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See below (comments to my June 7th blog) for Rose Campbell’s comments, in reply to my previous weblogs and a comment I put on one of Rose’s sites asking directly if the Diana Speaks messages were all a hoax. Rose has gone some way to dispelling my doubts.

We must get to the bottom of this, and find out if it really is Diana speaking thru people like Rose and Andrew Russell-Davis.

As I said, I was myself getting messages from the Other Side throwing doubt on the genuine nature of these Diana Speaks messages. Perhaps I was meant to be Devil’s Advocate. At any rate, all reasonable doubt must be dispelled, all questions such as mine answered, before Diana, if it is her, can be successfully launched on to the world’s media.

I invite Andrew, and Diana herself if it is indeed her, to comment via this weblog. Any proof they can give that it is indeed her would be most welcome.

Meanwhile, I’m grateful to Rose Campbell for her prompt response, and for the explanations she has given for the voice differentials in Andrew’s YouTube appearances and the podcasts. I am not yet completely convinced, but keep an open mind.

I certainly want to believe it is Diana. She was, I believe, ‘bumped off’ by the British Establishment who felt she was too much of a nuisance. She shook the British Monarchy to its roots, an institution I should like to see toppled, and took up issues close to my heart such as landmines and the treatment of AIDS patients.

We must at present keep open minds, and if Andrew/Diana are to be invited to appear on TV then everything must be right, and completely convincing. Andrew, if he is genuine, is embarking on a very dangerous mission. They silenced Diana when alive, if this really is her speaking, we must not let them silence her again. That would be very difficult, as she is now able to speak thru many different spiritual mediums thruout the world.

The various so-called ‘Christian’ Inquisitions tried to kill them all off in the Middle Ages, but they failed. They can’t silence all the world’s mediums now either.

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  1. ” Hello Tony,
    I am really most grateful for the fact that you have brought attention to Andrew as well as Rose of course and hopefully this new interest will provoke much food for thought for people which can only be a positive thing.”
    Thank you very much,

    1. Carl Kyle, this blog was written years ago. I’ve now no doubt the Diana channeling is real, but make up your own mind. I recommend you to the the linked site with the podcast interviews and listen to two or three right the way thru before making up your mind. The main site can be found here:

    2. ” Hello Carl,
      I do fully appreciate your comment and I agree with you that many channels are indeed false and have been proven to being so. Andrew / Christian as known on my site is not however to date anyway amongst them ! He is also an unknown as I knew that better known Mediums would use me as another feather in their cap and likewise exploit me for their own personal gain. In life I only ever allowed myself to be exploited if it meant being of benefit to charities and causes I personally supported, so would therefore not welcome this happening to me now !
      Intentionally albeit through him I have made certain that my boys and the rest of the Royals as well as my brother and Mohamed have likewise been informed about it happening. The Media have also been made aware of it but have chosen to ignore it, perhaps advised or even dictated to doing so.
      I have also been channeled by him in the controversial film banned being shown in the U.K. directed by Keith Allen. I do not believe a film company would entertain a charlatan knowing this might jeapordise the film’s authenticity completely.
      Added to which nobody informed about the channeling who knew me in life and most especially of course my boys have stepped forward even via a representative to question or deny it’s reality. They have of course been given my website url to check everything out for themselves as you have been and finally I have channeled through Andrew to various people who knew me in life and who have recognised it is me speaking ! They though having personal as well as professional identities to protect have chosen at the moment to not speak out themselves about having heard from me knowing how in doing so they might be seen by the less informed !
      It is very much something of personal choice to believe or not but I offer the opportunity for people to arrive at their personal decision with regards to this by doing their homework, so looking at and examining seriously my personal site on the net .. this done, the rest is up to them !”
      With love from,
      Diana xx

  2. My initial doubts were dispelled years ago. This blog is many years old. Diana channeling thru Andrew has been recognized by people who knew her in life. It is undoubtedly her Earthbound spirit, though her higher Spirit channels thru various other mediums.

    I suggest you listen to some of the podcasts and judge for yourself. Not exactly like her voice in life as now coming thru a male’s vocal chords, but she says things only she could know, and you can feel the energy of Diana.

    Hopefully the world will know soon enough that Diana Speaks.

  3. Yeah I’ve listened to the podcasts and I have to say that it does sound like Diana. But I still would like more proof. I don’t know what proof mind you.

