‘Diana’ messages – fake?

I today received further warnings, channeled from the Other Side, that these messages may be quote a ‘sleight of hand’ by a mentally challenged person. This would, perhaps, give a motive – a desire for fame and recognition.

So I’m afraid we must be very wary. However, I have to also consider the possibility that mischievous entities on the Other Side could be responsible for making these allegations of trickery. They often come thru via ouija boards, which incidentally is NOT the method I use.

All we can do is judge for ourselves based on the content of the ‘Diana’ messages. I reserve my judgment at present, but obviously am a bit doubtful as to their authenticity. Some of the YouTube videos of Andrew Russell-Davis ‘channeling Diana’ sound nothing like her to me, but the Rose Campbell interviews ‘via Andrew Russell-Davis’ do. This makes me wonder exactly what is going on here.

The Alf Pritchett one has apparently been around longer. Whether fake or real, it certainly has a certain charm about it  and is also worth a listen.

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  1. Hello Tony. I have read both your review written at http://www.archive.org/details/DianaSpeaks and your comments here on this site. I hope to address some of these points you bring up and offer you some clarity if not fully sway you to consider the view that what you hear is truly authentic. I will also be sending these links to Andrew and Diana and letting them offer some comments if they so choose.

    It seems your main question is why the voice sounds different from one media to another. I am not sure myself except to say that the longer that Diana speaks through Andrew the more of her it seems gets seated into him. The files on youtube of Diana speaking through Andrew were recorded in mid-2006. The pod casts began at the end of 2006 and continues up until about 1 1/2 months ago when we took a hiatus due to medical problems in my family. I believe some of the difference is just that… the more she comes through as herself the more “her” she truly is. Those videos were Diana’s first attempts to speak to any but a few friends of Andrew’s and myself. It was as well Andrew’s first attempts at standing front and center and getting out of the way of the Lady.

    I have seen the transformation of Andrew, whom I met first by phone in late 2005, over the years as he become more confident with his channeling ability and have had moments when Diana came through him so strong talking to me via phone that I held my breath. Take into account, if you will, that I am also a channel for the spiritual realms though not of the voice mediumship type, so to impress me was quite a feat. I have seen the evolution of Diana being given expression through a new form and I stand to say I that have no doubts. Consider this as well…I have no great need to be ridiculed, scoffed at, or considered crazy but when something is right I have no fear of standing firm and being counted.

    Your remarks about us making no money is correct. What we offer we offer for free to all who will listen. As Andrew says, “What price can you put on Diana?” He does have a point. In truth Andrew is a bit shaky about the fame, and all of its attendant crap that may come forth in the future from it. Fame didn’t get Diana much but killed in the end, now did it? Andrew is aware that to stand and say that he speaks for Diana might well get him shot someday…and not just by some fanatic crackpot in an audience somewhere but from sources that have vestesd interests in keeping this suppressed. Enough said.

    If you will listen to the entire library of pod casts it will define for you many facts, such as how Andy and I came to meet. I searched for the man that Diana (yes, I too speak to her and did that first night she died) told me about who would be leading a work she had planned. I searched for 8 years to find and recognize that man. When I saw Diana’s site (www.dianaspeaks.com) I knew that this man could be him for much of what he had on there echoed what I had been given as I had been told it would. Little was I prepared for Diana to speak through him…I had thought that the man Diana spoke to me of would be like me…a clairaudient channel. I wasn’t even aware that direct voice channeling existed so was quite unprepared when Diana broke through and began to speak to me. A video camera aimed at my face during that moment would have indeed told the story of my own surprise and tears. Such a shame I had not thought to record that phone conversation on video.

    I would like to comment on Diana’s site at http://www.dianaspeaks.com. It is a sad tale but will address your comment about it. At one time that site was stellar and we had a nice community of people interacting regularly. That site was built in 2005 for a forum for Diana to speak openly and to place the book she had wriiten through Andrew out to the public without having to publish and have a charge put to it. Andrew did not want to be seen as exploiting Diana. (He is pretty adament about that since it seems every media journel tried their best to do so when she lived.) However, in late 2007 our server host Aimoo decided to change formats and screwed up the whole site. During the transition they lost all the videos, the thousands of pictures of Diana stored there, lost all chronilogical order of the posts and the people could no longer log in or interact with each other. Diana was fit to be tied with it. You are correct…Diana would not have anything to do with a site as you have most recently seen it and so she withdrew. We leave it there in its current state mainly because the precis are still there, as well as the book, and it will still serve the purpose of letting some see what Diana has to say. It was then that the decision was made to make the pod casts publically available and to work through a site I built for that purpose. That site is http://www.sessionswithspirit.info. Have you seen that site? All of the pod casts are there listed via the series that they were recorded in.

    So, Tony, I thank you for wondering about us, for being honest with your own readers about your ambivilance and for asking me to post. I can’t remember if I covered all of your comments but if you have other questions, please feel free to ask me. I am pretty much the PR and computer tech support for this venture and I do the best I can. (Not bad for a Indiana farm girl who didn’t know how to turn a computer on until 12 years ago, if I must say so myself!)

    In the end each person must decide for themselves if what we offer is real or not. Thyey must decide if we are dedicated channels working hard to bring some spiritual truths to the land or whacked out looneys intent on 15 minutes of fame. Or perhaps we are just warped enough that we like adversity and being scoffed at! But then again…maybe we feel a need to spend money we don’t have to promote something fake? Come on…you have heard some of what Diana has to say…if the voice bothers you (do remember it is being delivered via male vocal cords versus female ones) then listen to the words. As you said…Diana has some solutions to offer for certain things, she has some truths that are hard to deny, and I can honestly say that you (the public) haven’t heard one tenth of what I have from that lady’s mouth! It will be a God sent thing if Diana is ever given a chance to speak openly to the masses. It is why she returns…and I swear to you…Diana speaks!

    Rose Campbell

    Diana Channel
    Pod Cast Host
    Event Coordinator
    Right Hand Goffer 🙂


  2. Tony,
    After rereading your comment I did forget to address your words about your messages from Spirit. Your ‘sources” are correct…there is deceit and cover-ups. There may even be some form of mental challenge involved but it is not from this camp… let us just say that it does have to do with Diana but not in the context of how she speaks now through Andrew. I suppose it could go back to WHY she now speaks through Andrew. Again, enough said!


  3. I am grateful to Rose for her prompt comments. I also invite Andrew and/or Diana to post comments on this weblog, or indeed to email me directly (Rose has my email address).

    See my latest post dated June 8th. If this really is Diana speaking, it is of course quite sensational. Whatever, I again urge people to listen to the podcasts, some of them at least, and judge for themselves.

