Lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer

Summer is an unpredictable thing nowadays. Last year it passed us by altogether, with just a few sunny days here and there. This year has been better, starting off with some very hot weather in May.

My mother and I were booked on several day trips to the coast, and a week at a holiday camp in Suffolk. Most of these were in June/early July. The weather was not really good for any of these, though the sun did make some appearances between the cloud cover and rain. Forget ‘flaming June’, it is usually more like the traditional April with a lot of showers.

By so-called Mid-Summer’s Day on June 24th, of course, our Summer had hardly even started. Nothing unusual about that, July, August and September being the height of the British Summer when most people go on holiday.

But now, towards the end of July, we are enjoying another spell of good weather. Every sunny day we get between May and September I try to take advantage by going swimming/sunbathing at one or other of my two favorite natural water swimming places in London. These are the Mixed Bathing Pond on Hampstead Heath and the Serpentine Lido in Hyde Park.

I usually take my mother with me when I go to the Lido, and she enjoys sitting by the lake watching all the activity. There are the kids playing in and out of the water, swimmers, boats on the Serpentine, and lots of activity on the other side of the lake, including the occasional horse riders. They charge £4 just to sit in this area (£3 if you’re a pensioner) and if there’s two adults and you both want lockers and sunbeds, a day at the Lido will cost you £15 before you’ve bought any refreshments at the little cafe.

Hampstead is somewhat cheaper, but much smaller, no sunbeds and no lockers. It was free to swim there for years, and technically it still is. However there is now a machine at the entrance where you can put money in to obtain a ticket. The charges are written up, with no explanation that payment is entirely voluntary, a sort of ‘donation’. For pensioners it’s only £1. As I feel I pay over-the-odds for my mother and I up the Serpentine Lido when we go, and as I’ve been swimming free up Hampstead for years, like most regulars I don’t pay when I go up Hampstead. If they want money they should at least provide lockers to keep your clothes in, I’d pay for that.

So whenever I go swimming at either of these two places I pack sandwiches and a drink. My mother feels that an easy trip on the 49 bus from Battersea to Kensington Gardens, feeding the squirrels with nuts on the way thru the flower gardens to Hyde Park and the Serpentine, is as good or better than a trip to the coast. We have an ice cream on the way, and sometimes we stop off at the Diana Memorial fountain, where on occasions we cool our feet in the water along with all the tourists and other visitors.

Officials have a hopeless task trying to stop kids and others having fun by using it as a paddling pool. These ‘jobsworth’ spoilsports should give up, this fitting memorial to the ‘people’s princess’ will always be used by the people in the way they want. Fear of slipping and getting wet has reduced since they altered the surface under the water, and really it’s no more dangerous than the kid’s paddling pond in the Lido nearby.

By the way, how about erecting a statue of Diana in this large area? The woman who rocked the Monarchy, and who has stated since her death on Internet interviews that she doesn’t want William to be King and expects the Monarchy to be abolished after the Queen dies, deserves a sculpture. If only for breaking the taboo by shaking hands with AIDS patients, and for taking up the campaign against landmines. That she was murdered by the Establishment for being a ‘loose cannon’, as one Tory backbencher described her, who could not be ‘allowed’ to meddle in politics, as he also said a week before her assassination in Paris, I have not the slightest doubt.

On days when it is not really warm enough for swimming, but dry, we head for the River Thames less than a mile from my mother’s flat and mine. We often do this after our Wednesday and Thursday lunch club in Battersea High Street. Turn left and you come to a pleasant little park, Fred Wells gardens, with a tennis court and two children’s playgrounds. Walk thru there and there’s a raised embankment where you can sit overlooking the River and Chelsea Harbor opposite.

If I feel particularly energetic and the weather looks settled, I push her wheelchair all along the Riverside Walk to Battersea Park, which is one of the most varied parks in London. We visit the Old English Garden – very peaceful, then make our way to the lake. Parts of this look like a Louisiana bayou, or a river way out in the middle of the country. There is a tropical garden with exotic plants at one end of the lake, and a cafe at the other end. Also in the park is a little garden where you can buy plants, and some very wild areas.

