Diana Speaks about Michael Jackson, and two Telegraph articles

I draw attention to some Written Current Messages (scroll down to pages 3 and 4 for the latest ones from June 2009), which include a new podcast in which you can hear Diana speaking. Also on the same page this link brings you to, click on Diana’s Tribute to Others to read Diana’s thoughts on Michael Jackson’s death, and also Farrah Fawcett’s. Here is the link:


In the new podcast, Diana speaks proudly of an article her son William has had published in the Sunday Telegraph for Armed Forces’ Day, suggesting, like Diana has herself post-humously suggested, that military service would be a way of getting youngsters out of violent gang culture due to the discipline, camaraderie, respect, etc. the military instil in young people. As a pacifist, I can’t agree personally with these sentiments. Seems to me teaching youngsters to hate and kill, kill, kill is the very last thing gang members need. But I respect William and Diana’s beliefs, though have to say Diana’s in particular is inconsistent with her humanitarian campaign against landmines. Who planted these landmines but the military?

The truth is that in war situations humanity goes out of the window, as do all decent standards of behavior. Young men are taught to hate and kill other young men just because they come from another country or culture, and innocent men, women and children are also killed in wars. I cannot support or condone any of this.

On the other hand, I have said myself that some form of compulsory COMMUNITY service would be one way of breaking up gang culture in Britain and teaching young people respect and caring for others. Working with the elderly, disabled, sick and the less fortunate in other lands, much like the American Peace Corps, the British Red Cross, Oxfam and other similar organizations.

I also support worldwide policing by the United Nations, which of necessity has to be armed. But in my view any policing operations should never use violence unnecessarily, only use it as a very last result, use the minimum violence necessary, and never, ever target indiscriminately. Therefore I would only arm them with very basic weaponry such as guns and also non-lethal arms, certainly not machine guns, grenades, landmines, bombs, etc. And most certainly not nuclear weapons. Let’s not forget the British Navy operate the Trident nuclear submarine force, and I certainly DON’T want ex-gang-members being conscripted into the Navy and to get their hands on the nuclear trigger. All nuclear weapons, as President Obama has said, need to be banned worldwide. They are obscene weapons of mass destruction, and also militarily useless.

However I urge you to read the latest channeled messages, the tribute and the podcast. Diana has much to say, and all the signs are that the news that she is back is about to break in a big way upon the world. Diana speaks/writes about the recent Daily Telegraph poll which showed that, after Jesus Christ, Diana is the person people would most like to speak to if she returned from the dead (this poll, it has to be said, was before Michael Jackson’s untimely death). Well the news is Diana is back, and the latest podcast ends with a touching message from ‘mummy’ to her sons William and Harry. There is also a poem she reads out in honor of two friends, one being Paul Burrell. This was sent in by a friend of Paul’s, so it seems the news Diana is back is certainly known by her closest friends, and by IPC the publishers of many newspapers. Diana says they know the podcasts/messages are from Diana, but dare not publicize this fact for fear of litigation. William and Harry also listen to the podcasts and read the messages on her site, Diana says, but do not feel free to speak about the fact Diana is back publicly. Things will only change when the current Monarch dies, she says. Of course none of us on Earth know when this will be.

One thing is certain, things are happening fast. Expect this Summer to be the time when news that Diana is back starts to break open worldwide! The preparation has already started.

One person’s word against another

Warning – this blog will be considered very politically incorrect. I don’t care, things need to be said which many fear from saying. The subject of this blog, inspired by the Dispatches program yesterday, is rape.

In the program, which focused on gang-rape mainly by black teenagers on other black teenagers, it was taken for granted that all the girls who said they’d been raped had been, and that all the boys were lying when they claimed that the girls were often willing participants who then cried ‘rape’ when their sexual adventures were made public.

In all cases of alleged ‘rape’, as in all other alleged crimes, the accused is innocent until proven guilty. OK, many of the girls mentioned in the program were under age, but then so were many of the boys who were involved. At one point it was said that some people considered some of the incidents mentioned were just young teenagers experimenting with sex, and this could well be the case.

Apparently ‘linking’ is the term used among the black teenage community when a girl has sex with several boys (either oral sex or full sexual intercourse). Some of the boys interviewed said the girls were willing participants, but when news of what they had done spread around their school, sometimes with videos from mobile phones to prove it, they claimed they’d been ‘raped’.