  4. ” Hello Tony,
    I fully realise that it will difficult and perhaps impossible actually for many to believe I am speaking albeit through Andrew of course but the fact is I am! I was always someone to shock people and always someone with a lot to say who invariably ruffled feathers with what I did say and clearly things haven’t changed and that’s refreshing as were I to be believed by all as speaking, though naturally it would make my job much easier ( Proving life after death is real not FAKE!) it would not prove to be the challenge it is and so therefore not of quite of the same interest to me. I was after all the “Wayshower” in many areas in life, er … human life so perhaps why candles are associated with my memory by the majority of people.
    Naturally the vocal timbre will be slightly different, Andrew is male after all but as for his deciding to channel me in a claim for fame … well read the account of how the connection began in my book at http://www.Diana Speaks.com and see he didn’t choose to do so at all and infact up until 1997 had taken very little personal interest in me at all ! So why Andrew … Andrew has the ability to “Voice Channel” and it’s as simple a reason as that Tony.
    In life I was always someone who did my homework and Andrew was selected by me to do the job because I knew he would prove to be dedicated and devoted to it but not in a sychophantic fashion and he’d be aware that he’d be up for ridicule and insults even perhaps to be taken a pot – shot at and of course he still is but that’s part of the course I’m afraid naturally!
    If you wish to speak to me yourself albeit through Andrew of course, Rose will supply you with his contact number so you can do so and that choice is therefore yours to make!
    Thank you for listening to me,

    1. Andrew, weve spoken several times this year, and I would love to hear from you. I have had several emails from your site, as Diana has come through to me, I paint what spirit often tell me, and it was me that sent the painting, these are the colours and items Diana asked me to paint. I did the painting in only half an hour at 3am, as I do with many that come through, often at odd times. Iv’e picked up ona few things, and had an email you sent via Diana, and I am happy to speak as you have asked for my land line. Somtimes she comes through, and really makes me laugh trying on hats and things, other times, serene, there are many areas I di not feel comfortable with at the accident, and a name associated starting with M. Also, a red leather box, it was passed on to Gordon Brown, but Tony Blair, has kept documents that need to be shown. It has a gold emblem, what needs to seen, is very cleverly sawn in or hidden into a leather compartment. My painting, depicts the sun, and the moon, the god and godess. There is signifigence here.

  5. ” Hello Tony,
    I will add these points if I may regarding authenticity. Andrew has met and I have spoken to albeit through him therefore since my physical death, Penny Thornton, my initial astrologer who actually suggested the “Charity Work” to me so was extremely instrumental to my being “Diana” and not the persona “Diana, Princess of Wales” or even “H.R.H.Princess of Wales” even more removed from the real person as well as Andrew Morton. He has also written to my boys about channelling “Mummy”,there are personal messages to them both from me too at http://www.Diana speaks.com. Andrew has notified the official Royal Site on the net about it and a copy of my personal message to Harry printed in a leading British newspaper is to be read at http://www.sessionswithspirit.info so he is not hiding, which is why of course the videos on You Tube are there for everyone to see. I wouldn’t imagine anyone bringing such a focus of attention upon themselves were they not authentic and those who as I say I have spoken to through him naturally recognising me or else I’d not be drawing attention to the fact.
    It is so important he is seen and known as opposed to remaining in the shadows, he represents me after all and I was invariably centre stage with or without the royal title which was part of the problem naturally and particularly of course when in the family still, my being the rank outsider and stealing their thunder even upstaging them by as simple an act as modelling a new hairstyle didn’t exactly enhance my poularity with them which as people now know was for the most part minimal to begin with anyway! ”
    Thank you for listening to me,

  6. Hi Tony,
    Just like to say having read your personal comments regarding the channelling, thanks for being non – judgemental and infact complimentary … as Diana herself has said to me …
    “For those who believe no proof is necessary whilst for those who don’t, no proof is possible!”
    As there is a need for balance in everything, so amongst the believers, there must be the doubters … keepin’ it real !

    Andrew Russell – Davis

  7. very moving to read these words and their content, bearing in mind the background and history of the family concerned and their long history of contact with the other side over a period of over a one hundred years, best wishes, Terence

  8. Terence, read my later blogs. I and others who were doubtful at first, now believe these messages from Diana as channeled thru Andrew, are genuine.

  9. Terence and others, the blogs are all on this site, over 5 days from June 6th culminating on June 10th, when I spoke to Diana, and Andrew, over the phone for nearly two hours.

  10. I would like to speak to diana and andrew concerning the truth about aids. I have read some very interesting boks, one called “what if everything yo thoght about aids was wrong” by christine maggiorre. There is an excellent film documentary interviewing top scientists called “Aidsinc”. this information needs to be given to the general public to awaken people. How do i get in contact with them by phone o meeting them? im in london. many thanks tony Palmer

  11. ” Hello and I am quite sure people will be expecting me to say something regarding my youngest son Harry and Chelsey parting … so here then is what I have to say …
    Chelsey and Harry have split – up but as friends which is somewhat of a consolation them both. They are both pretty strong – willed and determined characters and fiercely independent, so I actually feel that both of them see the sense in parting, each recognising that neither of them being prepared or indeed ready for a serious emotional committment to one another!

    They are still young after all and both ambitious and I would imagine have thought about this considerably before having made it official, gone public with it, so not something taken by either of them lightly but if I am right in my assumption, the most sensible thing to do, whilst they concentrate on their respective futures which at the moment would strongly indicate and albeit necessitate more time spent apart than together and consequently be unhealthy for any couple and ultimately often destructive !
    I wish both of them to find personal and lasting happiness !”
    Lots of love from,
    Diana xx

    I would also if I may like to draw attention to the fact there are very new and contoversial factual precis in the Factual Precis section on my site …


  12. Does Diana say anywhere what life is like on the other side, what she is doing there and her experience when she first arrived there.

    1. Only that she’s decided to remain Earthbound till 2010, maybe longer, to try to fulfil this unique mission of hers thru Andrew Russell-Davis, her chosen voice channel.

      Some spirits feel they have things still to do on Earth, and hang around as ‘ghosts’ or Earthbound spirits. Diana seems to have remained Earthbound but found a vehicle thru whom she can communicate and experience things. For instance, she says she watched ‘The Queen’ movie starring Helen Mirren, obviously thru Andrew’s eyes.

      I hope when she feels she has accomplished all she can she’ll move on to the spirit planes. This Earthbound phase is only temporary.

    2. ” Hello Bryan
      To answer you I don’t often speak about my after – life experience as through Andrew I am as Tony says retaining more earth – bound essence but Rose Campbell channels the Higher Diana so have a look at http://www.sessionswithspirit.info

      There is another reason and a much more logical one as to why I as the earth – bound essence Diana wouldn’t .. who would believe me if I did and how could it be proven to be true until you by example get your own one way ticket to experience it for yourself or alternatively your return ticket if you are to re – incarnate ? ”

      With love from,
      Diana xx

  13. ” Hello Everyone,
    As I explained to Tony not everyone naturally will be accepting, believing in my being back so therefore rather than cause problems for his site and perhaps risk his being institutionalised somewhare for believing he speaks to a dead princess … well alright ex – princesss and that she contributes to his site, that I’d respect this and bow out gracefully.