  4. ” Hello again!
    As I have said “For those who believe no proof is necessary and for those who don’t no proof is possible” and this is the truth. I have spoken to friends so Andrew Morton by example through Andrew and he knew immediately that it was me but for at this time can he really promote the fact that he has spoken to a dead ex princess? Well yes if he wants to lose all his personal credibility and be labelled a “Nutjob” so as with others I have channeled to he won’t until of course it becomes globally known, recognised and respected and he will I am sure be one of the first to sell or is that seeing he is an author tell his story!

    At the moment all people can do is as Tony suggests listen to the After – Life interviews with Rose and trust their own gut instincts. It is not for many soley the vocabulary used, the cadence of speech but the energetic feel of the communications which have served to convince them that it is indeed me speaking which is why on my site in the links area are links to speeches made my me so people can listen and compare.
    I do ask though what possible gain could Andrew achieve by faking our connection since he has not tried to sell or tell his story to the media and his book of his connection with me and my book are both on my site to be heard in the case of mine
    and his book recently added read freely by anyone. Proven to be faking it all, more than likely to be ridculed, hated, yes despised and even lynched so not something surely anyone would entertain doing and especially having informed my boys of the connection so not hiding the fact from those most special to me!”
    With love from,
    Diana xx

  5. It should come as no surprise that many people close to Diana in life, or who knew her, will have recognized it is her channeling thru Andrew, but choose not to publicize this at the moment.

    Take the royals, for example. They have often consulted mediums and channelers; for instance it is thought that John Brown channeled Prince Albert to Queen Victoria when she was widowed.

    William has been made aware that Diana channels through Andrew, and has, via his private secretary, warmly acknowledged a communication from Andrew which included a channeled message from his mother. Would he have replied in this manner to a fraud or a deluded person?

    It is very likely that the DianaSpeaks site and the podcasts have been read/listened to by Diana’s two sons and others in the royal household, but as in the past these matters have not so far been made public.

    On the other hand, nobody who knew Diana has publicly said that it is NOT Diana channeling through Andrew, and surely given the consistency of the channeling and the controversial nature of some of the content they would do so if they felt either Andrew was somehow faking it or that the spirit claiming to be Diana was a mischievous imposter.

    It all rings far too true to be fraud or trickery by anyone on Earth or in Spirit, and the truth will out!

  6. In the original blog above all the comments, written years ago before I had listened to all the podcasts and spoken to Diana (thru Andrew/Christian) on the phone, I was still to be completely convinced it was genuine. I have for a long time been fully convinced, not least because people who knew her in life have recognized it is her and not one has said it is not her.

    As to the ‘messages from the Other Side’ I mentioned in the original blog casting doubt on it being Diana, I have since learnt to take precautions trying to obtain messages. In fact I now take simple but effective precautions to protect against false messages both from mischievous entities on the lower astral planes trying to confuse people, and also from clever forces on the Earth plane who don’t want Diana to come back in any form for obvious reasons – the ones who murdered her for instance.

    I now channel only my main guide, Little Star, and George, my partner-in-Spirit. I have a close connection with these, but I don’t claim to be a medium who can get messages from all sorts of Spirits.

    George and Little Star have confirmed it is Diana speaking and communicating thru Andrew/Christian, as have many other Spiritual sources coming thru Rose and others.

    Some great mediums in the past and present have been badly affected by the interference of mischievous entities both on the Earth and the lower astral planes. This does not mean they are not genuine and have a real gift.

    By contrast the frauds and charlatans are usually blindingly obvious.

  7. When will Diana do more pod casts? I was very fascinated listening to her old ones, it would be nice for her to do more.

  8. The problem at the moment is access to a phone line which enables cheap or free transatlantic calls. However we hope this can be sorted in the not too distant future.

  9. ” Hello again!
    It has been a while since I have been interviewed by Rose and I am sorry but circumstances at the moment prevent them continuing which I fully realise is disppointing for people.
    I would love to update them and speak about Catherine and William’s marriage, I will not call her ‘Kate’ which is not her christened name as mine wasn’t ‘Di’ and I would have enjoyed speaking about Harry and his time in the Military and carrying the banner so proudly for his Mummy’s work but also of course my becoming a ‘Fairy Grandmother’ soon as well as of course other varied issues to express my opinion upon so this is equally disappointing therefore for me, Rose as well as of course Andrew who waits for the world to wake up and realise ‘Diana Speaks’ as opposed to a minority of people but thank goodness including people who personally knew me!”
    Take care everyone and as soon as the interviews can resume they will I promise but meanwhile have a look at my site which is kept updated and in which I voice my opinions about things for those of you interested to hear them!”
    With love from,
    Diana xx