Of course, this is why so many cases of alleged rape fail to win convictions in court unless there is corroborating medical, forensic or witness evidence. If a girl or woman has been attacked in a public park, dark alley or stairwell/corridor in a block of flats, or somewhere similar, and there are cuts, bruising and other evidence of a violent attack, then rape is far easier to prove.

However, if a girl or woman alleges she went to a house, flat or hotel room with a boy, man or a group of males she hardly knows in all innocence, and was then raped, well quite frankly she doesn’t stand much chance of convincing a jury. It is simply asking for trouble to act in this irresponsible way. At the very least it would be sensible to get another girl/woman to accompany you, so if there is any attempted sexual assault there will be a witness. Though of course, if both girls allege they were raped, there is also the possibility both were willing participants, then claimed they were raped when their sexual escapades became public knowledge.

We all know that teenagers experiment, and that people of both sexes have casual sex. We know about ‘dogging’ involving heterosexuals and gay cruising grounds/backrooms involving gay men where casual sex, often with many partners, takes place. However when a woman (or man) alleges ‘rape’ and the accused says it was consensual, unless there are witnesses or corroborating evidence what we can’t know for sure is whether the alleged victim was really raped, or just claimed they were after they participated in consensual sex.

There is now also the charge of ‘rape’ within marriage, which seems to me a questionable charge. Surely when a couple get married or enter a civil partnership, or even agree to live/sleep together, then sex comes as part of the package? Unless both partners agree that it is not to be, maybe because they are incompatible sexually, or not interested in sex. Many may want the stability of an emotional relationship and friendship/partnership without sex, or may agree to an open relationship where both partners’ sexual needs are met outside the marriage/civil partnership/relationship.

However, if one partner of a marriage/civil partnership/live-in relationship wants and expects sex with their partner, then it used to be the case that refusal of the other partner to comply was grounds for dissolution of the relationship. Does nobody recognize conjugal rights nowadays? In agreeing to enter into this kind of relationship then both partners agree to satisfy each other’s sexual needs to the best of their ability, unless there is a specific agreement between them that this will NOT be the case. In my view a man who forces himself on his wife who doesn’t really feel in the mood at that time is not guilty of rape, but might be accused of being inconsiderate. Of course if he is not just forceful, but really violent, beating the woman, then that is a clear case of assault.

There is also the problem of when ‘no’ means ‘no’ and when it means ‘please be the man and take charge’. This applies to both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. In both there are often submissive and dominant roles. Couples have to agree codewords and signs so that they know when ‘no’ really means ‘no’. For courts and the law to intervene in these sort of sexual relationships unless there are exceptional circumstances (like a violent physical assault) seems nonsense. The judges and juries weren’t present in the couples’ bedrooms, so how can they know what actually happened, and whether both partners consented or not anyway? Are judges and juries now to convict a husband of rape because his wife had a ‘headache’? Are paracetamols/aspirins to be presented as ‘corroborative evidence’ in court? So you didn’t feel like sex that night – get over it for heaven’s sake, it’s not the end of the world!

Rape is a very sensitive subject, and it can indeed be real and very damaging and traumatic for the victim. But it can also be a false accusation to hide shame about indulging in casual or promiscuous sex, to get revenge on a partner or on someone who one has fallen out with for some reason, or simply as a form of blackmail to extort money or favors from the accused.

There are certain precautions people (and this includes both men and women) can take to reduce the likelihood of rape. Avoid certain places, especially at night, or at least don’t go there alone. Don’t go back with relative strangers, or get invited to ‘parties’ with people you hardly know, or at least take friends with you. There is also the phenomenum of ‘date rape’, but like rape in marriage, this is hard to prove unless there is corroborating evidence, such as the victim being violently physically assaulted or drugged by the accused.

If black gang rape among teenagers is taking place on the scale suggested in the program it is a worrying phenomenum, as is the prevalance of largely black-on-black gang warfare involving knives and guns, and usually with a drug connexion as well. But it could also be that many of these young teenagers are indulging in promiscuous, casual but consensual sex, and then when the video appears on some guys’ mobile phones, the girl cries ‘oh yes, it was rape, but I was too ashamed to report it at the time’.