    Now though I’d like to if I may, make people interested aware that my personal site on the net http://www.dianaspeaks.info for which no membership fee is warranted naturally, is now completed and is extremely telling in a number of significant ways in numerous areas.

    So for this reason alone consequently one worth visiting for those of you with the inclination to do so. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say !”

    Take care with love from,
    Diana xx

  14. “Hello Tony,
    I am so glad you have listened to my book on my site and enjoyed it. I only had one life of course, well until now but one shall we say as the persona “Diana, Princess of Wales” and even more removed from the real me being that of “H.R.H. Princess of Wales” so the story is pretty much the same as recounted in countless books about me but the difference being that this is mine so that much more real, honest !

    The Andrew Morton book of course much like the Panorama Interview was revenge, I was a woman scorned after all and the battle of the “Wales” was very much on going with my husband still at the time of course and I doing all we could to score points off one another. The interview following his one with Dimbleby when he admitted his adultry publicly!

    Similarly there are numerous sites dedicated to remembering me .. er the persona most of them so again mine is different as clearly as the messages on your site illustrate I pull no punches but tell it like it was as only I of course could and something I intend on doing when as I say I am globally recognised as being back.

    I personally owe Charles a tremendous apology for the manner in which I treated him with regards to our children by example, I was positively beastly actually which is why as someone who never stood on ceremony in life, I hate people viewing me as a saint like figure now! It is quite ridiculous … I slept with married men, also committed adultry whilst married and deliberately often did all I could to embarrass a family that I felt had treated me abysmally, certainly latterly but never the less albeit possibly therefore justifiably having an axe to grind, not the actions of a saint, not at all!

    It’s actually little wonder to me the sycophants who moderate the sites I mention have not recognised me when I have tried to join them in order to balance the scales but instead banned me form them … ignorance isn’t bliss but as I say the real me so removed from the personas they adore of no surprise to me at all that I am not recognised, they didn’t know me personally after all …

    Those who did tell a very different story, a much more real one as I honestly wasn’t the nicest of people to most of them at one time or another, this might also explain why many staff members resigned … working for a saint something I am quite sure would not have been the case!

    A true perspective on things is so necessary Tony which is why my personal site is such an invaluable one on the net and why Princess Beatrice has recognised it as being her Auntie Diana’s … this says it all as she of course did know me personally so I thank her now for this immediate recognition.”

    With love from,
    Diana xx

  15. ” Hello Tony,

    Again thank you so very much for the compliment in recognising me in the podcasts albeit my voice might sound a little more “butch” than in life of course !

    I am truly touched by your remark, along the lines of it’s being incredible to you as a listener of them to credit that anyone else who listens to even just one of them, could having done so even entertain a personal doubt of it’s being me speaking, thank you Tony !

    I have said that Andrew has told Wills about everything and as the younger royals are aware of him, of the site, I’d imagine did they entertain personal doubts they would certainly have the means, the influence readily at their disposal to do something constructive to disrupt things and haven’t done so!

    Andrew isn’t hidden after all, even appearing in film on the You Tube .. you can’t be given the responsibility he personally carries if you are a coward and actually fearful of death so consequently with a preference to remaining anonymous and in the shadows ! He like me is therefore not daunted to be up – front and like me actually with no personal choice in the matter.

    It after all wasn’t his decision to channel me in the first place. It just happened on September 7th 1997 in Gran Canaria where he was living at the time. He has a Higher Power to thank for this happening or perhaps to curse as it has altered his life rather dramatically already but nothing as yet as it will be seen to do.

    He has been selected for the job as clearly having been seen therefore as someone more than capable of carrying out his part in this invaluable work successfully and has of course been tested which would be expected because of course mistkes can’t afford to be made.

    When I married I had to leave my past life pretty much behind me and it wasn’t something I was personally encouraged to pursue and at this time friends that have been in Andrew’s life for years are suddenly leaving it. This being in their interest as much as his and predominantly for the sake of the work but this is the kind of sacrifice that is having to be made by him and similarly like me, his being personally powerless to stop it from happening … it is part of the course.

    My point being people might now begin to see the reality, that his being chosen for this work has already cost him emotionally but those who will be around him will need to prove to be acceptable to those who designed this work, so to be squeaky clean in every respect for all too obvious reasons … the Media being determined and ruthless head – hunters in this vulture – culture !”

    With love from,
    Diana xx

  16. Hello Diana,

    Can you please tell me if Ayrton Senna (formula 1 driver) are earthbound like you or has he passed on…In the late 80’s I dreamed of a F1 car crash (in blue) and I warned him at the time to warn the person who was driving it to protect his head…not knowing that what I had was vision of Ayrton’s death…A month ago I suddenly started dreaming about him…something is about to happen or will be exposed. I’m not sure but I have this unsettled feeling

    Love to hear from you.

    PS. I never thought you as a saint, rather just a person like us who have his/her good side and bad side.

    1. “Hello John,
      I did actually reply to you but I will do so again. Thank you by the way for seeing me as human, so refreshing ! Being an Angel an even more demanding role than that of being H.R.H. Princess of Wales so being Diana Princess of Wales much easier for me but to people who knew me I was just Diana!

      I do not believe Ayrton is a hybrid like me no, he has I believe passed over but this question best be given to Rose Campbell who channels my Higher – Self and her email found at my site dianaspeaks.info on the net.

      You clearly were in warning Ayrton of his death given proof of your very real gifts and abilities albeit in an extremely dramatic way but one which has remained with you, strongly with you naturally.

      You might well now therefore be sensing a message from him, he might have family concerns which is why contacting Rose will I am sure help to clarify things for you. Hopefully so anyway.
      Thank you for writing to me and please do enjoy my site, full of fact not fiction ! ”

      With love from,
      Diana xx

  17. ” Hello Everyone,
    I was speaking with a good friend of Andrew’s and so of course mine Anne who is a very down to earth person much as Rose of course so meaning not people given to flights of fancy so imagining they’re communicating with an ex dead princess just to make this point clear !
    If people have read my channeled messages and perhaps listened to the podcasts they might know my personal feelings about the book that the precis below speaks about and how refreshing to see that it hardly impressed it’s reviewer who people might know is pretty much an authority on my life and herself the writer of a book called appropriately “Diana”and a much more serious read!
    Andrew as people know is not allowed to read books about me or ought I to say hasn’t been though he really doesn’t need to does he but in our conversation with Anne I got to thinking it might be interesting to see what I had to say on the tapes for the Andrew Morton book which as I have said on a podcast was simply revenge on my part as was the Panorama interview.

    Andrew’s personal collection of books about me will be a wonderful legacy for my boys to enjoy and for them to likewise pass on to their children so for this reason he collects them ! I am really not worried by the fact people might say that he gleans all his information from them as it is my personal energy that is apparent within him as people who knew me will readily recognise as of course they already have done, those who have met him, er “US” and that not being something that can be gained from glancing at a book or two about me now can it !
    Anyway I was giggling to myself in reading just a couple of things which I will share with you all now if I may … remember I always say with me it is so important to read between the lines ….