Both of these were, or are, used by gay men for ‘cruising’, though the area by Queenstown Road/Chelsea Bridge seems to have been abandoned by them since a fence enclosing it was removed. They now seem to have moved to a sort of field and bushes a bit further into the park, north of the athletic track. I used to take my mother in there to get a feel of being right out in the countryside, but it became obvious she was the only woman there, with men lying, sitting or walking around. She didn’t notice anything untoward, but my gaydar instantly recognized this as a cruising ground, not a very active one, but very obvious to me.

It looks fine today, so I’m going to make up some sandwiches and take my mother up Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park if she feels like it, and I hope to have another swim in the Serpentine. All too soon Winter will be upon us, then no more swimming/sunbathing till next May if I’m lucky.

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer as the old pop song says.

The Internet is busting wide the cover-ups!

After the sensational ‘Diana, Princess of Wales’ podcasts, come more sensational Internet revelations.

Dr Ed Mitchell, respected scientist, NASA astronaut and the sixth man to walk on the Moon, can be heard in this YouTube clip telling a British radio interviewer that UFOs are a real phenomenom, that we have been visited by alien craft, the Roswell crash was real, and that there is on-going contact. The cover-up by world governments is now beginning to crumble, Mitchell says, presumably because after 60 years, although we are completely defenseless against these superior civilizations hence the cover-up so as not to panic the public, it is now obvious they are not hostile. Listen to the interview here:

Rationalist (atheist) Michael Roll also has two YouTube video clips in which he makes the scientific case for survival of death. Roll says materializations are real, repeatable experiments, one mother has been reunited with her son at least 300 times and he appeared as solid and real as in life. Such evidence has been available for over 100 years, and scientists such as Sir William Crookes (inventor of the Cathode Ray tube), Sir Oliver Lodge (radio pioneer) conducted materialization experiments under laboratory conditions. Now, thanks to engineer scientist Ronald Pearson, we have the mathematics to back up the experiments. Einstein admitted in 1949 that his theories may have been flawed. The Theory of Relativity, for instance, was formed before certain discoveries about wave particles. Pearson has had his work accepted in Russia, who have now discarded Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in favor of Person’s new mathematical formula. Pearson’s formula, reinstating the theory of the ether, explains what Crookes, Lodge and scientists of their day couldn’t – where the ‘after life’ dimension is.

Listen to Roll’s fascinating YouTube video clips here:

So you have it from the mouth of a NASA astronaut – UFOs exist, aliens are in on-going contact with Earth. From an atheist – the after-life exists and dead people have materialized in repeatable experiments. From a scientist – Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was flawed and is now out-of-date, his new theory supports the after-life. And from Diana of course, whose unmistakable voice via a medium seems almost commonplace after Roll’s revelation of the vast number of full materializations of deceased persons which have taken place.

Philosophical questions

Is there intelligent design in Nature?

Quite obviously there is. Something as complicated as a human or animal, with all their internal organs, defense mechanisms, etc. cannot possibly have come about thru mere ‘chance’ or ‘accident’ coupled with so-called natural selection. The idea is totally preposterous.

Is there therefore a Creator or God?

Not necessarily, in fact most probably not. A study of natural history suggests everything is evolving very slowly. A Creator/God would suggest the opposite, i.e. that everything was created instantly and planned in minute detail beforehand, therefore there would be no need for evolution.

Where does intelligent design come from in that case?

From ourselves, from all living creatures, who plan the next stage of evolution. First life forms were plants and very simple single-celled creatures. They evolved gradually, but obviously guided by intelligence.

So human and animal brains design the next minute changes in the evolutionary process?

Not necessarily, as this is assuming intelligence and consciousness originate in the brain. All the evidence suggests it does not. Brain cells, like all other cells in the body, die off and are replaced. Not a single cell in your body is the same as when you were born. Therefore your body cannot possibly be the real ‘you’.

So where does intelligence and consciousness originate?

All the evidence suggests consciousness and intelligence exist quite separately from the physical body. Most probably, in their purest form, they are a form of energy. This is often referred to as Spirit. The brain is merely the mediator between this conscious energy or Spirit and the physical body. Ideas and consciousness do not originate in the brain, any more than TV pictures originate inside a TV set. The brain is very like a radio or TV set, enabling Spirit to control and operate thru the physical body.

