Retirement Party plans/Pensions

Invitations are now being sent out to my friends, family and work colleagues, via email and regular post. I’ll send reminders by email about 2 weeks before the event on May 26th. Will also put the color illustrated flyers up around work: they couldn’t be emailed as they are in Microsoft Office 2007 format which most people can’t open/read.

Someone pointed out May 26th is the late May Bank Holiday Weekend, so a lot of people will be going away. This is a pity, but too late to change the date now. We have a great line-up, so I hope we get a good turnout.

After 57 years non-stop (apart from weekends, holidays and illness) I have been daily going to work, college or school, so I feel I’m now ready for retirement, plus I want to spend more time with my mother who’s 93 later this year. None of us are getting any younger.

Instead of raising the retiring age to 68 or 70, as the government proposes, surely it would make more sense to bring it down to 60 for both men and women. People can still work longer if they wish. OK, they’d have to pay our State Pensions earlier, but they’d create more jobs for the unemployed, who are often claiming for families/dependents as well.

There’s no such excuse as ‘no money for pensions’. As with all public services, pensions are essential, and the money has to be found thru taxation and NI contributions. When people have worked all their lives for over 40 years they are entitled to a State pension of at least £100 a week after any rent/mortgage is paid. Deductions should be made from their pay when working to pay for this, but due to inflation it is always going to be the present generation paying for the pensioners of their time. I earned £4.50 (£4.10s0d)  a week when I first went out to work, and my mother would have earned a few shillings a week if that. We couldn’t possibly have contributed enough to cover our pensions in the 21st century. But like insurance, and indeed wages during our working life, pensions have to be paid for. It is all a question of priorities – low taxes/NI contributions or decent pensions, Trident nuclear weapons of mass destruction or decent public services, etc.

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