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We had a school reunion on Saturday. It was exactly 50 years since I left Bounds Green Secondary Modern school in July 1958 at the age of 13. I started at Tottenham Technical College for my last three years schooling in September of that year.

There was a reasonably good turn-out of pupils who were at the school during the 1950s and early 1960s. It would have been nice if a few more had been traced and were able to attend.

As it was I met three people from classes I had been in at Bounds Green Senior or Junior schools – Christine, Trixie and Beryl (picture below), oh I think Jennifer too was in one of my classes (picture at end of this blog, Jennifer is on the extreme left.)


Trouble is I have a shocking memory for names and faces and could only remember Beryl, but apparently I stuck in people’s memory. I did have the advantage at the time of having a very unusual surname – Papadopoulos. Not so unusual now, but my brother and I were two of the first pupils with Greek-Cypriot names in the school, and it caused no end of problems. Teachers couldn’t pronounce it, let alone spell it. Kids would tease us about it. My mother was then separated from my father, so when I went to Tottenham Technical College she changed the surname to Papard, which we have used ever since.

However Nigel Bradshaw, in my class at Bounds Green, was also in my class at Tottenham, and wanted to know why I’d changed my surname.

It would have been nice if Nigel and some of the other boys I remembered from Bounds Green could have been traced and turned up. Many of them are on Friends Reunited so can be contacted, including Nigel, Michael Rubbert, Bryan King as I have in the past exchanged emails with them. Also with some of the other girls from my class including Margaret Boone, Pat Duffy, and Delyth Morris who sadly died soon after we met up in Victoria after contacting each other thru Friends Reunited.

I also had the address of the mother of one of my best friends at school, Peter Wiseman. He was invited to my Retirement Party last year, but couldn’t make it as he was away on holiday. It would have been great to meet up with him again at the School Reunion, and with my other best friend David Pritchard, if he’s still alive and living in the UK. My other best friend, Michael Zacek, tragically died on my 15th birthday after being hit by a car. Another pupil, Pauline Berrycloth, who I was quite fond of but I don’t think ever got round to speaking to and making friends with, died in the Asian Flu epidemic of 1957/1958.

But on Saturday it was nice to meet with ex-pupils, and one ex-teacher, and talk about the school, the teachers, other pupils, etc. Many photos were taken, and it was interesting to hear what had happened to various people in the intervening 50 years since I left the school.

I do wonder, though, why more women than men seem interested in these kind of reunions.


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  1. Hi, my maiden name was Carol Berry. I attended Bounds Green School from approximately 1948 until 1953. After that we immigrated to Canada.

    We lived in the apartments at the end of Park Road. In those days it was called Park Court.

    My brother, Michael, and I would be very interested in reconnecting with anyone who lived in the area or attended Bounds Green School with us.

    The only names I recall are Jacky Hawkins, Ian and John (from the apartments), and Brenda Potter. I am sure my brother remembers more names than I do. Carol

  2. G’day Carol,
    I was student 49′-53. Sorry i don’t remember the name. If this gets to you perhaps
    you could get in touch by email…. (the headmasters name was Farrow) just in case you think its a hoax! Cheers

  3. Hi Carol
    My brother Roger and I Lived at 8 Park Court and we went to Bounds Green School until we left at 15 years old. Our flat was on the top floor in the first block.Hope life has been good to you? We are both well and happy Roger lives in Gozo small island off Malta but I am still in the uk with husband. Hope to hear from you

    all the best


  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    I remember you well from Bounds Green school. Nice to hear from you again, though I know you were replying to Carol’s comment.

    I don’t go to the school reunions anymore as they are too difficult to get to without a car and very cliquey – didn’t know anyone there last time I went, and found out none of my year on Friends Reunited had even been invited, except me.

    Wish you all the best. I’m now in Battersea. My mother is still alive aged 97, just 5 minutes’ walk away from my flat. Celebrated my 67th birthday yesterday.

    Tony Papadopoullos (name was changed to Papard when I went from Bounds Green to Tottenham Technical College in 1958).

  5. i would like to come in contact with my old class mates from 1950 to 1961 i lived in queens road
    and went to school with Barry Ingham, Alan Brooks.
    I live in Denmark now
    Hope there are some old freinds out there.
    Larry Thomas

  6. Hello
    I attended Bounds Green Secondary Modern School from Sept 1949 to July 1952. The Headmaster was Mr Swindon then Mr Farrow From 1949-52. My Form Masters were Mr. Wright 1949-50. Mr. Hinson 1950-52. My friends were John & Michael Greenhalgh, Brian Baines and Tony Mobbs who also attended BGSMS.

  7. Hi..I left BGSM in 1954…I am looking for my pal VALERIE CARTER? I used to live on Albert Road cnr of Outram Road nr the Dursford Lido?? (Who remembers that?) My maiden name was Moffatt…used to get called “morefat for the sausages”…lovely! Now live in Surrey, BC (Nr Vancouver) Canada. We had a headmistress, taught us French…can’t remember her name. Love to hear from any of you.

