Everything coming at once.

Isn’t it strange how everything seems to happen at the wrong time? After waiting years for an allotment, I’m offered one just as I’m about to go on holiday, with the warning if I don’t accept and start cultivating it within about three weeks, I’ll lose it.

This is absolutely impossible of course. I’ll have to write to them and explain why. After my holiday, I have other things to sort out first, and before I can even begin to start work on my allotment plot, I’ll have to first arrange to collect the keys, then get some gardening tools and somehow erect something to store them in. So I’ll be lucky if any actual gardening gets done for a month.

Today I set aside the morning to do loads of things which need to be cleared up before going away on Friday. What happens? The Fire Brigade just ring up and say they are coming round this morning to check my Fire Alarms. This means I can’t leave the flat for another hour or so.

In addition to all this, my mother’s Housing Association and the Council’s Housing Benefit department refuse point blank to talk to each other. They expect a 93 year old woman to do their work for them, and liaise between the Housing Association, the Housing Benefit Office, and her bank. In the meantime, the Housing Association propose to start taking extra money from her bank again via direct debit, money they are not entitled to because they will most probably be paid it twice – by my mother and by the Council. When they did this before, taking 500 pounds illegally from my mother’s bank account via Direct Debit, it took years to get a refund.

The council themselves are just as bad, when I set up a Direct Debit to pay my own rent, because the local rent office was closing, they blandly informed me that it was ‘policy’ to take 60 weeks rent, i.e. 5 weeks every calendar month, for every year. When I protested this would mean I would end up paying about 8 weeks extra rent, they just repeated it was their ‘policy’, but it might, note, might be adjusted in the next financial year. Needless to say I canceled the Direct Debit. Evidently the council cannot multiply the weekly rent due by 52 then divide by 12 to get the correct monthly figure.

So as soon as we get back from holiday, I have just 3 working days to sort my mother’s rent out with her Housing Association, Council Housing Benefit department and her bank, and to cancel th Direct Debit if we can’t find out how much she should be paying.

And all this comes in the two months of Summer, when we are going on holiday, on outings, and I concentrate on swimming in the open air whenever we get nice weather. Oh, and this is also the time they have decided at our luncheon club to start a Drama Group, which we are interested in.

Because they chose the wrong day and wrong time of year, we and others will miss a lot of the 10 sessions. There are two other clubs operating on a Tuesday afternoon, and June, July, August are the months most people go away. It would be sensible to start such classes in late September, and on a Wednesday or Thursday when there is nothing else on.

Yes, everything comes at once, and we just can’t do it all!

Diana thanks me

In a new podcast interview, #29 in the entire batch of podcasts, and #9 in the ‘Diana Then And Now’ series, Diana speaks of recent developments during the gap since the last podcast interviews were recorded. This gap was due to personal problems in the family of Rose Campbell, the interviewer, which have now been resolved. Both Victor Zammit and myself, and our websites, are mentioned by Diana as being instrumental in spreading the message about the channeled Diana messages around the world.

If my initial skepticism (actually initial amazement and conviction, the doubts came later, but were quickly dispelled) kick-started an exchange of emails and phone calls which have now spread the message around the world that it really is Diana who is speaking, then I’m glad I and this weblog have been useful in this way.

I have to say that, for me personally, the podcast interviews where I picture Diana as she was on Earth answering Rose’s questions are much more powerful than the YouTube videos of Andrew Russell-Davis channeling Diana via Direct Voice. For me it is disconcerting to hear her voice coming out of someone who looks nothing like her, is not even of the same gender.

However, others have commented how even Diana’s gestures are seen in Andrew on the YouTube videos. Not being a royalist, I never studied Diana in life, never took much interest in her till shortly before her death when she got involved in the landmines issue, for instance.

I urge you to listen to this latest, most up-to-date podcast interview in which channeled answers to questions from two aspects of Diana, one channeled thru Andrew and a higher one channeled thru Rose Campbell, are heard. It is an interesting experiment, as we all apparently exist on more than one level – we have a higher spiritual aspect as well, which normally we are reunited with after death.

However, Earthbound spirits, like Diana, remain for a while at least, separated from this higher spiritual aspect of themselves. In Diana’s case, because she still has important work to do here.

This podcast, and the others, can be heard at the following websites:



‘Diana’ update


A few weeks ago I posted some blogs about the posthumous ‘Diana, former Princess of Wales’ messages available on the Internet. These are in the form of an autobiographical book, written messages, podcasts in which American medium Rose Campbell interviews ‘Diana’, and YouTube videos in which she speaks thru her main channeler, medium Andrew Russell-Davis. In fact all the above messages were channeled thru Andrew.