What are the implications of this?

That there is no such thing as death, that all living organisms are eternal and essentially they are Spirit. We do have other temporary bodies, which after death appear as solid and real as our physical bodies do on Earth, since they exist in another dimension interpenetrating our own. These are often referred to as the astral and soul bodies. But once sufficiently developed, we do not need any kind of body, we exist as pure Spirit or energy. In any case solid matter is an illusion. Nothing is solid. Everything which appears solid is composed of sub-atomic particles, waves and vibrations. Everything we see and touch around us is an illusion, and not as it seems.

What is reality?

Reality exists in the highest Spiritual planes, or in the most highly developed alternative dimensions/parallel universes. In the very highest of these all living things merge their individual identities in the greater whole, something very God-like often called The Great Spirit. However the main difference from the traditional idea of God is that this Great Spirit, or Unified Conscious Energy Field, has evolved slowly over what we perceive in our Universe as eons of Time, and it is continuing to evolve. But the process is eternal, and Time does not really exist once free of the physical universe where we are trapped in a one-way journey from past, thru present to the future.

Did the Universe start with the Big Bang?

Our Universe started with the Big Bang, but this explains nothing at all. It is no more an answer to where we all came from than the traditional God-Creator theory. Both are totally nonsensical and illogical as an ‘explanation’ for the origin of our Universe.

Something obviously cannot come out of nothing, whether it is created by ‘God’ or suddenly appears in a mysterious Big Bang. So the question to ask is what happened BEFORE the Big Bang, or where did the matter/energy come from which produced the Big Bang?

Quite obviously if something exists now, it must ALWAYS have existed in some form or other, and will ALWAYS exist. Everything is eternal. Time is an illusion of our own physical Universe. It does not exist outside of our Universe, and there are many universes/dimensions or spiritual planes. We perceive Time merely because we in this physical Universe are trapped, only able to move slowly forward in Time, like a film moves frame by frame from beginning to end. But in reality the whole sequence of events exists – there is no present, past and future, this is just an illusion created by the limitations of our universe.

So where did the matter/energy come from which was released in the Big Bang? As I say, it always existed in some form or other – possibly as energy. Quite likely in another dimension. Just as matter/energy get sucked into Black Holes, the other side of the equation may well be that it emerges in another dimension as a Big Bang, creating a new universe.

Where is the evidence for all this?

It is all around us, everywhere. There’s none so blind as those who won’t see, those who refuse to study any evidence which upsets their own cozy theories. Science is due for a big shake-up, but orthodox scientists are resisting this as they always do, since it means revising many of their pet theories.

The facts are that orthodox Science is trapped in a cul-de-sac. They cannot locate over 90% of the matter existing, yet know it must exist. They call it ‘dark matter’, as though that were an ‘explanation’. Quantum physics goes a long way to explaining this, theorizing on alternative dimensions/parallel universes interpenetrating our own. But it is likely that the theory of the ether also needs to be revived – a form of matter/energy which permeates our universe and others.

Certainly there are other universes/dimensions/spiritual planes all around us, interpenetrating our own. We are like a TV set tuned into only one channel. Until we press the remote control buttons to tune into another channel, we are totally unaware of its existence. Just as there are many TV channels, there are many universes.

So all living things and everything else is essentially eternal, and when we ‘die’ we continue our existence in an alternative dimension or a different spiritual plane?

Exactly. The evidence is overwhelming. There has been constant contact with people who have died, via various means, including mediums, electronic equipment, etc. There are materializations of dead people, Diana, the former Princess of Wales, has recorded many podcasts available on the Internet, channeled thru Andrew Russell-Davis. Fingerprints have been obtained from a materialized hand, and it matched the fingerprints of the deceased found on the razor with which he commited suicide (John Logie Baird, TV pioneer, described ths experiment.) Many, many scientists have become convinced that life after death is a fact, based on the scientific evidence of survival.

Concluding comments/summary:

Wake up, people! Both organized religion and orthodox atheistic science have deceived everyone for far too long.

The Universe did not suddenly appear out of nothing in a Big Bang, and we did not evolve entirely by chance aided by Natural Selection. Nor can you do what you like, kill and torture people and animals, and expect no comeback; just expect that you will die and face blissful oblivion, having hopefully escaped the consequence of your actions.

