As we start 2009 there are a lot of changes taking place, both in the world in general, and in my personal life.

On a global scale, we have the financial crisis, which I admit I don’t really understand. It just seems to me so many have been living on credit and other unearned income, that it was bound to happen sooner or later. It is quite obvious that there comes a point when the numbers living on unearned income of any kind becomes quite untenable, and money becomes devalued and debts unrecoverable, leading to economic collapse.

There is now a new administration with a new President in the United States, and people have high hopes that the Barack Obama era will be much better than the disastrous Bush era which preceded it. Already he has stopped the unfair trials of Guantanamo Bay inmates, and intends to close the prison camp down.

I hope he can quickly pull US troops out of Iraq, and achieve improvements in the situation in Afghanistan and also Israel/Palestine, though I’m not so hopeful about these. There is no doubt the Taliban are a major problem as is the ongoing Israeli/Palestine situation, with no easy solutions.

The economic situation is also a complicated one, and within the confines of capitalism I don’t profess to know or frankly care much about the solutions, if there are any. So long as they don’t come up with another major conflict to boost the arms industries, which is what has been the case in the past when there is rising unemployment and economic collapse. In my view, only some new kind of economic/political system, i.e. some form of Socialism or cooperative-based market economy, can provide long-term stability. Capitalism is prone to constant crises of this kind.

In my personal life I am trying to move on and find new interests/friends. For instance, I have been attending a Speakers’ Group at the workplace I retired from in May 2007, and I am dropping this, also the lunch club I’ve been attending with my mother. I am still exploring new groups to join, as old ones become boring or just uninteresting.

There have been other changes recently, which have been necessary but quite difficult to deal with. Lessons have been learnt, which is perhaps the important thing. I hope mistakes will not be repeated, both in my personal life and on a global scale.

Let’s look forward and move on, hoping that 2009 will see an improvement in many areas where things have been all gloom and doom lately.



The situation in occupied Palestine never improves much, and just demonstrates how one war leads to another. Israel was only established (on stolen Palestinian land) in the aftermath of World War II, largely due to the guilt of the Axis and Allied powers. The Axis for the Holocaust of course, and the Allies for refusing to take in more refugees.

The reasons for establishing the state of Israel in the Middle East were illogical in the extreme. Surely it should have been foreseen that stealing land from the Palestinians who had lived there for centuries would make foreign Jewish settlers living on the occupied lands far less safe than they would be almost anywhere else in the world?

As to the Jewish ‘right of return’ to the so-called Promised Land where they lived many centuries ago, this is plain nonsense. We could ALL cause chaos by claiming the right to return to lands our ancestors came from – Anglo-Saxons could all head for Saxony in Germany, non-native Americans would return to countries all over the world and start claiming land. The fact is that after 100 years or so have passed, i.e. the maximum lifetime of a human being, all rights of return to lands of ethnic origin should not be recognized, since other people now live in that land. Their rights come first, not the ‘rights’ of foreigners to return to the lands of their ancestors. And Israel is a tiny country – it could not possibly accommodate all the Jewish people in the world to whom it promises the ‘right of return’. America has wide open spaces – they’ve already practically given Utah to the Mormons, maybe they can spare one of their 50 states for the Jewish people? Though in principle I’m against states based on religion or race. All states should be secular and multi-racial.

Israel is an American-backed Western settler racist state set down in the Middle East. Of course it was going to cause endless wars and strife because it was established on Palestinian land without the agreement of the Palestinians, who were for the most part kicked off their land.

It was a great mistake to establish Israel in 1948, but now over 60 years have passed it is impossible to undo this. At the very least Israel should be confined to its pre-1967 borders, and full recognition given to an independent Palestinian state, to include the West Bank and Gaza, with the currently Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem as its capital. Another divided city is inevitable as long as Israel and Palestine remain separate entities.

(East Berlin functioned perfectly well as ‘Berlin, capital of the GDR’ for 40 years, and since 1974 North Nicosia has been capital of the Turkish Federative State of Cyprus and then the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and South Nicosia capital of the Greek-Cypriot Republic of Cyprus.)

In the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict, as in previous ones, there is wrong on both sides. Hamas shouldn’t be firing rockets on Israeli civilians, even if it does see them as illegal occupiers/settlers. Israel shouldn’t be firing shells, dropping bombs, etc. on Palestinian civilians in Gaza. And USA most certainly should not be supporting Israel by supplying it with arms and moral support.