  10. “Hello,
    My personal site is all my own though the idea for it came from Penny Thornton my initial astrologer as she was convinced she was speaking to me albeit channeled through Andrew when I told her again something I had done in her house when with her there so alive! Anyway my book channeled to Andrew, to be heard on my site only he knew needed promoting but did not want to publish to be seen as exploiting me! Penny suggested the E BOOK so my site is FREE for everyone!
    I channel the messages, these then emailed to Rose who presents them on the site together with images either chosen by herself, Andrew or me but it is not and was never intended to be a Diana Picture Palace, there are enough of these on the net already and it is not a Tribute Site naturally; but is one that Rose designed excepting the Header which was inspired by me so has my initials ” D.S.” and my personal monogram albeit in lilac not black as lilac is my aura colour.
    The interviews with Rose unlike Panorama, all unrehearsed; you can take my word for that and my personal site deals with fact not fiction as fact is often so much stranger anyway and the truth about things needed telling by me Diana and not the media based and created Diana, Princess of Wales who was not always quite so candid about things as I am able to be now so consequently something I take full advantage in being!
    I fully realise not everyone will be believing of it and that’s alright, the point being that many significant people already do and in honesty people who knew me in life as opposed to those who didn’t yet feel themselves qualified to judge real from fake! It is not an enviable position Andrew is in as events happening in Paris in 1997 so clearly illustrate but one he has had no choice but to accept!”
    With love from,
    Diana xx

  11. Congratulations Diana on the birth of your first grandson! I’m sure prince William and Catherine will look after him well.

  12. Dear Diana,
    I just wanted to thank you and wish you all the best with what you’re endeavouring to achieve. I’m less than a year younger than you were so of your generation and I’m from the uk too so I remember well the impact you had on our society through the media during that time. I must confess that I always thought you were naive in life, knowing how the monarchy operates I used to think that you were kind of leaning against an open door if you expected them to change but you’re right, why should you have to accept that? I always saw through the fairy tale princess image and knew that you were great at using the media and even though I clearly remember thinking at the time of your romance with Dodi that you were really playing with fire although I didn’t think they would actualy go so far as to kill you!
    Having read your precis and listened to your spoken messages for several years now,I’m more than convinced it’s really you and my heart longs for the day when the truth will be proven beyond any doubt whatsoever. I only wish people were more open to the fact life after death is a reality, not least of all because it affects everyone and we’d all treat each other a lot better too! Spiritualism has proven it for decades yet people are seemingly not interested so I hope and pray that you and Andrew will be taken seriously while those of us that lived through that time are still here.
    Also I have to say that reading your site has enabled me to see you in a different light too and that I have so much respect for your courage and bravery that I wasn’t aware of when you were with us on earth. I have a very deep love and respect for you now (thanks to your site) because of what you did in spite of all the danger and knowing you’re still around brings tears to my eyes when I remember you saying about not going quietly.
    Well I’m rambling on a bit so will close now but before I do I’d like to thank Andrew and Rose for all they have done to assist you. I’ve tried forwarding your info to radio stations etc but no luck although please do not hesitate to ask if I can help in anyway, I sooo want the truth to come out a.s.a.p.!
    Oh just one more thing. I know you have to be careful about what you say even now but I wondered if you could comment on the allegations of the occult activities alleged to take place at the heart of the establishment? I do wonder how accurate your statement about them being evil and not being human actually was. David Icke makes no bones about what he thinks especially concerning child sacrifices etc and in light of the revelations concerning Jimmy Savile and his close connections to royalty it makes me wonder! Also Charles wrote him a message on his 80th birthday thanking him for what he’d done for the country that no one would ever know! What was that about?

    Anyway thank you again and sincerely wishing you are able to make a global impact again very soon.
    Kindest regards to you all

  13. Does anyone know why princess Diana has stopped doing the site?Her stopping the site has been quite abrupt and sudden. I’m quite saddened as I liked to read what she had to say. I would like to know what she’s doing now.

  14. Sender is Diana Spencer:

    Firstly and hopefully you will see this Shaun; I am so sorry to have not replied to you having just been made aware of your message. I so appreciate everything that you have said and relieved to hear from someone not believing in the public persona but looking at me deeper than that even when it was hoped the persona would overshadow the personality beneath it.

    As I said in life much was done in an effort to dismantle it but I was always made of stronger mettle and so was consequently misunderstood but grateful for this as it allowed me to successfully escape from the boundaries that for too long had been imposed upon me! My shocking those responsible for this when I did but helpless to prevent its happening, much less stop me until inevitably of course something had to be done as I was a free spirit and deemed dangerous!