Nor did some great man in the sky with a long white beard plan in minute detail and create everything out of nothing, as traditional religion, The Bible, Koran, Torah and other religious texts suggest. Nor are there any quick escape routes from the consequences of your actions, enabling instant spiritual progress thru ‘salvation’, ‘Confession’, ‘the Last Rites’, or being ‘born again’, nor promises of virgins in Heaven for martyrs. This is all man-made religious mumbo-jumbo. As the Socialist anthem ‘The Internationale’ states: ‘no Saviors from on high deliver’. We are all responsible for our own actions, we will judge ourselves after death and the laws of karma will insure we all reap what we sow, eventually.

Yet since we are all eternal and survive death, anybody who ever lived still lives. This includes Jesus, Mohammed, the Buddha, Mary the mother of Jesus and all other historical figures. So Christians can expect to see Jesus and Mary if they wish to, and likewise the followers of other religions will be able to see their founders. Visions of Mary, Jesus, etc. are therefore very real Spiritual experiences, and should be valued as such. Great teachers are constantly coming to Earth – highly developed Spirits volunteering to come and show us the way to live. Mahatma Gandhi being an example from the last century, though there are many others.

Although the law of karma applies to everyone, we do have free will. We can choose to work thru our karma and progress, or we can refuse to face it and stagnate. After death we can remain Earthbound, move to the darker lower Spiritual planes, or we can learn from our mistakes and progress. That is why we are all here – to learn, develop and progress, thru many physical lifetimes and also in the spiritual planes beyond.

The evidence for survival is there – Out of the Body experiences, Near-Death experiences, mediumship messages, Direct Voices from the dead via mediums and electronic devices such as tape recorders, TV sets and radios, physical mediumship where dead people materialize using ectoplasm and other methods.

If Science studied all these areas and put sufficient funds into research, we would soon be able to tune into other dimensions/universes/spiritual planes via electronic equipment, clearly see them and hold two-way conversations with entities living there, including those who once lived on Earth. It is happening already, thru ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). But the technology is still in its infancy, largely because orthodox science won’t put the funds into research and totally ignore anything suggestive of survival of death.

Nevetheless, such electronic devices have been invented to communicate with the dead, dispensing with the need for physical mediums. Some of these only worked with certain Spirits. The whole thing is very complex, since there are so many levels of vibrations to tune into. As Spirits develop, and move to the higher planes, they find it more difficult, or impossible, to communicate with the Earth plane.

But the 21st Century is the beginning of the New Age. Old organized religion and ideas of a God in the sky who planned and created everything in minute detail, assigning people to Heaven or Hell in a Final Judgment, are obsolete. As is atheistic Science which believes everything was created out of nothing in a mysterious Big Bang, and somehow accidentally became organized into the complex life-forms we see today. Both of these ignore all the overwhelming evidence which contradicts their preposterous theories.

As I say, and as Diana, former Princess of Wales says in her podcasts (, it is high time we all woke up and faced reality!


Just a general post as I haven’t written one for a while, having been on holiday for a week.

The rock’n’roll weekend, Wildest Cats In Town, was great, met many friends, and paid my deposit for next July sharing with Frank Walker to see The Comets and Gene Summers.

The main American acts this year were Mac Curtis, Johnny Powers and Charlie Gracie. Mac was disappointing, but the other two were great. Also enjoyed seeing Graham Fenton’s Matchbox and Crazy Cavan, two bands I’ve been following for well over 30 years (including Graham’s previous bands the Houseshakers and the Hellraisers). I managed to exchange a few words also with Mike Coffey, Cavan’s drummer and brother of Breathless Dan Coffey.

I stayed on, with my mother (aged 93), at the Pakefield holiday camp for their Summer Golden Break (Over 50s week), and enjoyed it, though much of the entertainment was a repeat of what we saw back in December when we went on their Turkey and Tinsel Golden Break. Most of the Bluecoats were still there, though the camp one had been replaced by Scott, a handsome young lad and upcoming singer. ‘Sunbeam’ was there smiling as usual, real name ‘Daniel’ which he hates. I was tempted to sing ‘Danny boy’ every time I passed him, but restrained myself!