That is another thing, if a man or woman has been raped, go straight to the police. You are then more likely to be believed than if you wait till news leaks out, as then the suspicion is that you are alleging ‘rape’ to hide the fact that you were a willing participant. After all, if you were a willing participant and nobody but you and the other particpants knew about it, why go to the police and draw attention to it? Only if you were intent on revenge or blackmail surely. If you just had guilty feelings afterwards, you’d probably just keep quiet about it.

I can’t speak for women, but many gay men definitely have fantasies about being raped, or being taken to rape camps and abused, often by guys in leather or some uniform of authority. Male escorts report this is quite a common role play they are asked to perform, and gay porno videos and other gay erotica also portray this very common fantasy, a variation on the sub/dom and slave/master theme. If the submissive partner was willing and later ashamed of their behavior, that is no justification for claiming it was really rape. In actual fact, there is such a thing as ‘consensual rape’. This is when a dominant partner or dominant group acts out a rape scenario with a willing submissive partner who plays the role of ‘victim’.

Human sexuality is a very complex thing, and it is not easy for the police, judges and juries to unravel it all without corroborating evidence. If you enjoyed it at the time, but then shamefully regretted your actions, then I would argue it is not rape.

So everybody should take sensible precautions such as described above, and report any real cases of rape to the authorities immediately.

Responsible for our own actions

At the Nuremburg trials at the end of World War II, many German defendants used the excuse: ‘I was only obeying orders.’ This didn’t wash with the judges, and it won’t wash when faced with karmic justice. Nuremburg was Victors’ Justice. It was completely one-sided, since no Allied forces were judged on their criminal actions. Certainly not that old bastard Winston Churchill, his murderous henchman ‘Bomber’ Harris, nor his ally Harry Truman who ordered the testing of atomic bombs on innocent Japanese civilians to scare the shit out of his supposed ally ‘Uncle Joe’, Joseph Stalin. Japan was already suing for peace, and it was not the atomic bombs which ended the war with Japan, but the fact that the Americans agreed to let Emperor Hirohito remain on the throne rather than be tried for his war crimes. Once that was agreed, the war with Japan ended. The Japanese considered suicide an honor, much like Islamic fundamentalists, hence the kamikaze pilots. You can’t threaten those who seek matyrdom with death, it is counter-productive.

There is no escaping karmic justice. It is not one bit of good military men who consider themselves to be Christians saying: ‘Oh, it was OK to drop bombs on innocent civilian men, women and children’, or to sink the Belgrano full of young Argentinian sailors (when sailing away from the exclusion zone), or any of the other atrocities and murders which take place in wars, because the Anglican Church permits the concept of the ‘just war’, and it is also authorized by The Bible. As a non-Christian, I couldn’t give a flying fuck what the Anglican Church or the Bible say, quite frankly.

As far as I am concerned, it is no good quoting that old hypocrite and war-criminal Moses or any of the other war-mongering, genocidal and homicidal criminals who wrote much of the Bible and other ancient religious texts. For instance it won’t wash with karmic justice that Moses ordered the Israelites, on the pretense of speaking for ‘God’, to kill all the men in a battle with the Midianites, then scolded them for capturing the women and children alive. Moses then ordered them to murder all the male children and the women who were no longer virgins, and gave them permission to rape all the little girls and virgin women, however young they were. THAT is what the Bible teaches! THAT is what Moses taught. THAT is supposed to be the word of God! Bollocks! THOSE are the words of wicked homicidal maniacs, the kind of people who wrote much of the Bible, Moses being one of them.

For those who don’t believe it says such things in what they regard as a holy book, read Numbers Chapter 31. 

Verse 6: ‘And Moses sent them to the war…’

Verse 7: ‘And they warred against the Midianites, as the Lord commanded Moses, and they slew all the males’.

Verse 9: ‘And the children of Israel took off the women of Midian captives, and their little ones…’

Verse 15: ‘And Moses said unto them, Have you saved all the women alive?’

Wait for it, here it comes - what a nice man that Moses was:

Verse 17: ‘kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him’

Verse 18: ‘But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves’.

This is the same Moses who brought down the Ten Commandments, including those not to kill or to commit adultery. Such is the blatant hypocrisy of the Bible, and organized religion in general.