The Direct Voice messages heard in the podcasts and on YouTube are the most interesting and controversial. They sound very authentic, although the voice is slightly deeper than the living Diana we heard on the famous Panorama interview, for instance. On these posthumous ‘Direct Voice’ messages channeled thru Andrew her voice sounds as though she is perhaps a bit husky, as when one has a cold. This is not too surprising, she is, after all, using male vocal cords to speak.

However her manner of speaking, her phraseology, the content of the messages themselves, which include detailed knowledge of her family, the Windsors and the events in Paris in August 1997, plus the fact that the voice gets quite emotional whenever speaking of ‘her boys’, William and Harry, all sound very authentic.

William is certainly aware of Andrew Russell-Davis and the channeled messages from ‘Diana’ as his private secretaries have replied on two separate occasions to Andrew, thanking him warmly for his letters.

Whether the two princes have actually listened to the podcasts of course we can’t know for sure, but it seems highly likely. A medium has said that many of the younger royals have listened to them and alerted William and Harry to them. ‘Diana’ seems to be under the impression that Harry is more swayed by them than William, and urges the older prince to ‘listen to his brother’. 

Of course neither feel at liberty to speak openly on this matter, not least because the messages themselves contain controversial statements about the events of Paris on August 31st 1997, casting doubt on whether it was really an ‘accident’, and also on the future of the Monarchy, with suggestions William may not even want to be King, and that the institution is unlikely to survive, at least in its present form, after the Queen dies.

‘Diana’ also states that the whole truth about the fatal Paris car crash will only emerge when the Queen dies.

I have stuck my neck out on several occasions on all this – with my weblogs, talking to friends about it, an article on the phenomena which will be appearing in a magazine shortly, and, by request of ‘Diana’ and Andrew, I contacted the ‘Richard and Judy’ program asking if they could invite Andrew on their program, but they rejected this request.

Of course, to after-life researchers, ‘Direct Voice’ communication with spirits is not all that uncommon. It is a well-known phenomenom, as is ITC/EVP communications, whereby voices and sometimes images of spirit people appear on recording equipment, TV sets, on radios tuned in to ‘white noise’, etc. An even more amazing phenomena are full and part materializations of spirit people via physical mediums.  I feel it is only a matter of time before we can communicate electronically with these entities, without needing to go thru human mediums.

We live in a multi-universe,  and as quantum physics postulates there are parallel universes/alternative dimensions existing alongside and penetrating our own. This is exactly what Spiritualists have been saying for over 100 years, using different terminology – ‘spiritual planes’ instead of ‘other dimensions/universes’.

We ourselves are far more complex than some people realize. We exist on several levels. As well as physical bodies, we have spiritual elements existing simultaneously in the spirit planes.

There is a lot of scientific research going into the various spirit phenomena described above, and the ‘Diana’ messages are but one set of  examples of ‘Direct Voice’ communication from the Other Side.

‘Diana’ has said she is sticking close to the Earth plane for a few more years at least, using Andrew as a channel, to get her message thru . Messages about the reality of life after death, about her relationship with Dodi and what happened in Paris, and above all she would like the opportunity to talk with William and Harry via Andrew.

One thing is coming thru loud and clear in these messages from ‘Diana’: if someone did find her too much of a nuisance and thought they’d heard the last of her, as she said in the Panorama interview all those years ago, she will NOT go quietly.

Listen to the podcasts, there are 42 of them altogether, and make up your own mind: http://www.sessionswithspirit.info/





Today I was emailed by an old colleague from Battersea CND as was, that I am now to be granted an allotment, after waiting a few years. Now in charge of allotments in the borough, she wants to know if I’m interested, as it is some distance from where I live.

Since there are no allotments at all in Battersea, they are all the other side of Wandsworth, I am interested of course. So I hope I’ll be able to go and have a look, and see what equipment I need to purchase – whether there’s a tool shed already there for example, or whether I have to get one erected. No good my buying a flat-pack and trying to do it myself. I know from wardrobes, cabinets, etc. I’ve tried to assemble that I’m hopeless at this sort of thing. A flat-pack shed of any sort would soon live up to its name – even if I managed to erect it, a day later it would be flat on the ground.

So I have visions of at last having a little bit of land once again to cultivate, with a few vegetables, some flowers, a bit of grass. Somewhere I can sit in the good weather. I like the London parks, of which there are many, but it’s not quite the same as having your own little bit of ground.