    The Queen …
    The relationship certainly changed when we got engaged because I was a threat wasn’t I ? I admire her. I long to get inside her mind and talk to her and I will. I’ve always said to her I’ll never let you down but I cannot say the same for your son. She took it quite well. She does relax with me. She indicated to me that the reason why our marriage had gone downhill was because Prince Charles was having such a difficult time with my bulimia. She saw it as the cause of the marriage problems and not a symptom. I kept myself to myself. I didn’t ask her advice. Now I can do it myself. I get on very well with them ( her parents- in-law ) but I don’t go out of my way to go and have tea with them !

    Keeping things real !

    I always found Her Majesty distant and somewhat aloof and I consequently not comfortable in her presence at all, certainly not to be able to relax and she certainly never seemed at ease with me either, we had so little in common. This said by me seems contradictory to my saying I was seen as a threat, would you relax in the company of someone you saw as an enemy ! As for my being a threat, why exactly, this comment made by me seems quite ridiculous, I only became a threat to the family once I’d been unofficially ousted from it having separated and later divorced from the Prince of Wales, when I did all I could to gain the people’s popularity.

    I was after all fighting a system hell bent on destroying me, so needing valuable ammunition being a strategist at heart and scheming and vindictive when I wanted to be, well known traits of a native Cancerian as another H.R.H. The Duchess of Cornwall herself illustrated so perfectly of course to me ! The reason for our marriage failing being he loved her not me and this no secret to Her Majesty or the family but babies necesssary I was the perfect brood mare and unlike her, still a virgin, she being already married and a mother of two, Charles Godfather to her son Tom !

    I suppose you could be reading this thinking bitter Diana strikes again but no actually as I have also said Camilla was and is far better suited to Charles than I would ever have been and likewise he suited to her but merely pointing out how even in the Morton book I was not upfront and honest but still alive the book itself damaging enough without its content needing to cause further injury !

    Isn’t it odd how I say I got on so well with my parents-in-law but would never go out of my way to have tea with them ? In other words they were alright in small doses but not company I’d personally choose to keep which says quite a lot about our relationship together then doesn’t it ! Going to Her Majesty for advice … I did once in tears over our marriage falling apart because of Camilla to be told “Charles is hopeless!” I suppose this might have meant unlike other royals, he failed in satisfying both wife and mistress as infidelity is not something new in the British gentry after all though something, a tradition I hope William and Harry are not intent on maintaining ! ”

    Princess Anne … The Princess Royal …
    We’re always supposed to have this tricky relationship. I admire her enormously. I keep out of her way when she’s there, I don;t rattle her cage and she’s never rattled mine and tghe fuss about her being Godmother to Harry was never even thought about. I thought to myself … There’s no point having anyone in the family as Godparents as they are either aunts or uncles … I said ” The press will go for that” and Charles said “So what?” They had this great thing about she and I not getting on. We got on incredibly well but in our own way. I wouldn’t ring her up if I had a problem nor would I go and have lunch with her but when I see her it’s very nice to see her. Her mind stimulates me, she fascinates me, she’s very independent and she’s gone her own way .

    Keeping things real !

    Now here is someone I say I find fascinating and stimulating, someone I get along with extremely well but would never encourage personally meeting her and talking to her much less sharing a problem I might have had with her ! In other words we didn’t like eachother, had little to talk about, horses not being my thing at all and ballet, swimming and pop bands hardly hers. I actually hardly remember uttering a few words to her but certainly not a conversation as such ever no ! I admired her work for Save the Children Fund which is incredible but she always saw my charity work as a ploy to gain personal publicity due to the fact the media were interested in my work whilst largely ignoring hers but our own personal attitudes to them largely the reason for this … ” Naff Off ! ” said to them and worse is hardly going to encourage a popular press report is it and consequently what the report will concern as opposed to the invaluable work carried out.

    I am also hardly going to personally want my boys to have a Godparent who I shared such a cold and distant liason with am I, knowing traditionally in the event of both parents dying and the child, so in this case Harry, being young enough, that the chosen Godparent finding themselves being responsible for him!

    So there we are the Diana now which you can choose to believe in or not of course and the Diana then but I certainly have my work cut out for me upon my return righting a number of wrongs which these two chosen pieces so clearly illustrate don’t they ! ”

    Thank you for listening to me,
    Diana xx


    Now read Sarah Bradford’s review of the “Diana Chronicles” by Tina Brown

    Whatever its actual merits, Tina Brown’s Diana Chronicles has been the most talked-about book of the season and Sarah Bradford’s its most talked-about review – even though, until today, it had not been published. It remains unclear why the Spectator refused to print Bradford’s piece, given that she is widely considered to be this country’s foremost authority on Diana. But here it is, abridged and edited.
    This overblown and over-hyped book is, to quote its author, her “maiden foray into long-form non-fiction”. This kind of weird language bedevils the pages: Brown never seems quite sure exactly what it is meant to be.

    Traditional “chronicles” necessarily involve chronology: Brown is not bound by such considerations. The first chapter begins with Diana’s final hectic evening in Paris on August 30/31 1997, then darts back through a welter of Fayeds to the author’s last sight of Diana at lunch in the Four Seasons in New York, in July: “The gently flushed skin of her face wasn’t just peachy; it was softer than a child’s velveteen rabbit.” Diana is en route with Dodi for the Alma tunnel when the chapter abruptly ends, the grisly story of the crash to be taken up again nearly 400 pages later.

    Brown’s treatment of her subject is frequently muddled: at first Diana’s mood on her last chaotic night was “sour”, but, a few pages later, “here she was on a hot night in August revelling in high-life flash, pursued by the farting motorbikes of the international press”.

    Tina Brown’s uncertainty about her project is highlighted by her writing, which slides between self-consciously pacey modern schlock and sentimental drivel. Diana’s mother, Frances, “looks flawlessly put together and crisp in her coiffed blond ripples. She wears a pale blue suit and hat, a string of fat, creamy pearls and gazes down with a proud smile into the big blue eyes of the gurgling baby Diana.” Cut to Diana’s pretty nannies. In America, Brown comments irrelevantly, “a Kennedy would be sleeping with help that looked as good as this”. Eighteenth-century Spencer ladies used the picture gallery at Althorp for “morning power walks”. You can take the girl out of the magazine, but you can’t take the magazine out of the girl.

    Some things are just plain wrong. (Park House, for example, where Diana was born, is not a grey-stone mansion, but built of the rust-coloured local carrstone.) All the old stories are repeated. Some of them are eerily reminiscent of stories in my Diana book. The story of the Queen’s private secretary informing Her Majesty that Prince Charles was sleeping with Camilla is the same one as in both my book on the Queen and my book on Diana, which I based on my interview with the courtier in question.