Is it any wonder that Christians have tortured, killed, raped and persecuted non-Christians thru the centuries, and that Muslims and Jews have done the same? They all share the same bloodthirsty history of the Old Testament books and so-called prophets. Is it any wonder so-called Christians caused firestorms in German cities like Hamburg, also destroying cities like Dresden and Berlin with bombs, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians? Or that so-called Christians dropped atomic bombs on innocent men, women and children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, also condemning future generations to deformities, cancers and other illnesses due to radiation? Is it any wonder Islamic fundamentalists feel it is justified to target innocent civilians in so-called Christian countries, which are killing innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, supporting the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands by Israel, exploiting the oil reserves in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries, and which are still targeting innocent civilians with nuclear weapons?

All these war criminals from Moses down to the present day, on all sides, will have to face the consequences of their actions. In the words of the Socialist anthem ‘The Internationale’,  ‘no Saviors from on high deliver’, nor indeed are Jesus or any other saviors from on high able to prevent karmic justice, nor is any absolution, confession, Mass, Holy Communion, baptism, being ‘born again’ or receiving the Last Rites involving priests and pastors. We will all have to go thru a life review when we die, feel the suffering we caused (and the results of the good we did of course), and face the karmic consequences.

So all these smug servicemen and women from all Christian countries who stand singing hymns in church, thinking they are doing God’s will in killing people from other lands, will be in for a big shock when they find neither Jesus nor priests can save them from facing karmic justice. Islamist extremists who murder hostages and civilians in atrocities will also have to face karmic justice, as will people of all other religions, atheists and agnostics.

We are ALL responsible for our own actions, and there is no escaping this. Be warned! The day of reckoning will come!

But there is no everlasting Hell, no eternal damnation. Every spirit or soul has the potential to develop, to learn from its mistakes, and to evolve into the higher spiritual realms. By working thru our karma, we progress. But more than anything else, what holds us back are outdated so-called ancient religious texts written by men for men, but pretending to be the word of ‘God’. These dangerous books should be banned from public circulation and put in museums. They also endorse slavery, subjugation of women, homophobia and all sorts of other things which wouldn’t be tolerated today.

As for myself, I am by no means blameless. As a pacifist who then strayed into Stalinism, I have to face the consequences of once believing shooting people trying to escape across the Berlin Wall was justified, and that, even if Stalin went too far with his purges, the end justified the means – the end being, I then believed, the utopia of Communism, or the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. I have since learnt, of course, that this can never be achieved by brute force and brutality. It can only come about when we have evolved spiritually in sufficient numbers, or alternatively if we personally have learnt from past mistakes and evolved spiritually, we will move on permanently to the higher spiritual planes beyond the Earth plane, where a Communist-like utopia is already in existence.

So as well as The Bible, Torah, Koran, etc., the works of Marx, Engels and Lenin also need to be revised in the light of 20th Century experience. Out must go the Dictatorship of the Proletariat to crush all classes opposed to the rule of the working-class (which in effect meant anyone opposed to Socialism), because this supposedly ‘democratic dictatorship’ of the toiling masses became a bureaucratic dictatorship over them. The Marxist-Leninist texts need to be edited and revised (yes comrades, revisionism!) so that true democracy and rights of minorities are preserved under a Socialist Constitution.

That is really why we are all here. To learn from experience, and from our individual and collective mistakes, and to progress. Regarding outdated and dangerous religious and political texts as dogma which can never be questioned is what is holding so many people back, and perpetuating the genocide and other crimes of past eras.

Karmic justice is automatic. It will not be stopped by quoting Moses, Mohammed, Jesus, Marx, Lenin, Mao or anybody else. We must think and act for ourselves, and take full responsibility for our actions.

Time for a new party?

The last major shake-up of British political parties was when right-wingers from the then leftist Labour Party left, established the SDP (Social Democratic Party) led by the ‘Gang of Four’, and later joined up with the Liberal Party to become the Liberal Democrats.

In the light of what happened to the Labour Party afterwards, it seemed they ended up in the wrong party. The Labour Party took a sharp lurch to the Right, and the Liberal Democrats became the biggest leftist party in Britain, to the Left of New Labour in their policies opposing the Iraq War, pledging to increase taxation to improve public services, etc. Now the Liberal Democrats themselves have taken a lurch to the Right, and we have ended up with three versions of the Tory Party, all pledging to cut taxes and therefore public services, as they have no alternative plans to fund them, other than the ‘magic solution’ of privitazation and private investment.