The 1960s and 1940s Bluecoat shows, The Ivy League and the Day-Glo puppet show were all essentially the same as on the Turkey and Tinsel week back in December. But we enjoyed them again.

The Gold Breaks seem to be mainly aging heterosexual couples. I just wonder why so few gay couples go on these breaks? It was the same on the cruises we went on recently. I do find it a bit tiresome that on both the cruises and the Pontins Gold Breaks, the clientele seem to consist almost entirely of narrow-minded, flag-waving, foreigner-hating heterosexuals. Graham, the camp compere, stated he hated the French, hated the EU, and didn’t see why Land of Hope and Glory should be banned by the Albert Hall. It is because it is politically incorrect, as is Rule Britannia! and many other jingoistic anthems.

Some of us are glad we are in the EU, which has forced Britain to give gay people equal rights and generally dragged the UK into the 21st century. What I want now is Britain to become a federated state in a united European republic. If Graham and most of the Pontins crowd don’t like that, let them go and fight their old imperialist, foreigner-hating wars somewhere else. Oh by the way, Graham, I think there are more deserving causes than giving free holidays to families of servicemen fighting illegal wars abroad. They should be brought home to fight the teenage gang anarchy on our own city streets. And, being a republican who wants rid of the Monarchy, of course I remained seated during the ridiculous so-called ‘National Anthem’ ‘God Save The Queen’ which closed the 1940s show, as I did also in December. I’ll stand for the European anthem, ‘Ode To Joy’ I believe, for ‘The Red Flag’, ‘The Internationale’, ‘England Arise!’ maybe even ‘There’ll Always Be An England’, certainly not to save some outdated monarch from consignment to the dustbin of history!

And as to the heterosexual predominance among the clientele, I would say this probably didn’t apply to the entertainers, where there has always been a strong gay representation. I’m sure, for example, I spotted the female partner of a woman entertainer in the main ballroom one nite – definitely a ‘sister’ in one way or another, either by blood or sexual orientation.

One thing occurred to me – for elderly/disabled people like my mother why do we bother traveling all the way to Pakefield, Lowestoft in Suffolk? They might just as well create a Pontins holiday camp in the middle of London, with a picture of the sea as a backcloth. It was impossible to get down to the beach or even close enough to see the sea and waves at Pakefield, because they’ve never bothered to make the beach there accessible to wheelchairs and the disabled.

They HAVE improved the rough path down to the beach and installed a hand-rail, but it is still too rough and steep for disabled or elderly people. A gradually sloping tarmac or cemented path leading down to a terrace with a beach cafe would be ideal. In fact I would say it was ESSENTIAL to enable everyone holidaying at Pakefield to enjoy the sea air/view. The only alternative is to get transport into neighboring Lowestoft each time you want to see the sea/go on the beach. As meals are every three hours or so at Pakefield during the week, the only way to spend most of the day on the beach is to miss your midday meal, or spend much of the day waiting for buses to an accessible beach.

Despite the weather, which was changeable, we had a nice break, and managed to avoid the rain most of the week, catching quite a bit of sunshine which we mostly spent in a little garden on the camp, since the beach was so inaccessible.

I did venture down to the beach 3 times and swam in the cold sea twice. Didn’t see anyone else swimming, but then I’m used to cold water as I swim regularly in the Summer months in open air ponds/lakes or the sea.

‘Diana’ podcasts have stopped for the moment at least, but I’m still catching up on these and the posts on the original website. I’m still convinced it is her. Why shouldn’t it be? A very determined woman in life, I would imagine she would NOT go quietly if she felt she was bumped off to keep her silent. And if they are thinking of bumping off Andrew Russell-Davis, her main channel, she has plenty of other channels around the world thru which she is having her say. Diana, Princess of Wales, did everything she could in life to undermine the Monarchy as it stands, and after death has stated in her podcasts she hopes, and believes, the Monarchy will be abolished after the present incumbant dies. She does NOT want William to be King and lead the restricted lifestyle Diana was forced to when still married to Charles.

As to the coming week, my mother and I have two more coastal trips booked – Worthing on Tuesday and Hastings on Friday. At least she will be able to see the sea on those trips. Let’s hope the weather stays dry at least, and hopefully sunny.