March 20th

My 62nd birthday. Doesn’t seem possible. Went to Croydon and bought the last available ticket for Colin Fry, Spiritualist medium, for his May 17th demonstration of clairvoyance with fellow medium Tony Stockwell. I am very impressed by Colin’s TV show 6ixth Sense being repeated on FTN, but would like to see him in person. You never know with a TV program how much has been edited out.

 After Croydon visited my mother and she gave me a book and a hand-made card, which was very sweet (she’d already given me money which I spent on new clothes.) We then went to the local Wetherspoon pub where she treated me to a meal.

In the evening I visited my friend Tom in his new flat near Fulham Broadway. Seems very spartan at the moment, but he’s not got all his furniture yet, or his ornaments/pictures up. Then went to a gay club nearby.

 Found that Neil, my neighbor from over the road, had created this new website for me.

I’ll have to learn how it all works and how to connect it to my old website, or transfer that site to this domain.

 This first blog is in the nature of an experiment.

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