    Really there is only one blonde in this story and it’s not Diana. By the end, I got the impression that Tina Brown didn’t have much time for her subject, inserting herself into the text whenever she could, if possible in conjunction with a famous name. “Henry Kissinger told me”, etc. In fact, apart from Charles’s unfortunate Windsor tendency to pronounce “house” as “hice”, Tina Brown has more time for him. He is, after all, the future King. Yet I find her comment that Charles would have welcomed back a crippled Diana utterly grisly. “For the Prince there could have been something redeeming in having his ex-wife return to him in a condition of dependence.” And Brown sums up the failure of the French doctors to save Diana with a true sob-sister line: “This time Diana’s broken heart would never mend …”

    From the context it is obvious that Diana’s closest friends have not spoken to Brown, which makes for a lacuna at the heart of the book. Why did Brown do it? Why, on the basis of one article and a couple of social meetings did she feel uniquely qualified to write The Diana Chronicles? She has had a stellar career in social journalism: only two recent setbacks with a magazine and a chat show in the US mar her record. Is this a job application, a rescue operation for the Brown career? Does she see her future in “long-form non-fiction”?

    One reviewer remarked on the “skinflint” production of this book. There are no photographs of the most photogenic woman of the last century. Nor is there a dust jacket. Perhaps the publishers find themselves strapped for cash after the much vaunted advance they allegedly paid Tina Brown for writing it estimated to being in the region of a million dollars !

  18. Hello,
    Its great to see all the messages and sites plus videos from Diana.
    But I noticed the traffic and views of these sites was quite low level and the world hasnt really taken a great deal of notice of it apart from a few intrigued Diana fans and its been years now.
    I think the world has pretty much figured out there were a lot of conspiracies in the way you died Diana,but wouldnt it be better to move on,as you have now said it all really,maybe reincarnate to continue your humanitarian work,Im sure your strong presence would be felt and people would soon notice similarities.
    My question is did Diana ever talk about reincarnation, in a new body,I feel she would be of more use this way.
    Remember the truth always comes out in the end and the world needs you.

    1. ” Hello Peter,
      Firstly I’m so sorry to be so late in response to your letter. I am dependent of course in this respect of Andrew’s visiting this site!

      I said of myself in life that I saw myself as a kind of ” Messenger” and that I wouldn’t be back; not knowing then of course the events that would unfold with the incident happening in Paris and much less so that it would be determined that after death I would still continue in that role of ” Messenger ” now endeavouring to proving the reality of Life after Death !

      I am not to re – incarnate no, this channeling is instead of this happening and somewhat more amazing albeit somewhat contoversial in fact im my channeling through a male but in keeping with my always surprising people with what I did in life; proving I haven’t changed in this respect.

      I am aware naturally that my personal site on the net does not attract the audience it might, certainly not at the moment anyway! The reason being, well one of them certainly that it actually illustrates a Diana most people will not ordinarily recognise, so Diana the woman, the wife (ex!)the Mother and the sister as well as the friend!

      These people therefore will certainly know by the way in which I present myself there that it is me and not the Media based and created PERSONA of Diana, Princess of Wales.

      The difference between the two being crucial actually but my personal site is not intended to be a picture palace; there’s enough of those in existence already on the net of course but alternatively to be somewhere where fact often stranger than fiction is presented and documented in fine detail! Something that would only be expected of course from someone who always did her homework on things before speaking out about them; adding necessary substance to matters gaining my personal attention.

      My personal site http://www.dianaspeaks.info therefore is an encyclopedia of my life and somewhere I am afforded the opportunity to personally express my feelings about things generally !

      Again people who knew me in life personally would therefore in reading them know it is me speaking as they alter greatly from the opinions given to be expressed by the persona adopted by me most ostensibly to gain public attention which clearly it proved successful in achieving globally !

      Now I am as I say able to be more real but many still buy into the “Fairytale Princess” of their imaginations which is the problem of course but alternatively as I say it is a site that will reach and touch those it is meant to; so serving an important purpose in being on the net for this reason!”

      With love from,
      Diana xx

  19. Hi,

    Could you please tell me if Diana ever met Freddie Mercury? If so could you explain what she thought of him as an individual and perhaps what her favourite Queen song was? Also, did she ever collaborate with Freddie during any of her Aids campaigns?

  20. Why was Diana’s Facebook suspended? Why did Andrew then ask to be deleted altogether from Facebook. This has made me worried. I had my trust in Andrew, so if he’s turned out to be a fraud I wouldn’t be very happy.

    1. We don’t know why it was suspended, an unspecified ‘violation’ according to Facebook. I must leave it to Diana and Andrew to explain why they asked to be deleted altogether, including Andrew’s personal Facebook account which he never used much. I imagine they were as shocked as everyone else, so why should this mean Andrew is a fraud? They received no warning, and Andrew was in the middle of preparing a message from Diana about Meghan and Harry when the Facebook page suddenly was suspended, so naturally they were annoyed. They were not told what the violation was so could not put it right.

  21. “Hello Steven
    Firstly let me assure you that Andrew is not a fraud but please visit my personal website on the net and see this for yourself as material documented there will verify the people he has met and who I have therefore re-connected with, so people like Andrew Morton who I knew in life and who recognised me speaking through Andrew to them again!

    Andrew to his knowledge did not commit any FaceBook violation as having been working there on my behalf for the past 4 years but latterly my becoming a lot more challenging in what I was seeing posted which no doubt upset certain parties so this perhaps the reason for the sudden, and it was without any warning at all given, the account suspended. Andrew has no intention of opening any account with FB again and has no need to do so as this part of my work continuing completed, purpose served as everything happening for a reason it must mean those meant to be reached by it have been and will recognise me naturally as everyone having their own personal signature naturally and Andrew’s quite different to mine.

    Also of course one door closes and another opens so during this albeit enforced hiatus there is breathing space given until the new avenue of direction is highlighted and of course ultimately this will see me speaking through him publicly or there would be no purpose to the voice channeling and to as the name suggests ‘Diana Speaks’ using also of course my initials ‘Diana Spencer’ being divorced from my husband and disconnected from the royals apart from with my boys which as everyone knows being an unbreakable bond shared by us all as even now it remains so and always will and William and Harry make this something very apparent at every opportunity!

    I do appreciate people being shocked at my suddenly disappearing with no warning or indication of its happening at all but not for the first time the lady vanishes and ironically all the more reason to believe and trust it is me actually so FB having done me a favour but as proven here I did say she won’t go quietly and meant it!”

    With love from, Diana xx

    Hi there Steven

    As the lady says second time around and taken out with no personal hand in it but Diana is not going anywhere, I have been channeling her for 20 years in August 2017 and her website explains everything in full detail including a book I penned and there is her personal book to listen to. Her tone even stronger through me now as she having grown and developed over the years but a book written by her in the only way she who lived her life could tell it. Like the FB Group there is no place for comments as when on the originals there being this facility, I will leave you to imagine many of them which were not complimentary and having no wish to invite negative energies to something so unique, special and in fact blessed!

    I am not missing FB which proves to me that it must have been time to go and as you will see looking at the website, it paled in comparison but was a continuation of it as the website likewise came to its natural conclusion. I have nothing whatever to gain in pretending to channel the lady except to be as hated as Hitler and perhaps even Trump but belief is something personal and dependent on the individual but there is enough evidence to prove the reality of my connection with Diana presented.

