Spirit Possession

I tried to look this up on the Internet, and all the references I found are about so-called ‘demonic possession’. This may be a leftover from Christian and other religious prejudice which regard all such things as ‘demonic’ or of ‘the Devil’.

My own perception is that there are various kinds of possession or ‘walk-in’ phenomena.

The only kind which could be termed ‘demonic’, in my view, is when a lower spirit entity takes over a living human and encourages them to kill, sexually assault or injure other human beings. Even so these spirits are not ‘demons’ but simply those who have not evolved and whose spiritual realm should be the lower astral until they are able to regret their actions and evolve to higher spiritual dimensions.

The second category of this kind of phenomena is when an Earthbound spirit enters a living human to satisfy an addiction to alcohol, drugs, consensual sexual gratification with other adults, etc. I do not regard this as ‘demonic’ It is certainly an inability to move on, and if the host is unaware or unwilling to accommodate the spirit, it is unhealthy and an invasion of personal privacy.

The third category would be as Andrew Russell-Davis is experiencing with Diana, former Princess of Wales. An Earthbound spirit which feels it has a mission and also unfinished business on Earth. A mission to prove survival, for instance, and a desire to connect with loved ones on Earth and, in Diana’s case and possibly others, to add evidence to the circumstances of the death of their physical body. In this case the host may be willing to accommodate the spirit, sharing a sense of mission or of completing unfinished business.

All are examples of either possession or ‘walk-ins’ where a spirit, permanently or temporarily, enters a living human being or attaches itself to one.

Are all these forms of phenomena unhealthy? That is the real question. Should all spirits move on to the Spiritual dimensions and not remain Earthbound? Are some given permission to undertake a mission in this way? If so is this because the mission is planned by Higher Spirits or for educational/development purposes for the Earthbound spirit so they can learn to what extent remaining Earthbound and attached to a living human can achieve their stated purpose?

I try to keep an open mind, though tend toward the latter interpretation. There will come a time when all Earthbound spirits will decide it is time to move on, whether they are attached to a living human being or not. For the host of an attached spirit, whether willing or unwilling, I fear it may be unhealthy especially if it continues for a long period with little positive results. If very positive results are achieved, however, it could become very worthwhile for both the Earthbound spirit, the host and for other human beings on Earth.

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  1. “Hello Tony

    I would add to this of course that I am like Andrew a tool for the use of and not the Director or even Producer of the production! My role is to make people aware of there being ‘Life After Life’ which with realisation of it will therefore serve to comfort many people who believe in death. Everyone of us serves our purpose but once that is served and lessons we needed to learn and teach are completed then we graduate from one life; being Earthbound to Spirit but are not dead! The body, the shell of our most recent incarnation goes but our soul is eternal. The miracle of my connection with Andrew is the fact that through him though in Spirit I being able to prove my earthbound essence lives which is why I have been recognised by those who knew me in life as me and there can be no greater proof than that as to it’s reality. However the one in control clearly senses it still not being the appropriate time for there being a global realisation of it and so this something neither Andrew or me have the control of determining which is why 20 years on we are still playing the waiting game but everything happening for a reason, clearly there’s one for this delay which we are having to accept!”
    With love from, Diana xx

  2. I have consulted my own guide, my former life-partner George, via his dictionary. He confirms it is still the Earthbound Diana channeling thru Andrew, the definition which came up was ‘water-nymph’ which was for the word ‘naiad’, which is an anagram for Diana.

    There is a big difference between getting intuition and messages from Higher Spirits from time to time, and believing one has a hotline to Source or indeed that the whole project is directed by a higher authority. I would say it is ‘sanctioned’ by a higher authority. The difference being it could be sanctioned to test the waters and show, as it has done so far, that the world is not yet ready to hear the case for unconditional survival of death, so the project will not gain worldwide recognition. George’s dictionary has said the notion that Source is actually directing this project or that there is some sort of hotline is a ‘persistent notion’ and that this is ‘hollow’. I have to agree. Everything happens for a reason, and the lesson to be learnt is surely that it is not worth hanging around any longer. The existing DianaSpeaks site and podcasts are valuable archives for those interested and are evidence of life after death. However I believe Diana could move on to the Spirit planes and still retain enough of her Earth personality to be recognizable when channeling via various mediums and channelers. I feel this would be more productive. When I asked what George thought about staying Earthbound his dictionary came up with ‘lachrymose’ or ‘tearful’ – he thinks it may all end in tears. After 20 years isn’t it time to move on? Much work has been done, many have been convinced by the evidence, many more can still peruse and listen to it in the archives on the Internet mentioned above.

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