  8. I was in the Junior school in 1954, headmistress Miss Parish. I went into the Senior school at 11, headmaster Mr Jack Farrow. I think Mr Knaggs taught us French. He had a stutter and I remembering him saying: ‘Que.. que.. que f.f.fait v.v.vous. Or that could have been at Tottenham Technical College which I transferred to in 1958 when I was 13. Mr Drew (Sergeant Major Drew) was my last form teacher at BGSM in 1958.

  9. I attended B.G. school up to leaving in 1948 Mr Swindon was headmaster and found me my first job with the Daily Mail anyone remember me I also played the violin in Mr Palmers orchestra!.I now live in Hampshire would like to here from anyone around at that time.

  10. Mr Palmer was still the music teacher when I was there. I visited Broomfield Park a few years ago and there was a seat in his memory by the lake.

  11. It was an interesting comment by Tony Papard about Mr Palmer he was a great music teacher and artist and he was a great admire of the Russians! I remember when he got us delivering leaflets for him and paid me 2/6d they were about the communist party! (not that I am necessarily opposed to them in particular) of course they have disappeared off of the screen now) Do you remember Miss Taylor I still have a letter which she wrote me after I left. I would like to be informed of the next reunion meeting especially if any were there between 1944/48

  12. I was at Bounds Green Junior School from 1952 til 1956, then Bounds Green Senior School from 1957-1958 when I went to Tottenham Technical College (a great mistake!) I remember the teachers in the Junior school best.

    I never knew Mr Palmer was sympathetic to the Communist Party. I was a member in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Now back in the Labour Party.

    Unfortunately I lost touch with my friends at Bounds Green. The school reunions I found pretty useless as no boys turned up from my class. One girl I vaguely remembered. I do remember Mr Charles who married Miss King. He was the science teacher, she taught Geography. There was a sadistic PE teacher who gave the last boy out of the changing room the slipper each time.

  13. Hi folks. My name is Roy Townsend (b.1947).
    Strange thing nostalgia, Memory Lane and all that! I was having a clear out last week (Feb 2016) and found a load of my school reports from BG School. Amazing how (I presume) most of us “poor” kids from the late 40’s made something of our lives. Then I checked out BGSM on the web and this site appeared. Admittedly, I attended the school a few years later the most of the people in the articles above but I did have Miss Parish and Mr A.J. Farrow as heads until I left in winter 1961. Seem also to remember a Mr. Jones the PT master with a white plimsol on the alert. Farrows cane wasn’t all that bad either. No psycho damage sustained – bit different from all the PC today it seems.
    Anyhow, I came from Richmond Road, I recollect Larry Thomas from Queens Road (his brother had a Jag XK sports car – in them days!).
    Cheers, look after yourselves.

    1. I certainly remember you Roy as have been trying to track you down as a small group of us meet up every year who include Phil & Adrian who I am sure you probably remember.. Would welcome a contact e mail address wo I can let you know when that will be again.

  14. I’m only two years older than you, Roy. I was in Bounds Green Junior School from 1952-1956, when I went into the Senior School. Yes Miss Parrish was headmistress of the Junior school when I was there, and Mr Farrow headmaster of the Seniors. I remember Mr Jones the PT master who gave the last boy out of the changing room the slipper, most unfair, he wouldn’t be allowed to do that now. Was he some kind of sadist? I left in 1958 to go to Tottenham Technical College, probably a mistake in retrospect. I now live in Battersea, but on visits to Bounds Green I noticed the playing fields have been built over, and I guess all those prefabs where I was in Sergeant Major Drew’s class have all gone too. You could look it up on Google maps and see all the houses on the old playing fields. Never met up with any boys from any of the schools I attended, at least not since the mid-1960s when one came to visit me in Welwyn Garden City where I moved in 1961. Horrible place for a teenager!

  15. My name, by the way, was Tony Papadopoulos when at Bounds Green. My mother changed it to Papard after I left the school in mid-1958.

  16. I was at bgs from 1950-1965 I remember you well Roy and my brother Colin was very interested in your sister I have been living in Denmark for 35yrs I am married to a danish girl I met on a kibbutz in Israel and we have 2 boys. I hope we can meet some time and chat about old times.
    Best wishes Larry Thomas

  17. I was at Bounds Green Sec School from 1963. I was there while the new school was built and also when it went comprehensive and joined Cecil Rhodes to become Alexandra Park Comprehensive. Would be very interested in chatting with any of the old pupils.

  18. I was at Bounds Green Infant School from 1954-55 and then the Junior School up until 1961 when I started at the Secondary school from 1961 until I left in 1967. The way I found this site was by Googling “Jack Farrow Headmaster” – amazing. I too remember Mr Palmer. Ishbel MacKay was my home room teacher in my 3rd year and taught me to play the guitar. I remember Mr. Randall was the Geography Teacher, Joyce Beltram taught PE, I remember Miss Harkness and Miss Sanders. In 1971 I immigrated to Canada. At present I am retired and living in a lovely village called Thornbury on Georgian Bay. I would love to hear from any of my old classmates. Thanks.

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