There has been no major persecution of Jewish people in USA or UK in living memory. Indeed the Jewish lobby is a powerful force in American elections. If I were Jewish from an American or West European background and living in Israel I’d think seriously about returning to my country of ethnic origin. Even Germany and Austria are now far safer for Jewish people than Israel, surrounded by hostile Arab states and liberation movements determined to crush what they see as the illegal Jewish state out of existence.

As to Jewish people with other ethnic backgrounds, if they fear persecution in these countries due to their race or religion then they are in the same position as other minorities. Remember gays, gipsies and the mentally or physically disabled were also victims of the Nazi holocaust, but none of these other groups got a ‘homeland’ granted to them at the end of the Second World War. All victims of serious persecution because of their race, beliefs, lifestyle, etc. should be offered refugee status and asylum. Taking land from other people just creates more refugees – as happened in Palestine in 1948.

We probably have to reluctantly accept, for the foreseeable future, the racist state of Israel, and unfortunately this will probably lead to the establishment of an Islamic state of Palestine. My preference would be for a united secular state to include all of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, where all races/religions/beliefs have equal status. Then Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, etc. could hopefully all live together peacefully, but only if all Palestinians were given the right to live in the multi-racial secular state. Jewish people born or currently living in Israel/Palestine would also have this right.

As this is very unlikely to happen now the mistake has been made of establishing Israel as a Jewish state, the best we can continue to hope for is that America stops arming Israel, and pressure is put on it to negotiate a lasting peace with the Palestinians, which will involve the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.

Diana Speaks on a New York radio station.

Diana, former Princess of Wales, is interviewed on a New York radio station, as is her voice channel Andrew Russell-Davis. Coming on top of a TV interview elsewhere, other radio interviews and an interview in a film to be released probably later this year, the Diana phenomenum is starting to break through the silence in the world’s media and reach more and more people, along with many other channeled messages and enlightenment from the world of Spirit.

Listen to the broadcast interview yourself via this link. The broadcast starts with pop music, but you can fast forward several minutes into the broadcast till you come to the interview itself, which is most interesting.

The link is:

Diana herself sent me the following comments in reply to an email in which I praised the broadcast:

Hello Tony,

                     What a lovely and encouraging letter. Thank you so very much and I have to say I am myself quite pleased with this interview, the 1st I feel of many more to follow. Jon is a believer as he says on air which is a tremendous boost to everything naturally and a charming man.
Everything coming together will lend all the more credence to the reality of it all and so it was something therefore necessary to do.
Thank you again for ever supporting me and by all means do write something about this venture on your site as this will help encourage more people to sit up and take notice.  England’s Rose is blooming once more and without fear of being pulled out of the earth by the roots or the victim of any weed killer!
With best wishes and love from,
                                                        Diana xx

New Year, new start?

There’s a lot of unwarranted optimism every December 31st that the New Year is going to be better than the last, or in my case, the last 63. Why should it be? We hope the world is gradually getting better, but sometimes see little evidence of this. Perhaps, as Lenin said, it’s a case of ‘two steps forward, one step back’, i.e. progress is very gradual indeed, with constant set-backs.

So ‘Happy New Year’ seems a particularly silly phrase to me. As if we’re all going to go round for the next 365 days with a stupid grin on our faces, nobody is going to get ill or die, there are going to be no famines, wars, murders or natural disasters. The fact is, of course, that 2009 will be much the same as 2008 or any other year.

We do have a new President of the United States to look forward to, and surely this has got to be better than the GWB administration?

There are exciting things happening on the frontiers of science and investigating what up to now has been termed ‘the paranormal’. I feel both orthodox post-Einsteinian science and organized religion are in for at least a huge shock and shakedown, and this will upset many people but ultimately be for the good of the world. It will probably not happen in 2009 though, 50 to 100 years is more like the timescale for a new understanding of the universe and life based on evidence and new mathematical formulae to replace the old dogmas of religion and science.

In my personal life, I have decided things are stagnating. I need to re-examine things and get rid of what is stale and unhelpful, look for new activities, groups, interests and ways to meet and mix with new people. I never make New Year resolutions, but this does seem an appropriate time to stop or change what is unsatisfactory in my life and seek to replace it with things more rewarding and useful.

So let’s hope 2009 means a new start for America, the world and us personally if we feel things in our lives need changing or improving. Don’t expect miracles though. After 63 New Years I know nothing is going to change drastically in the next 12 months.