Our wonderful police!

An ironic title. You never see a policeman on the beat nowadays. They are either holed up in police stations, doing ‘paperwork’ so they tell us (in the computer age? Seems highly unlikely to me.) Or they are flying around in police cars/police vans so fast they can’t see what’s happening on the streets. (I speak as a member of a police family. My maternal grandfather and two uncles were police officers.)

Yet get a few peaceful demonstrators together, like the Environmental Camp at Heathrow Airport, and the police are there in droves, stopping and searching peaceful protestors.

Meanwhile gangs rule the streets, and teenagers are being stabbed or shot. 18 have been killed so far this year. Older people who, in the total absence of the police, have gone out of their homes to remonstrate with unruly teenagers have also been killed. The police then appear on the scene AFTER all these murders.

We keep hearing that police are being put back on the beat, but I rarely see them. They need to be patrolling 24/7. The gangs need to be rounded up and cleared off our streets, so teenagers and others won’t be intimidated by them. What are police for if not to insure that anarchy doesn’t rule on our streets?

 If necessary send armed officers to do the job, and if they can’t do it, bring in the Army. Bring them back from Iraq and Afghanistan and put them on the streets here to clear up the gang warfare. Stop and search by armed police officers and/or the Army should be a daily routine, and nobody should object to this in this age of street gang warfare and Islamic terrorism. We should all be prepared to be stopped and searched by police/army whenever we go out.

As our jails are already full to overflowing, internment camps should be set up in remote areas of the UK, perhaps on uninhabited islands. We’ve got to clear up this anarchy on our streets and protect our teenagers and other citizens.

The police are not doing their job properly, and it is up to the Government to make sure they do. I would be prepared to see armed police officers permanently on our streets if it would stop this anarchy and no-go areas which seem to rule nowadays.

It has now come to the point where we must be prepared to see armed police every time we leave our house. They would be there to protect us. Or else bring in the Army to do the job. This would be far more useful than the anarchy they are creating in Iraq. Here they could stop the anarchy which already exists on our city streets.

I speak as a pacifist. But although I’m against indiscriminate killing which takes place in war, and against war itself, and against all weapons of mass destruction, I have no objection at all to armed policing operations to protect the general public. Or to armeed international policing operations under the auspices of the UN to protect populations everywhere from anarchy, genocide, etc.

The present situation is very dangerous. If the Government and major political parties don’t draw up plans to deal with this anarchy on our streets, then extremist political parties will inevitably gain more and more votes. It is up to the Government, police and the military to clean up our streets without delay, whatever it takes. Otherwise this increasing anarchy will lead to an extreme rightwing political party coming to power.

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