Separate Survival from Religion

Many people reject the idea of an afterlife because it is tied up with religion. There are so many religions in the world any thinking person realizes they cannot all be right, nor can one be right and all the others wrong. Many do not believe in a deity because of all the suffering and tragedies which occur. Also because it is generally accepted that evolution is a fact, and why would an all-knowing deity need to go through the laborious process of gradual evolution to come up with the human race? Nobody actually can say exactly what they mean by a deity, save a Supreme Being and Creator they worship. Most believers accept it is not an old man in the sky with a long white beard, but cannot say exactly what it might be.

There are, however, a growing number of rationalists, humanists, agnostics and atheists who, while rejecting religion and the idea of a deity, accept the overwhelming evidence that we all survive death. This is based on scientific experimentation and evidence, not on faith or some ancient religious text.

It is becoming clear that Consciousness is the fundamental reality giving rise to matter. Evolution would have been guided by Consciousness experimenting and learning from its mistakes, truly a case of natural selection combined with trying out new adaptations.

Materialist science is clearly on the way out. Quantum Physics strongly suggests that matter cannot even exist without a conscious observer seeing or measuring/monitoring it in some way. This indicates we are currently living in a virtual reality, and that the material Universe is merely a product of Consciousness. Waves of probability become sub-atomic particles only when observed, measured or monitored by a Conscious entity.

Where is the evidence of survival of death? It is to be found in near death experiences where flatlining people report accurately on events happening around them and at a distance when clinically dead. Also in genuine mediumship of all kinds. In out-of-the-body and remote viewing incidents and experiments, which prove that the Mind is not confined to the brain. Also in ITC and EVP experiments where messages and even pictures from the afterlife dimensions are received on all forms of electronic equipment like televisions, radios, tape recorders, computers, telephones, etc.

Materialist scientists ignore all this evidence, they refuse to even examine it, because it would upset their paradigm. It would make all materialist scientific textbooks and theories obsolete.

There are, however, a growing number of post-materialist scientific theories which explain all the anomalies and mysteries which materialist science cannot deal with. Theories like Pearsonian Physics and Biocentralism for instance.

I am agnostic, I do not even know what the word ‘God’ is supposed to mean. If anything ‘godlike’ exists then I think it must have evolved and still be evolving, and that we are all part of this process. We are here to experience things and learn from our mistakes in order to evolve. When our lives here are over we pass into another dimension. Many people I knew who have died have communicated to me by various methods from the afterlife dimensions. I have no doubt we all survive death, but have no need of religion to support this belief since it is based on hard evidence experienced personally and also on that researched and published by others.

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