Direct Voice Mediumship – Princess Diana & Alf Pritchett

Direct Voice Mediumship is a remarkable phenomenum, whereby the spirits of dead people allegedly speak, via the medium’s own voicebox, but using their own voice.

Obviously there are opportunities for fraud in all forms of mediumship, and I have never witnessed Direct Voice Mediumship personally. However I have listened to recordings via the Internet, and some I was told about last night are quite remarkable. To me they sound absolutely genuine, not least because the people who put them there are not making money out of it. 

Nevertheless we must be cautious before accepting these messages as being from Diana. They seem just too good to be true. There are videos on YouTube of Diana apparently speaking thru her main channeler, Andrew Russell-Davis, and it is disconcerting to say the least. It sounds much more convincing when you can’t see the man sitting there speaking in Diana’s voice, in fact I didn’t recognize it as Diana’s voice at first, yet it was instantly recognizable on the audio versions. This may well be because our visual perception affects what we hear. So the content of the messages is all important, especially if they contain accurate information Andrew Russell-Davis could not have known. It may take time for this to be proven one way or the other.

I have to say here that I too have various methods of channeling important messages from the Other Side, and in this case they include warnings about trickery, deception and a partnership in crime, but also reassurances about the ability to act for, or portray, another person straightforwardly and honestly. 

These messages are ambiguous as they could be taken to mean Diana is really speaking thru her channeler about, among other things, a partnership in crime which resulted in her fatal ‘accident’ and the trickery and deception which has gone to cover it up, or they could be referring to the messages themselves being a conspiracy between several mediums. But if they are, it is difficult to see a motive, since all they have attracted so far is ridicule and abuse for Andrew Russell-Davis, and the messages and book allegedly channeled by Diana are available free via the Internet, so there is no monetary motive. 

One site gives a series of some 42 interviews with the spirit of Princess Diana, in which she talks about her life, her children, Charles and what happened in Paris that fateful day. To me it sounds like Diana and how she spoke (judging from the Panorama interview).  I’ve only listened to 7 of the interviews so far. Including her worries about youth violence in UK (the recent stabbings, etc.) and uncontrolled immigration. She suggests some possible ways to deal with the current spate of youth violence/gang culture.

She defends Charles, saying he is a good father to William and Harry, and gives her approval to his marriage to Camilla, saying she knew before she and Charles were even married that he loved Camilla, but hoped he’d grow to love her, Diana. She admits not being a saintly ‘Mother Teresa’ type person, but very manipulative and not averse to telling ‘white lies’ when it suited her. Indeed her main channeler, Andrew Russell-Davis, has called Diana ‘a bitch’ on air.

Why not judge for yourself?:

There is also an opportunity to comment/debate, and read a book apparently dictated to medium Andrew Russell-Davies by Diana in the months after her death on the following website:

The other Direct Voice Message, via Direct Voice Medium Leslie Flint in 1960, allegedly is the voice of Alf Pritchett, a poorly educated British soldier who died in World War I. This too is utterly believable to me, and quite humorous at times as Alf describes his confusion on discovering he is dead but still alive. For instance he describes how people still living couldn’t see him, and that if he came back to visit his wife and other relatives and friends, even the local vicar would be ‘as blind as a bat’ and not be able to see him. Only senstives (mediums) have this ability.

To hear Alf’s interesting message, in which he rants at the Church and generals, etc. for sending young men to war, blessing them and their guns, etc. click (you might have to right click and Save Target As…) on this link and download:  Listen to Alf’s fascinating account. (41 minutes).

I am grateful to Australian-based lawyer, Victor J. Zammit, for providing links to these sites/downloads via his fascinating weekly After Life Report, with Victor’s following reservation about the ‘Diana’ messages: ‘My position, as most of you know, is to present the taped evidence and will leave it entirely up to you to decide whether it is really Diana who is speaking.’

4 thoughts on “Direct Voice Mediumship – Princess Diana & Alf Pritchett

  1. In the Alf recording , I would have thought that his priority would have been to leave a message for loved ones? Which when questioned at the end he ends abruptly!

  2. “Hello Simon,
    Which is why I have channeled messages to my boys on my personal site on the net, spoken others to them during the After – Life interviews with Rose Campbell and also heard on my site. You will also read there how people I knew in life have been spoken to by me albeit channeled by Andrew and been in no doubt of who they have sensed communicating with them but of course with professional reputations to protect, talking to dead ex Princesses is a little to surreal for people to take seriously so have not publicly volunteered it themselves. This something set to change of course when the reality of life after death is proven correct or there would be no point in the channeling happening at all.
    It is as you suggest imperative that a proof of the authenticity of the direct channeling is submitted for examination naturally which is why on my personal site on the net and a unique one because of this I am seen to have done my bit in seeing that this is something presented as well as on the You Tube where channelings can be seen though appreciate please the sound recording is not the best for which I apologise but the interviews were conducted on impulse not planned or rehearsed as my Panorama interview of 1995 was but as likewise the After – Life interviews with Rose are not!”
    Thank you for listening to me,
    Diana xx

  3. ” Hello Simon,
    I see there might be confusion locating my personal site which has changed and is now …”
    With best wishes from,
    Diana xx

    “A Happy New Year 2013 to you all.”

  4. Answering Simon: Alf Pritchett came through in 1968, but he died in the First World War. So not many living relations would remember him. It was not the kind of Spirit message from someone who had recently passed anxious to convince close relatives/friends they had survived. If Alf had a living wife, for instance, she’d have been in her 70s and soon to join him. Any children would barely remember him from over 50 years ago I should imagine. These Leslie Flint sessions were with a regular group of sitters, but had Alf a message for living friends/relatives he’d have no doubt asked them to be traced to pass it on. His main reason for coming through seems to have been to emphasize the futility and wickedness of war, especially when condoned by the churches.

    For evidence of the kind you are seeking, check this link:

    It is a record of conversations between a man and his deceased wife, Annie Nanjii. In one of them she nags him about putting the bedspread on the wrong way round. The conversations went on for some time, through the Direct Voice mediumship of Leslie Flint.

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