More Psychic happenings

I rang a friend, Tom, this evening, and he told me that an old man he’d been looking after for years, who was suffering from terminal cancer, finally died in hospital yesterday afternoon.

Reg had been in  hospital for months, and his flat had been vacated ever since he went into hospital. He has no living relatives apparently. Yet Tom received three calls on his mobile from Reg’s home phone number around the time that Reg died in hospital.

The flat was vacated by Reg and the phone line disconnected, so nobody could have dialed Tom’s number from his home phone – except it seems Reg’s disembodied spirit around the time of his death!


August 23rd: More information which makes this event even more remarkable:

The phone had indeed been disconnected ages before. Tom used to joke with Reg that nobody had ever phoned him from the Other Side to say they’d arrived safely.

What happens the very day Reg passed over? Tom’s mobile didn’t actually ring. What happened was he received three missed calls messages – they read as follows, dated the day Reg died in hospital, from his home number which had been disconnected weeks/months before: Reg calling….. Reg calling….. Reg calling.  Tom has a witness, his friend Mark who was visiting, and who saw these three messages on Tom’s mobile the day Reg passed away.

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