Messages from Beyond and The 21st Century Einstein?



Ronald Pearson – correcting Einstein?

There’s an old cliche that nobody’s ever come back from the dead to tell us what it’s like. Many people still believe this, though it is far from being true. It happens all the time, in many forms. Apart from people resuscitated after near-death experiences, then accurately reporting incidents which happened when their vital functions had ceased, there are numerous direct voice messages via mediums and electronic equipment, full and partial materializations via physical mediums, messages received by mediums clairvoyantly or clairaudiently (by seeing and/or hearing the deceased) and relayed to friends and relatives, and messages/apparitions, etc. which come direct to friends and loved ones.

I’m not going into great detail here, as I have done this elsewhere on this site and my earlier one (see link to The Unorthodox Website), but I have had remarkable post-humous contacts from many people I have known who have died, some direct and some via mediums. These people include my life-partner, my father, my grandmother and others.

A friend, who joked to an old man he was carer for that nobody had ever rung him from the other side, received three messages on his mobile phone around the time the man died in hospital. The messages were about missed calls from the home phone of the man who had died. But he had been in hospital for weeks, and his home phone had been cut off. Nobody else was living in the empty flat. The three missed call messages read ‘Reg calling…, Reg calling…., Reg calling….. All this a few months after his carer had told Reg nobody had ever rung him from the Other Side.

My partner George materialized briefly in a hotel room in Hawaii where a friend of ours was staying – we had holidayed in Hawaii once, but I don’t know if this is significant.

Other friends have felt, heard or seen George since he died, in various places.

So the ‘Diana’ posthumous interviews on the Internet, and even accounts of full materializations which have been occurring for well over 100 years, do not seem so fantastic and incredible to me.

There are other dimensions, alternative universes or cosmic wavelengths, existing next to ours and interpenetrating it. All mediums do is tune in to the vibrations or wavelength, something our scientific instruments should be able to do very shortly.

Experiments are continuing, with considerable success, but the evidence is ignored by so many because the implications are enormous: all the major religions and modern scientific theories would be proved wrong or flawed, and rocked to their very foundations.

Everything is essentially positive or negative energy, and matter is really an illusion. We already know from sub-atomic physics that solid matter is an illusion. But now a scientist is suggesting consciousness is essentially energy, which creates the illusion of matter, including our world and our own physical bodies. It is as though we are all creating, and acting out, a play – truly the whole world, the whole universe, is a stage!

Ronald Pearson, a Derbyshire scientist, has published new theories/mathematical formulae which may well make him the Einstein of the 21st Century. They correct the flaws in some of Einstein’s theories, including the Theory of Relativity, and reinstate the concept of something similar to the ether, which Pearson calls i-ther to distinguish it from the earlier theory. They also postulate the origin of consciousness as being outside the brain, and can explain where the after-life dimension is located.

Pearson’s work, together with Quantum Physics, take us into an exciting new era of science where many things once thought impossible, are now seen to be perfectly possible, and indeed likely.

Open your minds, people! There are many cosmic wavelengths, if not universes,  out there. We are moving out of the era akin to one-channel TV, like we had in the UK in the early 1950s (BBC only). We learned to tune in to other channels, and we are now learning to tune into other cosmic wavelengths, which some prefer to describe as alternative universes, other dimensions, the spiritual planes, or higher/lower vibrations.

The over 90% of matter the old-school scientists couldn’t find in the Universe has been discovered by Pearson and Quantum physicists in the form of the i-ther and alternative dimensions/universes, or perhaps more accurately, other wavelengths of the Universe.

It may be splitting hairs to argue about whether there are just many different cosmic wavelengths within a single Universe, or many different universes/dimensions. The fact is there are many apparent realities, and probably all are largely an illusion created by conscious energy or the i-ther.

A summary of Ronald Pearson’s theories can be found here:

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