Common sense tells anyone that private companies/shareholders/investors are out to make profits, so will always want to take out more than they put into any enterprise. In actual fact many of the services and industries which have been privatized are still heavily subsidized by the tax-payer without whom the investors wouldn’t have any profits.

We are now badly in need of a new shake-up of British politics, with a new party of the Left emerging. Personally I’d like to see New Labour ousting its Blair/Brownite leadership and policies and returning to its Marxist roots, becoming once again the Labour Party or, as I would it prefer it be known, the Labour and Cooperative Party.

The Cooperative Party, which promotes the cooperative movement in Britain, is an integral part of the Labour Party, and is at present dominated and controlled by the Blair/Brownites in the Party. I’d like to see the Cooperative Party become a Leftist pressure group within the Labour Party promoting Market Socialism based on cooperatives and competing public enterprises (on the old Yugoslav model) with nationalization or re-nationalization reserved for the banks, other financial institutions, railways and utility companies and perhaps a few others, such as the mail/courier services and other present and former Post Office enterprises.

These sort of enterprises work best under nationalization, and it makes little sense to split them into rival companies. They require a national network or superstructure in order to operate efficiently, thus we have the old Post Office telephone line network now owned and maintained by British Telecom (the old nationalized company which broke away from the Post Office), the railway network owned and maintained by Network Rail (successor to the nationalized British Rail), and the gas mains, electricity grid, water mains, etc. owned and maintained by one or other of the now privatized companies supplying the public. What this means in practice, is that these grids and networks are leased out to other companies, and the customers of these get a second-class service. Nowhere was this more apparent than with the telephones, when companies offering a cheaper service than BT also offered a vastly inferior one. At the last place I worked it was impossible to get thru to many countries in the world without re-routing via BT.

Back to the political parties in the UK, and in particular the Labour Party. If the leftwing comrades in the Party feel it is impossible to recapture it for true Socialism, then reluctantly it may be time to break away and form a new party of the Left. This could be focused around the Cooperative Party if it broke away from New Labour, and could be joined by the various splinter group successors to the old Communist Party of Great Britain such as the new party which has adopted that name, the Communist Party of Britain, etc. I would envisage a large proportion of the present Labour Party membership and MPs also joining the new break-away party of the Left.

Blair/Brownism has run its course. It was in any case just a continuation of Thatcherism based on the principle of ‘privatize everything’ and leave it to market forces to sort it all out. Result: the bloody mess we are in at the moment, not least with the banking industry which was encouraging people to live on credit, which in effect devalued money itself. They might just as well have printed money and handed it out in big wads to people on the streets. The old Marxist teaching that only labor power can create real value has been overlooked too long. If you’re living on credit or on unearned income, then you are not producing anything in return for the money, so you end up with too much money chasing too few goods and services. This of course leads to inflation and devaluation of the currency. Of course, these short-sighted policies also mean that people take on mortgages and other credit commitments which they cannot possibly hope to pay back, especially with the high interest charges imposed. Interest again being unearned income and therefore not real money with value at all since it has not been earned by good old fashoned labor power producing goods and services, so we sink deeper and deeper into the mire.

Nationalization of all the banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions (with exceptions for those already operating as cooperatives or mutual associations, both a form of public ownership) would provide the government of the day with not only control over mortgages, lending, credit, etc., but with a huge pool of invested money which would help to keep taxation low, since it could be used to fund the public services. A national peoples’ bank operating in the interests of the people, not encouraging them to live on credit and fleecing them by demanding huge interest on the loans.