    Hoping this answer satisfies your enquiry and many thanks for your supporting the lady and I in her work continuing as in life was her promise and I am honoured to do my bit to assist the lady in seeing it does!

    Take care and God bless; Andrew.

  22. Hi,
    Could you please tell me if Diana ever met Freddie Mercury? If so could you explain what she thought of him as an individual and perhaps what her favourite Queen song was? Also, did she ever collaborate with Freddie during any of her Aids campaigns?

  23. “Hello Lloyd
    As this article shows Met him; I knew him, we were friends but I will be honest and say I have a select memory channled through Andrew so receive infirmation, memories on a needs to know basis so cannto full in any details of the evening other than to say I did enjoy enturing out in disguise, often having to when out with Dr. Hasnat Khan when we went to Ronnie Scotts Jazz club in London and queued to get in and I wearing an auburn coloured wig and having a cushion under my top to look bigger so with Cleo, Kenny and Freddie would certainly have done this and why would she write about it otherwise. More about it all avaialble on Google and Freddie and I both worked for AIDS-HIV causes but not together in any one involvement as this would have encouraged publicity for us as opposed to the causes themselves. Queen Songs – So many rather impossible to choose one but Bohemian Rhapsody a musical masterpiece and showcasing Freddie’s classical vocal training but also I want to break free and We are the champions as well as It’s a hard life. I also posted abotu the visit to the Vauxhall Tavern on my website.

    As explained there, the Diana channeled now through Andrew is my earthbound essence but I would imagine anyway my Spiritial or Higher-Self would have connected with people I knew in life and was fond of so Freddie would be among them as so too would Michael Jackson and George Michael. I am sorry as I say to not be able to comment more but I will not pretend to things I have no memory of as not clearly at the moment anyway deemed necessary for me to remember!”
    With love from, Diana xx

    Freddie Mercury ‘smuggled Princess Diana into gay bar disguised as a man!’
    Freddie Mercury disguised the late Princess Diana as a male model and smuggled her into a gay bar, it has been claimed. 10:10AM BST 31 Mar 2013 Comedian Cleo Rocos, Mercury and fellow comedian Kenny Everett dressed Diana in an army jacket, cap and sunglasses for a night out at the Vauxhall Tavern, south London, in the late 1980s. “When we walked in… we felt she was obviously Princess Diana and would be discovered at any minute. But people just seemed to blank her. She sort of disappeared. But she loved it,” said Rocos, who co-starred in Everett’s television show. She made the claim her book “The Power of Positive Drinking” serialised in the Sunday Times. She said she did not know whether Diana was propositioned in the bar in her guise as a male model, but added: “She did look like a beautiful young man.”The presence of Mercury, Everett and Rocos diverted revellers’ attention and Diana was able to order drinks undetected, Rocos recalled. Freddie told her we were going to the Vauxhall Tavern. Diana said she had never heard of it and she’d like to come.’Attempts were made to dissuade Diana but Miss Rocos said she was in ‘mischief mode’ and intent on having her way, adding: ‘She turned to Mercury who declared: ‘Go on, let the girl have some fun. Can you imagine?”.Miss Rocos went on: ‘She [Diana] wanted the thrill of going in undetected to order one drink and would leave right away, she promised.‘She tried on the outfit Kenny had intended to wear: a camouflage army jacket, hair tucked up into a leather cap and dark aviator sunglasses.‘Scrutinising her in the half light, we decided that the most famous icon of the modern world might just – just – pass for a rather eccentrically dressed gay male model.’ The foursome arrived at the bar and Princess Diana ordered a white wine and a beer. With their mission accomplished, the group then made a swift exit and dropped Diana off at Kensington Palace.Making the claims in her new book, Miss Rocos sets the scene by describing how Mercury had also come round to Everett’s flat and the four of them were larking around on Everett’s sofa watching The Golden Girls.Miss Rocos wrote: ‘I don’t think anything could be more camp than Diana, Kenny, Freddie and me sitting on Kenny’s sofa, all watching The Golden Girls. ‘Kenny turned the sound down on the television and we improvised the voices, but with a much naughtier storyline. ‘Kenny was Blanche, Diana was Dorothy, Freddie was Sophia and I was Rose – we were uncontrollable with laughter. Diana, who was 27 at the time, was giggling from behind a cushion and asked what our plans were for that evening.

    1. Danielle, please see the reply to Steven above. I’ll repeat the relevant part here which answers your question: ‘Andrew has no intention of opening any account with FB again and has no need to do so as this part of my work continuing completed, purpose served as everything happening for a reason it must mean those meant to be reached by it have been and will recognise me naturally as everyone having their own personal signature naturally and Andrew’s quite different to mine.

      Also of course one door closes and another opens so during this albeit enforced hiatus there is breathing space given until the new avenue of direction is highlighted and of course ultimately this will see me speaking through him publicly…..’

      The original DianaSpeaks website is still there along with all the podcasts of posthumous interviews:
      http://www.dianaspeaks.info/ – main website
      https://archive.org/details/DianaSpeaks/Diana1.mp3.mp3 – archive of Diana/Rose posthumous interviews

  24. Dear Andrew, dearest Lady Di
    Only those last few days I’ve come across your channeling and Diana s webside!!
    I would like to say how touched I felt reading all this, as I really loved /love you dearest Diana and like thousands of people miss you being here!!!
    Can you please shed some light on the matter of Paris? Who was involved in this “accident”? So many believe you’ve got murdered!!
    Was there a pregnancy as some believe? Some strange “fakts” don’t make sence at all. Will there be a king Charles after Queen Elisabeth?
    It would be so unbelievable great, not only for me but also for those thousands of people who love and miss you to find an answer.
    Wishing you Andrew a” keep safe” and a great respect and good wishes for your work!
    You dearest Lady Di a long and blessfull continuing of your way of contact, especially with your great boys, please protect them and their dear ones. You can be so proud of them, they’re both great jung men!
    Love to you both. God bless.