For whatever reason, my flat and the one I had before have no balconies. So I haven’t had a balcony, backyard or garden since 1977, 31 years ago! People in council homes with gardens often allow them to be overgrown, or pave them over. This is very selfish – if they don’t want the garden, they should be moved to a place without a garden.

Where I have lived the past 24 years there is wasted space at the back of each block which could easily be turned into allotment plots or communal gardens for tenants. Instead it is a little used wasteland of paving stones and overgrown beds, which nobody ever uses.

So I’m quite looking forward to going and investigating this little plot – just half a full-size plot so I believe, which will be quite sufficient for me.

Pity it is not nearer, but better than nothing. With land at a premium we are lucky all allotment plots have not been sold off to developers for building luxury apartments. 

Falling house/property prices

There’s been a lot of hype in the media about the devastating effect on home owners of falling property prices, but surely this is a very good thing, enabling first time buyers to get on to the property ladder if they so wish?

For home owners, does it really matter one hoot whether their home is worth £500k or £300k if it is general property prices, rather than something just affecting their particular property, which has caused the drop in price?

These are largely paper figures which mean very little, unless of course you own more than one property and are hoping to speculate on them. If you owned a home worth half a million pounds, and due to a general fall in property prices it is now only worth £300k, you will get less money if you sell up, but will also be able to buy a similar property at the reduced price.

I realize home owners are usually nothing of the sort, this is just a snobbish way of describing people who are up to their eyes in life-long mortgage debt. They don’t actually OWN the property till they have paid for it in full, with interest. Till then they are debtors living in property really owned by the mortgage company, who can re-possess if payments are not made regularly.

So it may seem unfair that people with mortgages are still having to pay, say, £500k plus interest for a home now worth only £300k, but they never complained when that property was worth perhaps £700k due to a rise in property prices did they?

Whether they paid in full for their property, or whether they are paying over a number of years via a mortgage, really makes no difference. If they wish to sell-up, yes they’ll have to pay off their mortgage, but they’d have to do this whatever the current market value of properties.

Whether property prices are high or low, it would be impossible for them to pay off their mortgage AND buy a similar property purely from the proceeds of selling up.

When property prices are high, OK they’d have more money left over after paying off their mortgage, but would have to pay more for the new property.

When property prices are low, yes they’d have less money left over after paying off their mortgage, but buying a similar property would be cheaper.

For home owners with only one property, which they live in, all these figures are largely meaningless. The facts are that, until you have bought and fully paid for your property with interest, you are stuck and not really in a position to sell-up and buy a similar property from the proceeds of selling your present one. This applies whether property prices are high or low.

The only people who really lose out are those whose homes are blighted by development plans in the area, by subsidance, fundamental flaws in the property, etc.. The only ones who really gain, are property speculators who can realize huge profits when prices are high. I believe this kind of speculation should be outlawed, and selling property you are not actually living in yourself should be heavily taxed so no profits are made at all, i.e. a 100% property sale tax on all profits due to a general rise in property prices.

No tax refunds should be made if property prices fall either. This would deter property speculation.

As to property for rent, this should be by local authorities and housing associations/cooperatives only, at low rents to cover maintenance of the property, and the cost of building new properties for people on their waiting lists.

Private renting out of property should be outlawed, unless it is just taking in lodgers to help pay off the mortgage or pay the rent for a property you are actually living in yourself.

Remember the maxim: ‘Property is theft’. It certainly is when you buy it just to speculate, either by selling when the prices are high, or by renting out for huge profits.

My father bought land in his native Cyprus which he did little with but which increased in value. Much of any money which is inherited by me from him will eventually go to charity. I don’t wish to personally profit from property speculation. All unearned income is theft in my book, unless it is something like a TV quiz show or the lottery where all participants are willing gamblers. Even then prizes should be limited so nobody wins enough money to live off the proceeds for most of their lives without working. Work is the duty of all able-bodied citizens who have left school/college/university and are below the normal retiring age, which I believe should be 60.


Over a year after taking early retirement, I find I have settled into a new routine. I am still at home very little, not really any more time, or not much more, than when I was working part-time.

I used to be out of the flat from about 11 a.m. till 7.30 or 8 p.m. when I was working. This was the days I called in on my mother’s flat on the way to work, but days I didn’t do this I was out the flat from about 12 noon or 12.30 p.m. at the latest.

Now at least 6 days a week I spent several hours a day at my mother’s flat, or taking her out places. Today, for instance, I was out of my flat from just before 12 noon till nearly 7pm, and this is fairly typical.