We have to get away from the idea that everyone should aspire to owning their home, acquire several motor-vehicles, and as many other personal possessions as possible, most of which are obtained by living on credit rather than working for them. Since few people can earn enough money to live AND pay outright for a home to live in, and since homes tend to survive the lifetime of most people and then pose a problem of how they can be split between children when the owners (or mortgage debtors) die, it makes sense to have a large pool of municipal housing available at very low rents for the majority of the population. Rents for these council properties should just cover maintenance, the cost of building new council homes and the costs of collecting the rents, etc. Everyone in the country should be able to get on council lists and be allocated a low-rent home immediately they get married, enter into a civil partnership, or leave the parental home. Since all property companies would be taken into public ownership by a Leftist government, and all private housing not lived in permanently by the owners or used as a holiday home would be also be taken into public ownership, there’d be a large pool of housing immediately available for allocation as council housing. Private companies or individuals owning property just to rent out would be outlawed, and hire charges for motor-vehicles and other commodities would be restricted to the cost of maintaining them, replacing them and a reasonable administration charge to cover the wages of staff in the hiring industry. These too would all be taken into cooperative/public ownership by a Leftist government.

All this sounds very unlikely in the present political climate. But as capitalism digs its own grave and sinks deeper and deeper into the tomb it has made for itself, as globalization runs out of underdeveloped countries, their natural resources and labor markets to exploit, or as the people in these countries get organized in unions and political parties which will prevent exploitation, then Socialism will come into its own again. Already we can see this happening in South America and elsewhere, and even in Britain people are despairing of the traditional Right-wing policies offered by the Tory, New Labour and Liberal Democrat parties and searching for an alternative.

The Big Lie

‘When you’re dead, you’re dead’ and things like ‘nobody has ever returned from the dead to tell us what it’s like’ are part of the biggest lie ever told. Daily people who once lived are contacting loved ones on Earth, telling them that death is merely a transition from one dimension to another, and evidence that our consciousness is separate from our brain and survives physical death is overwhelming.

Out-of-the-body, near-death and remote viewing experiences testify that our consciousness exists separately from our physical bodies, and can see, hear, etc. everything that is going on when separated from the physical body, and even when all the functions of the physical body have stopped. People blind from birth have been able to see and accurately describe activity and people in the operating theater when they ‘died’ and were then revived. Objects and people have been ‘seen’ while in this out-of-body state, and later these objects have been recovered, and what the person saw in their OOBE state confirmed to be accurate.

As to nobody ever returning from the dead, well that is simply not true either. Almost everyone, including pets, who have been close to me in some way in life have returned in some form or another. And I am not unusual, this happens all the time.

My life partner contacted me a few days after he died, and has kept in touch ever since. He has told me where to find things in my flat – things he’d hidden, or that I didn’t even know were there. He has answered posthumous letters I wrote him many times, and once when I suggested perhaps I should stop writing to him in this way he replied the next day that the letters kept us so near whilst apart. On the 17th anniversary of his death last year, within minutes of my turning on a spotlight on a memorial banner for him in my hallway and kissing his picture on the opposite wall, he confirmed in writing that he’d seen me doing this.

He has appeared to a friend of ours in a hotel room in Hawaii, and another friend has also heard him and felt his presence on at least two separate occasions. Yet another friend as he entered our flat felt him pull his jacket. The friend to whom he materialized briefly in Hawaii (a place we went on holiday once) also visited him whilst meditating in a Spiritualist Development Circle, and George explained why he felt it was time to leave the Earth plane. I also visited him in a vivid astral projection dream, where he told me it was not yet time to join him. Yet two other friends had a picture of my life-partner fall off a shelf at the precise time they should have been at a memorial tree-planting ceremony for him. These same two friends saw his face transfigured on my own when I was giving them advice he would have given them.

My father, who I was not close to in life, demonstrated his physical presence in his house soon after his funeral in Cyprus.  The poltergeist-type phenomena causing a picture to fall out of its frame (it had been there for decades) in those few minutes, confirmed without any doubt that it was him. Decades before he’d complained about me having pictures of ‘murderers’ on my bedroom door and walls – i.e. Lenin and Stalin. In his house in Cyprus, that day, he finally posthumously took down his photo of a murderer – Colonel Grivas of the EOKA-B terrorist group.

My maternal grandmother, whose last words to me were to ‘look after your mother’, contacted me in a crowded Fairfields Hall, Croydon where I was in the back rows of the circle with thousands of other people in the hall. The very first message given by medium Colin Fry that evening described my grandmother, her rough age and condition when she died, the accident which caused her deterioration and subsequent death, gave her name, and then went on to describe in minute detail what workmen had recently done to my mother’s kitchen, making a complete mess of it. My grandmother even told me, via Colin, that I had stood a hot pan on the cheap new working surface, which wasn’t heatproof, caused it to burn, and that I had then tried to cover up the damage. She even said exactly where this damage was, on the left-hand side as you entered the kitchen. This was 100% accurate, and Colin Fry didn’t even know I was in the audience, couldn’t even see me I was so far back.