  25. “Hello Johanna, Call me Diana please but not Princess as divorced from the royals; my husband I’m not one and as for my being a lady; not all would see me as one lol. Seriously though I hated being called ‘Di’ pronounced die; so rather prophetic much as for me Catherine is not Kate! Thank you very much for writing to me and please visit my personal website http://www.dianaspeaks.info which answers many of your questions and more I would think anyway as it’s very concise. With regards to Paris, I will not publicly shed light on things on line but what I will say is the official line for the cause of the event on August 31st 1997 in the French Capital city being ‘Unlawful Killing’ is somewhat revealing, a play on words. No pregnancy, my support of unmarried mothers not extending to following their example as I would do nothing to humiliate my boys which something like this would most certainly have succeeded in doing and already firing bulletsat me, provided more ammunition for my enemies to fire at me and I was far too shrewd to do that and afford them this satisfaction! Andrew and I both touched at your taking the time to write Johanna and for your kind words which are lovely and very much appreciated. Don’t worry about Andrew he’s very protected and has to be of course and oh yes I am enormously proud of William and Harry and in their determination to do all they can to see I am not forgotten and especially by certain people who have made it clear that they wish I could be! Both boys, men now of course steering their own paths with regards to their work but dedicated and devoted to it and admired and loved for doing so as Harry has found certainly with both his charity ‘Sentebale’ and ‘The Invictus Games’. Catherine of course doing her bit supporting her husband and working in her own right as well as being Mummy to my grandchildren which is a full time job anyway but as it was for me; my favourite title and role naturally, I am quite sure Catherine feels the same. Hopefully soon I will welcome a second daughter-in-law as Meghan as perfect a compliment for Harry as Catherine is for William and I want more grandchildren!” lol With love from, Diana xx

  26. “Hello Linda

    I think Meghan a strong woman who knows what she wants and how to get it is the perfect compliment for Harry as he is someone who takes his charity work very seriously as she does and indeed has so they sharing the same moral values and humanitarian interests. The rebel in Harry in marrying her breaks royal taboos with Meghan being of mixed race and divorced as well as being a Roman Catholic though she will be baptised into the Chruch of England but also Meghan is the 2nd American divorcee to marry into the royal family; the first being American divorceee Wallis Simson who after his abdication married HRH King Edward VIII. The couple becoming the Duke and Duchess of Windsor though like me she denied the royal title HRH and became the most hated woman in the country! However people need to do their homework as Wallis did not want Edward to abdicate and was ultimately trapped into marriage with him and the couple exiled to live eventually in Paris, ironically in the ‘Villa Windsor’ outside Paris visited by Dodi and I on August 30th 1997. The property leased by Mohammed al – Fayed his father from the French government. The reason too following the Queen’s father becoming King that she is Monarch and a scandal which has haunted the royals. Meghan will be significant therefore being part American but quite apart from this, it is evident the couple are genuinely in love and very openly touchy feely even publicly which within the royals is unusual to see though of course Catherine and William much more so than other royal members albeit more discreetly.

    The fact Meghan has been an actress means as she has proven already on her first public engagement with Harry is accustomed to cameras and the media and at ease with people and those who met the couple yesterday in Nottingham are thrilled with the new addition to the royals who is also exotic looking in my opinion and Catherine classically beautiful. I am sure Meghan’s people popularity will only grow over time as she learns quickly how to conduct herself and adapts to royal life and an easier transition for her doing than it was for Catherine because of Meghan’s having been an actress, as all the royals are and have to be. Whatever is happening the show must go on, I learned that as it’s expected. The royals don’t wear private grief on a public sleeve though the royals are having to move with the times and become more relaxed and neither William or Harry are particularly fond of the pomp and ceremony and having their lives dictated by tradition and protocol but the pressure to do so less on Harry at the moment fifth in line to the throne than to his elder brother and his wife. Harry has a lot more freedom and I am sure enormously grateful for this.

    Had marriage to Meghan been refused by Her Majesty as he needed her permission to officially unite with Meghan, he might even have said “I’m off!” and followed his heart and moved to America or Canada to be with the woman he loves and nobody could have blamed him so sensibly knowing the history of by example my arranged marriage with Charles being the virgin needed initially to bear his heir and the subsequent evidence of the mis-match and it’s consequences would not want history repeating itself so the permission granted! Her Majesty is not a stupid woman and her first loyalty is to her role as Monarch and imagine the public’s reaction to her had she not allowed Harry to marry the woman who has captured his heart and after all they have been together 16 months, dating each other long before it was made public and meaning a long-distance love affair. There will be those who will be sceptical and cynical but this is good news happening and something to celebrate in a world of headlines of doom and gloom.

    People are complaining there’s been too much coverage of it but otherwise the news focusses on ‘Brexit’ and terror attacks happening globally, political unrest universally so which do people prefer there being a concentration on. 5.6 million people in the UK watched the Royal Engagement Interview, the most ever recorded as Harry is people popular; I call him the ‘People’s Prince’ and 7 million reading about it so by far statistically proven the most people popular news and good and happy news and the majority of people loving the coverage of a happy event amidst so much bad or sad news being consistently reported on!

    Not news pleasing, interesting for everyone of course but there being a need for balance and equilibrium in everything naturally! I personally join those who were delighted, glad to inhale the breath of fresh air as opposed to the polluted atmosphere usually inhaled in excess due to the world being in pretty dire straits in many areas politically certainly and wish them both every happiness in their togetherness with babies soon to follow as everyone knows how children adore Harry and he them so can well imagine his profound thrill of being a ‘Daddy’!

    With love from,

    Diana xx

  27. Dear Diana,
    I just want to send my love to you, I will never forget you.
    Wish you were here….Your children are here, though, and justice will be attributed.
    Don’t forget us…

  28. “Hello Amalia
    Thank you very much for your touching message, it’s lovely and I can assure you I am so frustrated waiting to return and speak to everyone albeit through Andrew of course and to let everyone know I’m still around which is why I do still have a voice but I am not able to decide, so control when and how this miracle will happen, only that it will or there would be no point on the vocal channeling as no purpose to be served by it’s reality. William and Harry are always proving in so many ways they’re being very much my boys and proud to be and I am enormously proud of them both naturally and so grateful their father allowed them to live their own lives and find their own ways in a much free-er way than he experienced himself growing up as a royal as after all for him and indeed for William particularly, it is not a life but a duty they are born into; Harry the more fortunate of my boys in this respect and I am quite sure knows it as his life with Meghan will not be as regimented and ordered as eventually Catherine’s and William’s will be, which is why I am in no desperate hurry or need to see William becoming King; indeed thankful for the line of succession which determines Charles is next to take the throne!”
    With love from,
    Diana xx

  29. “Hello Amalia

    In answer to your question; yes and no as in the incarnation physically as I was no as this was a physical shell and nothing more and nothing less than that but spiritually, so energetically yes! I said when earthbound “She won’t go quietly’ and something said by me in 1995, 2 years before Paris and the incident in 1997 and my speaking about myself in the third person! May I suggest you consult my website dianaspeaks.info as so much more is made apparent there if of course you have the time and inclination to read all that is written there, though an index will assist you in this as I appreciate and intentionally so of course, it is an encyclopedia of knowledge. Also please read Andrew’s book ‘Diana & I’ which is not published so only to be read there as he has no wish to exploit me for financial or indeed any other gain. A reason; one of them anyway why he has been chosen to assist me in my work as he’s loyal and trustworthy and strong enough to carry the responsibility on his shoulders in helping me to prove to people that ‘Life after Life’ is very real!”
    With love from,
    Diana xx

  30. Dear Diana,
    This is one of Tony’s comments :

    “Only that she’s decided to remain Earthbound till 2010, maybe longer, to try to fulfil this unique mission of hers thru Andrew Russell-Davis, her chosen voice channel.
    Some spirits feel they have things still to do on Earth, and hang around as ‘ghosts’ or Earthbound spirits. Diana seems to have remained Earthbound but found a vehicle thru whom she can communicate and experience things. For instance, she says she watched ‘The Queen’ movie starring Helen Mirren, obviously thru Andrew’s eyes.
    I hope when she feels she has accomplished all she can she’ll move on to the spirit planes. This Earthbound phase is only temporary.”

