. Our opinions/beliefs are all colored by our experiences, and change over time. So we can disagree on certain issues but still accept that it is Diana communicating thru Andrew.

This phenomenum is important additional and unique evidence for the after-life. This is the Age of Enlightenment. I predict that in the next 50-100 years orthodox organized religion will become irrelevant and outdated, as will conventional atheism and agnosticism (many atheists/agnostics, myself included, accept the overwhelming evidence for the after-life, even if we don’t accept the idea of ‘God’ or an all-wise ‘Creator’ in the traditional sense). Science, particularly quantum physics, is gradually confirming all that Spiritualists have been saying for years. Read my previous blog if you want to see how hopelessy outdated a purely materialistic view of the Universe is. In the virtual reality Universe we are currently living in, spirit communications such as the Diana Speaks phenomenum are the most real things we will ever experience in this life – a connexion to an alternative, and greater, reality.

Materialism is Obsolete

Materialism is obsolete. That’s a guaranteed fact. Anyone who believes the ‘reality’ around them which they perceive with their five senses is the whole picture is not only deceiving themselves, but are hopelessly out of touch with modern scientific theory and quantum physics.

In actual fact we are living in a ‘virtual reality’ universe which only exists as we perceive it when it is being observed. This is a basic fact of quantum physics, the science which studies the sub-atomic particles and waves which make up what we perceive as matter and the real world/universe.

It is a fact, for instance, that sub-atomic particles and waves change their nature according to whether or not they are being observed. It is also a fact that certain sub-atomic particles can be in two places at the same time, and even when far apart are connected. The implications of this are enormous: that everything around us is largely a creation of those observing it, that time and distance are largely illusory, and that we are all living in a sort of virtual reality world and universe of our own making.

The prime force in the universe/universes (because quantum physics makes clear there are likely to be many interpenetrating universes, maybe an infinite number of them) is some sort of energy. This confirms Einstein’s discovery that energy and matter were essentially the same.  But 21st Century Pearsonian theory, advocated by British scientist Ronald Pearson (see: clears up the anomalies Einstein himself admitted he was unable to explain, by identifying the prime energy in the universe as the creative conscious and organizing energy he terms the i-ther.

Pearson’s theory dismisses the idea of curved space-time and multi-universes, but says several matter systems could exist each of them having specific frequencies of quantum wave. Underlying it all is a grid and the i-ther which creates these illusory matter systems, but it is the grid and the i-ther which are real. Everything else is just an elaborate illusion, which seems real to those living in that particular frequency of matter.

If this seems too fantastic, then ask any orthodox scientist who will be quite happy to tell you that nothing we see and touch around us is solid. If a block of concrete falls on you and crushes you to death, it is an accepted scientific fact that this is a collision between objects composed largely of empty space. Neither the concrete block nor you (or anything else in the Universe) is really solid. Just as photos in a newspaper are made up of tiny dots, or TV pictures are made up of tiny lines. Everything is an illusion created by tiny particles of matter separated by empty space but appearing to form solid things. And these particles don’t even act the same when not being observed, they can turn into waves and do all sorts of crazy things.

This leads Pearson to the inevitable conclusion that all living things survive death, since consciousness or mind is located in the i-ther, a form of energy which just creates the temporary illusion of matter. We are, in the latest scientific theories of quantum physics and Pearsonian theory, back to the idea of God or Source energy creating matter, and these theories also parallel the Spiritualist/Survivalist concept of many ‘planes of existence’ with different vibrations. Matter systems operating on different frequencies.

The fact is mind and brain are entirely separate. Our brains, our bodies and the whole world/universe we see and sense around us are temporary creations, largely illusory, for the purpose of evolution and development. What some would term spiritual evolution or development. Mind, or consciousness, located in Pearson’s i-ther, or in the prime energy of the Universe, in God or Source, use whichever term you like, exists quite separately from matter, and is eternal, it cannot be destroyed.

Just as something can’t come out of nothing, so something that exists can’t disappear entirely. All that ever happens is that things change, transform, develop.

We are playing a virtual reality game, creating a virtual world shared with others, but one by one we will finish the game and return to reality itself, Pearson’s grid/i-ther system, God, Source and the spiritual planes of existence, the highest of which are not composed of matter at all but of pure energy.

The materialists have had their day – the world is nothing like as simple and uncomplicated as they hoped. We can all bury our heads like ostriches in the sand for so long, but eventually we must wake up and realize that everything we see and feel around us is an elaborate illusion, it is NOT reality. That exists elsewhere.

When we die, we return to that reality from which we came. Or to an alternative reality, because mind or spirit can create any reality it wishes. This is very important, because here on Earth in this life we are, by our thoughts and actions, creating the world/plane of existence we will go to when we die.

There are most certainly lower realms populated by selfish and under-developed entities, and although these are not permanent states of existence and not like the Biblical Hell with fire and brimstone, they are not pleasant places. How would you like to live among all the most selfish and cruel people you have known? But we all develop and progress eventually, in our own time. That is what these virtual reality worlds are all about, enabling our spiritual progress thru many incarnations and existences in various life and between-life states.

The ultimate goal is to progress to such a degree of perfection that we return to Source, we merge with the i-ther or prime consciousness from which we originally came, wiser and full of experience both individually and as a united whole. Evolution carried to its ultimate goal – from primitive primal conscious energy, thru experience of countless virtual reality matter systems, to the highly developed consciousness of pure energy or spirit.

Pearson calls this conscious energy the i-ther, religious people call it God, Allah and various other names, some spiritualists/survivalists call it The Great Spirit or Source, I myself coined the term Unified Conscious Energy Field, or UCEF. It is all the same thing, and we are all part of it, or will be when we finally reunite with this Source from which we originally came, enriching it with the experience and wisdom of many lifetimes and between-life existences in various matter systems/virtual reality worlds/planes of existence.

You may dismiss all this as airy-fairy twaddle, but you’ll never look at a block of concrete the same again. It’s largely empty space, and if that’s not an elaborate illusion, then wait till it hits you on the head! You might well wake up in a different body/reality altogether!