Wednesday and Thursdays we go to a lunch club, then if the weather is good we sit in a little park nearby, move on to the River Thames embankment, sometimes go for a walk, then come back, watch some of the daytime quiz shows on TV and I cook a meal which we eat together. Today we went for a long walk after lunch (I push her in a wheelchair), and got some shopping in a supermarket on the way back.

Tomorrow I’ll be out of the flat from between 11.30 a.m. and 12 noon, and won’t be back here till nearly 7 p.m.  Fridays I usually do supermarket shopping (not this week as I’ve already done it), Saturday mornings is market shopping, and usually the weekly roast at my mother’s place which I prepare in the afternoon. Sundays I catch up on my own chores at home, Mondays is relatively free till I call in on my mother and cook our afternoon meal, and Tuesdays we have a choice between a weekly drama group at the moment, and another club which organizes entertainment, outings to the coast, and meals out.

So in retirement, far from having unlimitless spare time to catch up on CDs, DVDs, records, books, etc., I find I’m as busy as ever, or at least out of the flat almost as much as I was before.

However, it is great to be spending more time with my mother, who’s now 93. We enjoy going out together, and the drama group is really fun, we started it this week.

No rest for the wicked, as they say.

Rather unusual evening

After enjoying the glorious mini-heatwave at my favorite swimming pond up Hampstead this afternoon, I came in and the phone rang. It was Andrew, the medium who channels Diana. Then Diana herself came on the phone.

We chatted for an hour or two, it’s not everyday you get the opportunity to chat, well listen mainly, to a dead princess, ask her questions, get answers, and all as easily as talking to your friend on the phone. I did withhold my mobile phone number from Andrew and Diana, explaining that I didn’t want to be overheard on a bus or train talking to the former Princess of Wales in case they locked me away.

But in the privacy of my own home, I was quite happy to listen to Diana, and Andrew, reading out some of the channeled messages, letters, etc. from their websites, and I also chatted to Andrew about his life, and mine. I asked Diana several questions, and she answered them.

I later discovered short messages from both of them on my answering service, including a phone number to ring back, but they rang me soon after I got in.

Diana was telling me how good The Queen is at her job. Being a republican, which I told Diana early on in the conversation, I didn’t know what to say. So I just said that Monarchy is a lottery, you might get a good Head of State or a bad one, and if you got one you didn’t like what could you do but try to force them to abdicate, like they did with the Duke of Windsor? I also said it was unfair on the royals themselves to have this job thrust on them whether they wanted it or not.

I said it was very restricting and she agreed of course, having experienced this herself. Oh there’s wealth and privilege, but what about a private life? I said to Diana, suppose an heir to the throne was gay and wanted to enter into a civil partnership, well it just wouldn’t be allowed, and she agreed.

She didn’t think the Monarchy would last long, if at all, after the present Head of State dies, and she will never abdicate. No doubt she is good at ‘her job’, but is it the right job would be my question. I have no objection whatsoever to any of the Windsor family becoming Head of State, so long as they stand for election and gain a majority over any rival candidates. It is a peculiar system that works well in many other countries, called democracy.

It works well for the public, and for the people who are up for election. Everyone has a choice in the matter – they can choose whether they wish to stand, and we can choose whether we want them as Head of State.

The trouble with being a figurehead, without real political power, is that you are expected to stay out of politics. As soon as you get involved, you are in trouble, as Diana found out, even when she was no longer a royal. So if The Queen decided she was NOT going to launch a new Trident nuclear submarine because she didn’t agree with it, or one of the princes decided he would not join the military as expected, all Hell would break loose, the Monarchy would be rocked. It seems it is a very shaky edifice indeed, if a guy having a boyfriend or a woman thinking it is a bad idea to launch a ship which could cause a nuclear holocaust are things which could bring the whole institution down. Better to do away with it altogether.

You can’t have a non-political Head of State, it’s as simple as that. They have to represent their country and do political things, and the Monarchy, The Queen, is political. She stands always for the status quo, whatever that is at any given time.

At least an elected Head of State would presumably be elected on policies, so would not be forced to do things he or she did not agree with, and nobody would worry if he or she had a partner of the opposite sex, the same sex, or no partner at all. There is no need for them to produce an ‘heir’. And at anytime, they can announce their resignation.

I didn’t discuss all this with Diana, but am willing to do so if she wishes to. It was a most interesting conversation, and I hope the world gets to hear her posthumous voice more and more. Many have heard it on the internet via the sites given in my previous messages, and she has also broadcast posthumously on an Australian radio station.