    Well, in a very selfish way, we want you to be in contact with us…..

    With all my love.

  31. “Hello Amalia

    I don’t consider you selfish at all saying that you want me to be in contact as it is something I want to do and not to speak about Paris, the truth of this will become apparent at the right time but the event in Paris happening was destiny and in order that my work continues albeit from a larger and more influential arena. I always said I was not a political figure but an humanitarian and I am about to contact albeit through Andrew of course William and ask his permission if Andrew can contact a TV programme and channel me if this is something invited for him to do. It’s not something Andrew will do if William and Harry as the letter would be one shared I’m sure by them would be upset or annoyed by it’s happening. I would do nothing to hurt my boys but I have recently spoken with people at the charity shop Andrew works in as a volunteer and they knowing it’s me immediately has made me realise that it’s time for it to be recognised that Diana Speaks.”
    With love from,
    Diana xx

  32. Dear Diana,
    Wish your beloved boys give their permission for Andrew’s channeling you on TV, though I think that would be very difficult, for many reasons.
    Truth hurts a lot, and of course, I am not talking about your boys. Andrew will take (again) a big risk.
    On the other hand, I am sure that the majority of the people is totally convinced of what had happened to you and this is not going to change, whether some “people” like it or not.
    With all my love.

  33. Can I just ask if you’re able to predict the future. Like do you or Andrew know the sex of your new grandchild? And can you predict other stuff?

    1. “Hello Joan

      I don’t claim and never have done to predict the future, if you visit my personal website you will see that I channel my earthbound essence through Andrew, so the easily; hopefully anyway recognisable Diana, in life I counted amongst my closest friends astrologers who guided me as to what to prepare for but I have instincts, an intuition about things which are sometimes accurate and other times not and have guessed the new baby will be a brother for Charlotte and George but don’t quote me on this as it’s not a prediction at all! I am here when people are ready to trust, to believe and therefore to hear me to help as best I can with people’s understanding of things as by example life after life being real and will be able clearly to offer substantial evidence in proof of this fact, this will hopefully anyway serve to comfort many people in knowing their loved ones are very much alive albeit in another sphere of existence but as I say when people are ready to listen and at the moment they’re not which is enormously frustrating for me as well as of course Andrew but we are not in control of man’s evolution and able therefore to hasten his comprehension of things without his personal co-operation or willingness to broaden his outlook and see the panoramic spectrum of things as opposed to the small screen!”
      With love from, Diana xx

  34. Dear Diana, hello,
    I am writing to you again, because I want to be in contact with you and I would like to ask you,how is Dodi?
    Are you, somehow, connected, in a spirit way of course? That would be wonderful…..
    God bless both of you

  35. “Hello Amalia

    Please visit my personal website dianaspeaks.info as there it is explained in detail how I channel my earthbound essence through Andrew and not my Spiritual self, therefore Dodi is fully in Spirit and though I am quite sure my Spiritual self and he are connected, the Diana you are communicating with could not possibly answer this question with equal authority but I am sure he in Spirit is happy. I appreciate it is difficult to truly believe it is me you are speaking to so meaning Diana, Princess of Wales who I was earthbound in my last incarnation but this is the reality and whilst of course the miracle being that I have a foot in both worlds so to speak, ordinarily the miracle being that it is the easily recognisable Diana who is sensed, she who said she wouldn’t go quietly and is determined to prove this being so. When necessary my Spiritual self imparts messages of course but this something more likely to happen when the world wakes up to the fact I’m still around.

    Enjoy my website and there this link to all my after – life interviews with Rose Campbell which are all enlightening in many ways!”


    With love from,

    Diana xx

  36. “Hello Amalia

    I am glad as I was hoping you did recognise it’s being me; not everyone does of course but I always loved a challenge so no change there then but I do hope you find the time to listen to the After – Life interviews which are unique naturally but answer many questions and help to dot the i’s and cross the t’s but I am aware an extensive library of listening material so something that will take time to absorb. What they show is my personal view of things so not always the official line but this would be expected seeing as it is me speaking and no one having a greater authority in speaking about my life as Hon. Lady Diana Spencer; HRH Princess of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales than me!”

    With love from,

    Diana xx

  37. “Hello Joan

    As you will hopefully appreciate this is not a question I will answer on the web but what I will say is that as I have on my website which will assist you in drawing your own conclusion perhaps in relation to your question; that I ought to have safeguarded my own security a little better than I did. My website is one where if consulted, reading between the lines many revelations are all too apparent but it is one where there is extensive reading material to be found! http://www.dianaspeaks.info though is a unique site as it is my personal one on the web!”

    With love from,
    Diana xx

  38. Dear Diana,

    We, the Greeks, wish to the newborn babies and of course to their families “health and happiness”.
    Wish you were here to hug your second grandson.

    With all my love.

    1. “Hello Amalia – Efharisto para poli!

      What a lovely message thank you very much! I’m thrilled for Catherine and William naturally as having had two boys always wanting a daughter myself I sensed the new baby being a boy and said so in emails to people and if you want inclusion in them Andrew’s email is diana6197@googlemail.com and I also guessed having worn blue for George and yellow fro Charlotte that she might wear red for the new baby and of course has. This ‘deja vu moment now being remarked on by the media!
      With Harry finding emotional happiness with Meghan, this year certainly already a significant one for my immediate family, once married and settled sensing soon after their wedding it will be announced Meghan is pregnant as the couple have said they’re eager to be parents and Meghan 36yrs old now! I think having waited since 1997 to do so that very soon now the world will be made aware I’m back and that Diana Speaks as the people of the world need waking up to certain realities which I will be able to offer of course and I’ve confidence people will listen to me!”

      Take care Amalia

      With love from,

      Diana xx

    1. “Hello Joan
      I’m thrilled about the union of Harry with Meghan who is perfect for him in every way being a strong and independent woman who has personal opinions she voices, is clearly intelligent and driven with great ambition and as she has said can and intends to use her position for the benefit of charities and causes she has supported as well as of course being an humanitarian like Harry will support his and together making a dynamic team! I am glad that like Wills and unlike their father; my boys have been free to choose the women they love for love and not conversely out of a sense of duty and it’s marvellous that Meghan being bi-racial is to be Harry’s wife as well known Africa being his favourite continent as well as the fact that marrying her brings change to the Monarchy and freshness! I always wanted to see a Monarchy more people orientated and one the public would be able to relate to more easily and Catherine and William and Meghan and Harry have seen and will continue seeing that having done my bit to make this happen, that it continues! I know Harry will sense me with him on May 19th though of course I am always with my boys and they know it!”
      With love from,
      Diana xx

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