Diana really does speak!

Rose Campbell has explained that Diana’s voice comes thru stronger, and sounding more like her, the more Andrew Russell-Davis becomes a channeler for her. This explains the variations in voice with podcasts and some of the earlier YouTube clips.

As to the messages I was receiving about ‘deceit, trickery, sleight of hand’ I now believe these referred to the so-called ‘accident’, cover-up and Inquest. I think I also understand a reference to someone connected with these events appearing to be ‘mentally challenged’. I cannot elaborate further, people must make up their own minds. Suffice to say they did no favors to their cause.

I am now being told from the world of Spirit that the Diana Speaks messages are for real, and have just sent this email to Rose Campbell, Andrew Russell-Davis and Diana. Please read their comments posted to the two blogs below this one.

Dear Rose, Andrew and Diana,

Something very strange/sinister is going on here! I have only just read Diana’s comments in my Inbox as I’ve been out all day enjoying the unexpected sunshine with my mother. When I look at the Weblog I can’t find the Comments. So someone has deleted them yet again, but it certainly wasn’t me. It appears the Spam filter connected to the site automatically deleted these comments, but why? Rose’s comments weren’t similarly ‘spammed’ or ‘censored’.

I think this is the convincing proof I have sought, and which George, my life-partner on the Other Side has just a few minutes ago told me I have now received.

Seems there are powers at work here of which we know little, as someone very high up, (now who could that have been?) once said to Paul Burrell. They wouldn’t try to censor us if they weren’t getting worried! If ‘they’ are worried, it must be real! I’d already come to that conclusion anyway, but as George says this is the ‘convincing proof’.

I am posting this message on my site as my ‘blog’ for today. The Diana messages are real! It is time the world knew about them.


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