    I have to say I personally never witnessed the royals any of them being reptilian as such but would say some of them certainly a cold blooded lot and therein lies perhaps the confusion. It needs to be remembered though that being a royal is a job and not a life, nowadays a much more relaxed institution so welcoming of outsiders like Catherine by example which would never have happened before but what a wonderful benefit she is proving to be to the royals in her own right quite apart from being married to William and Mummy of my first grandson ‘Baby George’. Rules so significantly relaxed compared to Her Majesty’s era when duty and protocol ruled out the possibility of embracing a close and loving emotional life including family.

    It’s necessitating her being an absent parent having duties to perform for her Kingdom which includes the British Commonwealth which used to be much more extensive than it is today. In comparison though with help naturally, Catherine and I both much more hands on mothers with the opportunity to be so.

    William and Harry themselves relating the the people much more than any princes before them so by example helping the army recently allocate sandbags to those affected by the extensive flooding in the country and needing them. They’re being in the military in Afghanistan in the Army in Harry’s case and with Air, Sea Rescue in Wales in the Navy in William’s, both much more easily related to and indeed relating with the people, bridging a gap so in this way I am so proud to seeing them follow their Mummy’s example, I could really wish for no greater legacy than my boys!

    It is true a hiatus has been taken regarding my personal site on the net as just about everything to do with my life has been covered and I do not want to saturate it therefore with repetition but closed for now when the work becomes more openly and globally recognised it exists as a powerful foundation stone on which to build upon.

    It is difficult for a great many people to believe ‘Diana Speaks’ though of course I have channeled through Andrew to friends of mine in life who instantly recognised me but have professional as well as personal reputations to consider which prevents them from speaking out themselves publicly and saying so and I appreciate this but it is frustrating naturally.

    To everyone who believes in and supports me and encourages and is supportive of Andrew and Rose in the work they are doing in assisting me in proving the reality of life after death; I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

    With love from,
    Diana xx

  15. Hi Diana,

    So nice of you to reply to my comment. Actually it was ok because you did write to me after Rose forwarded you an email that I wrote to her at the end of last year. It was great to hear from you again though as I do miss your comments on your site since it’s now closed.I have been wondering how things are going with you, Andrew and Rose. Perhaps the break through that we’re all longing for will soon come along. I very much hope so anyway!

  16. “Hello Shaun,
    Thank you for responding so quickly and I am glad that I wrote to you and I do now recall doing so but not to this blog. In regards to things happening or not as currently is the case with my personal site; everything in life good, bad or indifferent happens for a reason, nothing by chance! That is man’s invention for explaining the unexplainable relating to logic and text book knowledge much more easily than to pure wisdom in many respects. So this said everything is always as it is meant to be or it would be different and that’s logical too. What ought to be examined is not why has this, that or the other happened but instead what is the lesson behind this, that or the other happening?

    My personal site on the net to a great extent has served its purpose, it to many more enlightened people proves I am still around so on a broader scale that death is not the end but the beginning. My voice channeling through Andrew is very real or people who knew me and who I have spoken to through him wouldn’t have recognised me. Unfortunately there exists a stigma attached to matters relating to the After – Life and especially of course communications received from people LIVING in the After Life and this greatly empowered by the indoctrinatons of certain religious beliefs which frown upon such things labelling them the devils work etc. We are all too aware though of the corruptions and perverse practices in existence and operating successfully, indeed by people with responsible positions of authority within certain respected religions certainly so that is a proven evil!

    Fear I believe is the main reason for my work through Andrew not being recognised to the extent that it can continue on a global scale at the moment as knowledge is power and people are scared therefore as to what I might say as they know that as someone who always did my homework about things I would have my facts straight before presenting them so evidential proof to substantiate anything I might say; any evidence I might submit!

    So long as Andrew is seen as a ‘nut job’ he is safe of course, it is when the time comes and he is trusted and believed, acknowledged and accepted that things can become dangerous although of course he being highly protected and chosen because like me he is upfront about things, walks the talk, says what he means and means what he says although with me there was often a need to read between the lines and especially when it necessitated my having my own interests at heart.