Two of my best-loved pet cats returned and demonstrated their physical presence after they died. One jumped on our bed from the top of our wardrobe many times after he died, waking both myself and my partner. This was something he did in life as well, then once he’d convinced us he was OK, the cat moved on. Another cat, who brought me great comfort when my partner died, lived till the age of 22. Her favorite trick was to open a cupboard door and sit on my t-shirts, covering them with cat fur, and causing some to fall to the floor. Months after she died the cupboard door was found open once again, with some of my t-shirts on the floor. I had not been near the cupboard, nobody else lives here now, and it has not happened before or since. The cat was just showing me she was still alive.

Nor is it just me and people l’ve known who’ve passed on. A friend was looking after an old man as his carer, and one day joked that nobody had ever phoned him from the Other Side to say they were OK. The day this old man died in hospital, at the precise moment he died, my friend’s mobile phone received three missed call messages from the old man’s landline in his empty flat. The landline had been cut off weeks before, and nobody was in the flat. The missed call messages read: ‘Reg calling….. Reg calling…. Reg calling’. Once he let my friend know it WAS possible to receive phone calls from the Other Side to prove they were OK, the phenomena never happened again.

But voice messages, pictures and typewritten messages from the Other Side are received all the time on recording equipment, via TV sets, and on computers, according to many reports on the Internet and elsewhere. The phenomenum is now known as ITC – Instrumental Trans Communication (previously known as EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena) and is being studied by scientists around the world. Pioneers in radio, TV, recording equipment, etc. such as Marconi, Edison and John Logie Baird and many other scientists and inventors were convinced of the after-life and of the value of developing ways to contact those on the Other Side via radio and other means, so dispensing with human mediums. Devices such as the Spiricom were developed, and two-way communication with the Other Side established. Work on this is continuing. John Logie Baird, the TV pioneer, describes in his autobiography how the materialized hand at a seance of a man who commited suicide with a razor was used to obtain fingerprints, which were then matched with the fingerprints of the dead man on the razor.

All this evidence and much more is freely available, but many orthodox scientists refuse to examine it because it would upset their cozy view of the nature of things. New ideas always meet with such resistance, such as when Galileo suggested the Earth moved round the Sun, not the other way around. But more and more scientists are secretly and now openly admitting that the after-life is a scientific fact, proven by experiments. The Internet is full of such admissions on YouTube and elsewhere. There are even new scientific theories which locate the source of consciousness and the after-life, and which correct the flaws even Albert Einstein admitted before his death were present in his Theory of Relativity. In the age of Quantum Physics, the Theory of Relativity doesn’t quite add up, but the new theories close the gaps in Einstein’s theories, and locate the missing 90+ percent of matter in the Universe, so-called ‘dark matter’. These are the other dimensions, including the after-life dimensions.

It is only a matter of time before all scientists are forced to admit the reality of survival, and accommodate the new quantum theories and evidence of the after-life.

Remarkable things are happening. Materializations via mediums for instance, which scientists in the past and at present have studied and confirmed involved no deception or trickery. Direct Voice communications from mediums, in which the deceased person speaks with their own voice, describing the afterlife. And Diana, former Princess of Wales, is back, speaking via her voice channel, and strongly hinting that her death in Paris was no accident, and confirming the reality of survival (you can listen to over 40 podcasts of Diana speaking and being interviewed after her death via links at: http://www.dianaspeaks.info/. Listen to at least one 30 minute podcast all the way thru and judge for yourselves).

But the best evidence we can all have is personal evidence from people we knew in life. I have had a lot of this, and continue to do so. In a survey, over 50% of widows/widowers reported contact with their deceased spouses. These are just those who would admit it, many more may be reluctant to do so.

But of course if you have a closed mind and choose not to believe, no amount of evidence will convince you, especially if you refuse to listen to it or study it. Some people still insist, against all the evidence, that the world is flat, and that it was created by God about 10,000 years ago!