I hope she gets the chance, with Andrew her channeler, to appear on British TV. Surely one station of the many now available will be willing to invite him and Diana on for an interview so the viewing public can judge for themselves?

Diana really does speak!

Rose Campbell has explained that Diana’s voice comes thru stronger, and sounding more like her, the more Andrew Russell-Davis becomes a channeler for her. This explains the variations in voice with podcasts and some of the earlier YouTube clips.

As to the messages I was receiving about ‘deceit, trickery, sleight of hand’ I now believe these referred to the so-called ‘accident’, cover-up and Inquest. I think I also understand a reference to someone connected with these events appearing to be ‘mentally challenged’. I cannot elaborate further, people must make up their own minds. Suffice to say they did no favors to their cause.

I am now being told from the world of Spirit that the Diana Speaks messages are for real, and have just sent this email to Rose Campbell, Andrew Russell-Davis and Diana. Please read their comments posted to the two blogs below this one.

Dear Rose, Andrew and Diana,

Something very strange/sinister is going on here! I have only just read Diana’s comments in my Inbox as I’ve been out all day enjoying the unexpected sunshine with my mother. When I look at the Weblog I can’t find the Comments. So someone has deleted them yet again, but it certainly wasn’t me. It appears the Spam filter connected to the site automatically deleted these comments, but why? Rose’s comments weren’t similarly ‘spammed’ or ‘censored’.

I think this is the convincing proof I have sought, and which George, my life-partner on the Other Side has just a few minutes ago told me I have now received.

Seems there are powers at work here of which we know little, as someone very high up, (now who could that have been?) once said to Paul Burrell. They wouldn’t try to censor us if they weren’t getting worried! If ‘they’ are worried, it must be real! I’d already come to that conclusion anyway, but as George says this is the ‘convincing proof’.

I am posting this message on my site as my ‘blog’ for today. The Diana messages are real! It is time the world knew about them.


Reply from Diana medium Rose Campbell

See below (comments to my June 7th blog) for Rose Campbell’s comments, in reply to my previous weblogs and a comment I put on one of Rose’s sites asking directly if the Diana Speaks messages were all a hoax. Rose has gone some way to dispelling my doubts.

We must get to the bottom of this, and find out if it really is Diana speaking thru people like Rose and Andrew Russell-Davis.

As I said, I was myself getting messages from the Other Side throwing doubt on the genuine nature of these Diana Speaks messages. Perhaps I was meant to be Devil’s Advocate. At any rate, all reasonable doubt must be dispelled, all questions such as mine answered, before Diana, if it is her, can be successfully launched on to the world’s media.

I invite Andrew, and Diana herself if it is indeed her, to comment via this weblog. Any proof they can give that it is indeed her would be most welcome.

Meanwhile, I’m grateful to Rose Campbell for her prompt response, and for the explanations she has given for the voice differentials in Andrew’s YouTube appearances and the podcasts. I am not yet completely convinced, but keep an open mind.

I certainly want to believe it is Diana. She was, I believe, ‘bumped off’ by the British Establishment who felt she was too much of a nuisance. She shook the British Monarchy to its roots, an institution I should like to see toppled, and took up issues close to my heart such as landmines and the treatment of AIDS patients.

We must at present keep open minds, and if Andrew/Diana are to be invited to appear on TV then everything must be right, and completely convincing. Andrew, if he is genuine, is embarking on a very dangerous mission. They silenced Diana when alive, if this really is her speaking, we must not let them silence her again. That would be very difficult, as she is now able to speak thru many different spiritual mediums thruout the world.

The various so-called ‘Christian’ Inquisitions tried to kill them all off in the Middle Ages, but they failed. They can’t silence all the world’s mediums now either.

‘Diana’ messages – fake?

I today received further warnings, channeled from the Other Side, that these messages may be quote a ‘sleight of hand’ by a mentally challenged person. This would, perhaps, give a motive – a desire for fame and recognition.

So I’m afraid we must be very wary. However, I have to also consider the possibility that mischievous entities on the Other Side could be responsible for making these allegations of trickery. They often come thru via ouija boards, which incidentally is NOT the method I use.

All we can do is judge for ourselves based on the content of the ‘Diana’ messages. I reserve my judgment at present, but obviously am a bit doubtful as to their authenticity. Some of the YouTube videos of Andrew Russell-Davis ‘channeling Diana’ sound nothing like her to me, but the Rose Campbell interviews ‘via Andrew Russell-Davis’ do. This makes me wonder exactly what is going on here.

The Alf Pritchett one has apparently been around longer. Whether fake or real, it certainly has a certain charm about it  and is also worth a listen.