    Now speaking through Andrew I am able to be much more honest about things for all too obvious reasons and Andrew as I say is my voice channel so it is not as if he is saying them, speaking for me. I am speaking through him as any polygraph machine would verify to satisfy man’s desire and need to being fed text book knowledge as the easier food for him to absorb and digest!”
    With love from,
    Diana xx

  17. Hi Shaun
    In London for the last three years, this the beginning of four and no secret to people not a fan of the country I come from so have often lived abroad but having been unwell necessitating major surgery took advantage of the N.H.S. system which I have to say I personally have been extremely satisfied with and having been hospitalised the best part of the duration of my time back here speak from personal experience but witnessed and know the pressure upon nursing staff which is unreal.

    By example after finishing their shift having to spend another hour writing up all that they have done in the day as in the day not having had time to do so but if not documented, considered not done by them. The extra hour not paid for! Night staff often limited to two or three staff to cater for 22 patients so if a patient has a coronary, all staff have to attend that patient leaving the other 20 unattended. So there are major problems but nothing to do with the nursing staff themselves!

    Otherwise disappointed being rendered redundant as regarding working on the Diana site but Diana making the valid point of being no sense in repeating stuff written. So there you have it, playing the waiting game for the green light of all systems “Go” in regards to launching the Diana Work, a real lesson in patience having waited since September 7th 1997 when the channeling began for the global wake-up call to be given!

    All the very best and God bless,

  18. Dear Diana,

    Thank you for your kind reply. Yes I totally agree with you that it’s fear that is the reason behind why your work has been unable to progress in the way we’d all like to see. I don’t know how or even if that situation will ever change but I pray that it will and sooner rather than later,the world is in such a mess because of the fear and ignorance rampant among the human race.
    The ethos of “I’m right you’re wrong and so god wants me to kill you unless you believe what I believe” held by religions certainly hasn’t forwarded the development of mankind or encouraged world peace and harmony in my opinion, in fact they mostly seem to preach love but deliver fear especially concerning life after death.I have read that man’s deepest fear is that there is no life after death which I think must be true considering how people react to the subject. I also think the fear of death that we have also explains a lot about why the world is like it is and the way that we live our lives. I’m all for the good parts of religion but perhaps the time has come to ditch the archaic notions of a vengeful, judgemental God.
    I didn’t really use to believe in an evil force as such but having experienced quite a bit of life it’s plain to me that there certainly is and when a light in the world such as yourself, John Lennon, J.F.K. etc gets snuffed out because of their popularity and therefore real power to affect lasting change in the world it only serves to confirm that point of view.
    However, it can’t be right that mankind has been deceived and tricked into such tyranny, no one should starve or be homeless and wars should have been consigned to the history books long ago. I do understand that there is a reason for everything but I would much prefer to see us unfold to our potential as I imagine God intended rather than be wiped out at the behest of psychopathic, self serving money men and religious zealots hell bent on enslaving the human race.
    However, I do remain optimistic that things will change, after all the truth is the truth. We are spiritual beings and no amount of fear or denial will change that. I really do hope that you will prove your continuing existence through Andrew by speaking to the world as soon as possible and also get to say what you need to say regardless of who doesn’t like it and what the consequences for them maybe.
    I know in my heart that you and Andrew are real and very sincere. I’m very grateful that you have chosen to do what you’re doing and you have my utmost support and loyalty for doing so. People may laugh when I tell them I have corresponded with Princess Diana but I don’t care one bit. I consider you a friend which is both an honour and a privilage as far as I’m concerned.
    With Love to you both

  19. Dear Andrew,

    Thanks for your note, it was very nice to hear from you. I’m so sorry that you have been unwell and I hope that you are feeling better now. Yes I whole heartedly agree with you about the NHS, in my view it’s the single best thing this country has! I have nothing but respect and admiration for doctors and nurses who do a very tough job under difficult circumstances so it infuriates me to see the NHS being slated by the media on a daily basis. This no doubt serves the agenda of those in power whose financial interests lay in it being privatised.
    Anyway, the important thing is that you have had the treatment that you needed and are now recovering. I do understand Diana’s reasons for not continuing the web site by not wishing to repeat what’s already been said but I’m always interested in what she has to say regarding what goes on in this world from her current perspective so naturally I do miss her comments but given what you’ve recently been through you will need time to recouperate aswell.
    It has been a long journey for you as you say, I’ve been following the site for only 3 or 4 years and I have to admit that the lack of any obvious progress towards recognition is frustrating so heaven knows how difficult it must be for you. I imagine that it must be very tough on occassion but as Diana points out it could also become very dangerous if things weren’t done at the appropriate time. Diana certainly picked the right man for the job though and I look forward to the day when the world will listen as Diana speaks to them through you.
    Kindest regards and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  20. I don’t know if Andrew still checks this wablog. Diana now has a Facebook page so you could send Andrew a private message via that. He is much better now as the operations are finished, and he is hoping the Diana work will take off in the near future. Meanwhile he uses the Diana FB page which has a growing number of supporters. The URL for this page is as follows:

  21. Dear Andrew, please tell Princess Diana congratulations on the birth of her second grandson Louis. Congratulations to Prince William and Catherine and their families. Prince George and Princess Charlotte have a little brother.
    I am looking forward to ( as well as the UK nation and the world) your son’s Prince Harry’s marriage to the lovely Meghan.
    Its great to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry and Meghan leading the way with the Royal Foundation Forum and the Youth Commonwealth. I also loved the program with David Attenborough and the Queen discussing the Queen Canopy and saving forests and wildlife around the world. Harry appeared on the program too and its great that they will fight for LGBT rights.
    In Feb 2018 I went to Kensington Palace to see Queen Victoria rooms and I saw your clothes exhibition. I never met you in real life Diana, though I had the opportunity to so
    three times. I felt from the exhibition an awesome energy. I believe the energy is still there in our earthly posessions long after we pass. Your aura must have been filled with light. That’s what I felt.
    I look forward to more future podcasts and your and Andrews work going global. I know you will prove beyond doubt life exists after death. Take Care. Su xx

  22. “Hello Su

    Thank you very much for your lovely message; it’s very touching and yes I’m enormously proud of my boys and their individual as well as collective achievements. They’re both genuinely caring and compassionate and support their charity work with a real passion and lead by example which is invaluable, so by example speaking about they’re feeling a huge sense of relief in speaking openly about how Paris affected them and urging others to not be ashamed of seeking help, counseling to deal with issues and especially ones of a significant emotional nature!

    I am very impressed by Catherine who has adapted herself to being a public speaker in her own right and able therefore to represent her husband too in his absence when necessary but ordinarily it’s lovely seeing a couple so very much in love and now yes Mummy and Daddy to three little ones; they’ve certainly got their work cut out for them as well as increased royal duties as Her Majesty at 92yrs lessens hers but is never the less still working! Our relationship not the closest of course but as Queen the woman cannot be faulted as her devotion to duty has been at the expense of enjoying a family life and being a mother in ways I am sure she would have chosen given the choice which she wasn’t! I personally could never have been the Queen she is and I have always said that she’s the last of the ‘Regal Monarchs’!

    The new face of the Monarchy is less formal, more in touch with the people who find them easier to relate to so I am meaning the significant younger members; being my boys and the women they love. The next Monarch will be HRH Prince of Wales of course but it is evident already and globally that he and his wife HRH Duchess of Cornwall do not have the same amount of support and following as my boys and the women they love have and this of course due to a history that the couple themselves made their own.

    Meghan being bi-racial and proud of it and a former actress brings a breath of fresh air into the institution of Monarchy and has the advantage of being accustomed to media attention and knows how to handle the press professionally publicly and like Catherine is a woman of strong mettle and like Catherine is the prefect wife for William; is the right woman for Harry with the couple sharing so much in common. Harry eager to being a ‘Daddy’ himself and reminding me very much of myself in the ways he instantly connects with children and they with him; will I am sure soon after the wedding be announcing that Meghan is pregnant with their first child as the couple will be eager to begin a family themselves and especially with William’s being ‘Daddy’ to three! Both the best of brothers and best friends often engaging in friendly rivalry which is always fun to witness. Even as little boys they always close but as they’ve said; their bond strengthened sharing my loss. After all only two people knew how they felt and this being themselves and so were of great comfort to each other.

    Andrew would love to see exhibitions of my clothes, so visit KP and Althorp but is not allowed to do so as channeling me this needs to happen when it’s something globally known as I by example will notice cosmetic changes there and no doubt remark on them and Andrew’s of course being unaware of them; it will be further proof of the channeling’s authenticity. I appreciate you sensed my personal energy there and this would make complete sense and similarly when Andrew has met people who knew me in life and I have spoken to them albeit through him; similarly they’ve immediately recognised me which has been a relief! lol

    If you like you can receive emails from me as I write about things which gain my attention and send photos to people who follow me and through Andrew’s personal email which is but as I say this will be your personal choice and I fully respect this and as regards the After – Life Interviews. Here is the link to all the pod-casts with Rose Campbell whose significance is evident on my personal website

    After – Life Interviews with Rose Campbell ———

    With love from,

    Diana xx

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